February 2nd Update

Now that Bridgette Part 2 is released and dsp3000 is getting to work on the third and final part, it’s time for me to go over where I am with my games.

Last time I posted about it, my intention was to focus on making a game centered around Molly. I began this, but I’ve had a lot of trouble putting together the narrative. I have the first 10% and the last 10% of the story sorted and I love what’s there, but everything in the middle isn’t flowing so well. I don’t feel like I have enough worthwhile ideas for the middle 80%. I can fill it up by going, “well, then they can…have a photoshoot”, but I really want to have more original setups I haven’t done before.

One alternative I was considering was maybe merging the Molly and Mariana games together. I mentioned in a previous post that I liked the idea of Mariana being some sort of international spy/thief/assassin – something in that category. Since Molly has already been established as a police officer, they could compliment each other quite well. Somewhere near the start of the game, you have to side with one or the other,- Pick Molly and you spend the game hunting down Mariana with her, pick Marianna and you spend most of the game helping her evade capture. It’s not a fully fleshed out idea yet, but I wanted to float it here and see what the reaction would be.

There is, of course one more possibility those of you following me on twitter may have already noticed – Crystal Part 3. This has been something I’ve been toying with for at least a couple of years now. I think the reason I’ve never followed through is because, although she’s the poster girl for the site and I love her, I’ve already spend a ton of time over the years with Crystal. I did some counting at the start of last year and she is the character with the second highest amount of images on the site (Rachel has the most images, Maddison is third). So, since I’m using IRAY and G3 figures now, I thought I’d try remaking Crystal. Here are the results :

Personally, I love it. I remember doing a poll a while ago with the suggestion of remaking Crystal like this, but most were against it. I suspect however that it’s one of those things where, you’re against the idea initially because it’s different to something you already like, but when you see the results, you completely change your mind.

Getting Crystal Part 3 done while I try and assemble more interesting scenarios for Molly or Marianna sounds like a good idea to me. I actually have the entire Crystal plot worked out (had it for over a year now), so I can just get on with it right now.

So, what does anyone think about any of these? There’s a couple of polls here, though as always it’s even more useful if you can make a comment below.

Also, here’s a reminder of what Molly and Marianna look like for those who don’t regularly follow the blog.

Molly :

Marianna :

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And one more question phrased a bit differently. Which of the ideas do you simply like? Pick as many as you want.

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60 thoughts to “February 2nd Update”

  1. While Molly, Marianna, or Molly/Marianna games seems promising, I still want to see a final Crystal game. It will be symbolic, like the end of an era sort of things, so we can move one with different characters, and new types of stories.

  2. Molly is absolutetly gorgeous and I would love to see a game with her, either on her own or combined with Marianna!
    On the other hand if you think you can’t make a full game with one or both of them that will please you, but you have the full plot for a crystal game, then why even think about forcing yourself to come up with semi-good ideas for M&M.
    The old Crystal looks great but the new has something that just makes her more beatiful in my eyes so I really prefer the new one. F*ck nostalgia 😀 new is better so gimme the new one!

  3. I don’t know, I mean the new Crystal is great but I like the old Crystal better. Didn’t the old one used to have blue eyes even? Plus you said that Poser would be quicker than IRAY, didn’t you?
    On another topic, I think you should give Molly and Mariana their own games. There personalities would be more enhanced plus it gives way to more sex scenes for both.

      1. One last thing, I think you should do Molly first because you already started on it and if you start with Crystal you’ll probably get this twinge or something that’s going to keep you coming back to Molly and it’ll be a few years before either of them get done. (Just my opinion is all, if this comes out on a lot of unpopular review I guess I won’t be surprised but it is my thought is all. 🙂

  4. I’m still just hoping for that bonus Leanna game about making it from one end of the city to the other. But these do sound awesome too.

  5. the new Crystal do not feel as Crystal but as a completely new character . that is why i prefer the Vanilla bodies in Skyrim

      1. does not feel like it is Lydia you are walking around with does it ? i also found some “”clean-up mods” but that does not feel like having a place in a medeival/dragon game(they have shower in a world with swords ? why not a Chevy -57?)

  6. just let dsp3000 continue pumping out more games. You seem to have lost your flare to make and just want to coast. Sorry to say.

    1. Considering that I’m making more content than I ever had, and that Leanna is number 2 on playforceone, making it my highest ever rated game, your opinion seems to be mainly based on bullshit.

      1. hello

        spice girls have been Num 1 in charts, but still doing shit…
        so whose opinion based on bullshit?

        1. Errr….you realize that the pf1 rating is based on people’s reviews, right? Spice girls’s no1 place was based on how many people bought their stuff.

          So, yes, both your opinion and rebuttal to my opinion are based on bullshit.

          1. good evening,

            Errr, you realize bought and reviews are done if you like or not?
            the same value?

            i didn’t, and still don’t, to judge youre games.

            but you’re opinion is just like mine. Bullshit or not.

            1. Trying to translate your comment into English. If I understand you correctly…

              No. The amount of items being bought is not the same the same as those things getting a good review.

              Taylor Swift had the third biggest selling album last year. By you logic, this means the album should be getting 10/10 everywhere. It didn’t. It averaged a more mediocre score of 7/10.


              1. of course it is, it’s what people like !

                reviews, or boughts, are what people think, not a real value.

                people like more taylor swift tnan mozart. but who does best music?

                u understood me perfectly but under vexation u tried to insinue i’m dumb.
                that’s youre problem.
                i can live with my approximative english 😉

                1. No. Reviews or ‘boughts’ are not the same. One is an initial sale, one is feedback after experiencing the product. Reviews are therefore considered a better reflection of quality than sales.

                  I have no idea what you are trying to say with ‘not a real value’.

                  You may be able to live with your ‘approximative english’, but it still makes it very difficult to understand what your are saying.

                  I did not insinuate that you are dumb. Please do not invent convenient things for you to play a victim card against.

                  1. “experiencing the products” ??
                    no, of course not. i rate as soon as i try, like anyone.
                    don’t dream.

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                    1. What? Only the tiniest minority of people actually review something they’ve bought online.

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                      I’m not even sure you understand the concept of what a reviews is. I don’t understand a single sentence in your last 2 paragraphs.

                      I’ve tried to engage with you in a reasonable debate, and either through intention or inability, you have not responded in like.

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  7. Ah Chaotic, you have won me over. I was never a big Crystal fan. Nothing against her. But something just never clicked. I REALLY like this version. I really like the Marianna character. And Molly is mighty easy to like. A game for each, a combined game with Molly and Marianna, and with the new Crystal, a Crystal 3. Find yourself a three-sided coin and give it a flip. I don’t think you will go wrong with any of the results.

    My initial thoughts on the combined game with Molly and Marianna is that they both deserve a game of their own. BUT, I can easily see a better story using both models. So, the revise my statement from above, I think your better story line will come from a combined game.

    Now, if we weigh a combined game against a Crystal 3, things are a little fuzzier. I think the combined character story line might be easier and more interesting. Especially as I too am growing a little tired of photoshoots. However, I suspect that a Crystal 3 game has been bouncing around in your mind for some time. Only you can say whether it is time to let it out or to work on a combined character game. I sounds like you have given that a bit of thought as well.

    In the end, I think the combined character game would make for a very interesting story. It may also open up two additional characters for you moving into the future. Depending on their interactions and game ending, they may be separate or work together in the future. Short of one ending up dead or in super-max, anything could be possible. I really still don’t see how you can go wrong with any of your choices. Finally, short of a Photographer Part 3 , think it may be time to give that a rest. And yes, I still haven’t given up hopes of eventually seeing Betsy, Cas and Rachel together. Betsy’s Christmas was just too much of a tease. Loved it!

    So, I know that I haven’t really helped. Other than to indicate that I love your stories and your characters and look forward to whatever you decide. I for one feel that my site membership is dollars well invested.

    1. I know. Everything’s so tempting!

      If I could make all of the games at once, I’d totally do it. 🙂

      1. Let me know if this is a viable storyline idea for your Molly and Mariana games
        1. Main character works with Molly to uncover the Racecar mystery and at the end Mariana who is introduced as the bad guys wife earlier in the game is actually there to assassinate the bad guy to stop the interrogation molly and MC to find her real boss
        2. then in the Mariana game, Mariana kidnaps the Main Character from Molly the morning after they have sex since Mariana needs the Main Character’s help to solve another mystery related to her real boss which could lead to the return of a massive jewel or something which Mariana actually wants so she can retire from being a criminal and then the MC escapes with the jewel
        3. In the Molly and Mariana game, the Main Character does not know who to trust with this jewel but Molly and Mariana arrive before the main character can choose what to do with it

  8. ANYTHING to get more of Molly sooner rather than later. If that means the joint Molly/Mariana idea (which is cool) or a Molly-only game, that’s fine. She is your hottest character, and that’s saying something with all that you’ve created.

  9. Here’s a thought. Let’s assume you don’t have a Crystal 3 game mapped out yet. You may, but I’m going to pretend you don’t for a second. Why not do a Crystal game that (to a degree) Involves Molly and Marianna? like maybe one option for a date is to go where they happen to be. I remember in one game, Lisette I think, you had a boxing ring. It was so random, but so cool and different. NOT suggesting specifically the boxing ring. Just saying that one option could send Crystal down a path where she encounters them. They don’t even have to play a big part in the game unless you want them to.

    Anyway, just tossing it out there, since you’re taking polls and such.

  10. I’m 3/3 – I voted for all the least popular options! 😛

    I like the old Crystal look better. To me, the body of the new render looks almost identical to Leanna in terms of her muscle tone and complexion. The older render looks more feminine in a traditional sense, which is where my preference lies.

  11. Love the idea of the Molly/Marianna game. It’s something you’ve never done before and opens up a lot of possibilities. Plus the characters are smokin hot.
    I’m not really a fan of the new Crystal model, though. As Tezster mentioned, she’s got that same super-toned, athletic look that Leanna had. Frankly, I didn’t like it on Leanna either. I mean, I guess it makes sense for Crystal’s backstory, but I miss the curvy, busty characters like Rachel and Maddison. Just my 2 cents.

  12. Wow, that’s really nice design. It just doesn’t look like Crystal. I mean, now you tell me, I can see how it makes sense as Crystal in theory: pale, muscular, a bit sporty. But it didn’t occur to me who it was supposed to be until you said.

    I wish she hadn’t been ‘recast,’ But it’s OK. I remember when ArianeB changed her main design to Victoria 4, it was really strange at first. Now the new version is just what she looks like.

    I just like Crystal’s old face for some reason.

    1. My thoughts were the same in “why is she so NOT Crystal? Ok, in theory Crystal could be more muscular etc.”

      Nevertheless, she is pretty different and I am not sure if some small changes would fix it. For some reason here her face is IMO less beautiful yet it is not more realistic.

      OTOH, Molly’s last iterations are just outstanding. Pretty realistic as far as 3d goes now AND a beautiful woman. Leanna was pretty realistic, a kind of a different face in town, not precisely my type but the novelty + level of detail deserve much applaud. Molly for me brings it to even higher level (difficult, I know).

      Hats off Chaotic, great to see you evolving as an artist.

  13. I like the new Crystal.
    But I really hope you will go a little bit back to the roots and make the game “Maddison” style and mit Betsy style. Thats what I fear about Molly and Marianna. Dont get me wrong, you are quite a good storywritter. And I know that I have to accept new Things, etc., but it has been quite a Time that you made an “open” game and, from my Side, it would be much appreciated again :))

    Keep the Great Work going!

  14. Nothing against Crystal (except that I want to see these new girls), but these polls are kinda favoring her with the votes splitting up between the various Molly and Marianna options.

    1. Yeah, I think you’ve got something there, possibly. Crystal is certainly popular, though.

      I don’t recall when polls have featured Crystal options in the past, but I can’t think Crystal routinely won polls if she hasn’t been the #1 option for Chaotic as he’s moved forward with different options.

    1. It’s coming, it’s coming.

      I can’t wait to play a sex scene with the hottie Miss Goodhead! 😀

      And maybe a threesome with Bridgette and Didi. Pounding Bridgette’s pussy while licking Didi’s pussy, then swapping again and again and cumming over both at the end, would be great.

      But all in good time

  15. i’m sorry but she’s not crystal, sister, maybe cousin, possibly even a daughter but not crystal 🙁

  16. I have been a fan of your games for quite a while and i appreciate all of your hard work. Don’t let your critics get you down . I admit that I am some times annoyed at the seeming slow pace of the release of some of your games. I know story can be difficult, i assure you it is worth the effort especially with Leanna and Betsy. Keep up the good work.

  17. Just saw the new pic on twitter. So, the new Crystal is not just different phisically, but she has also a different job? It’s more of a Crystal reboot, than a 3rd game, IMO.

    1. Meh. I’m just looking for a reason to use the lingerie models/textures. Maybe she just does a single night of lingerie modelling to raise some cash.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, the model is hot, it’s just that we’re getting further away from the original Crystal, almost like a parallel universe type of thing.

          1. What I’m trying to say is, this feels more like a new character named Crystal, than the Crystal we used to know. So maybe the reboot idea would work better, kind of like Ariane.

  18. When I play Bridgette: Part two online it only gives me part one, and when I download it it only gives me part one. Help!

    1. You may want to go to the page where you can play and download Bridgette. Refresh the page. You should see Bridgette Stage One Play and Download. Scroll down a little further and you should see another set of Play and Download buttons for Stage Two.

  19. Big thanks to dsp3000 for Part 2 of ‘A Date with Bridgette’. It’s awesome!

    To Chaotic, I really like what you’ve done with Crystal. She looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see her completely naked in a sex game. Question though- will she have no pubic hair? If you do draw her with some pubes, please don’t make it into a straggly messy bush. A little neat tuft above clean shaven pussy lips would be sweet. She reminds me of someone I know, and down below she’d look just like that too.

    I like the idea of Molly in her own game, but honestly- do not rush a game if you are not motivated to write a story. While I love the photoshoot themes, it does get a bit old after a while. Give it a rest for a few weeks to clear the writers’ block. Maybe one of your website members could suggest a story? I have nothing to suggest at the moment though.

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