February 23rd Update

Hi Everyone

This week I’ve decided to finally post my evaluation of Leanna : Breaking the Facade. Since Betsy, When I finish a game, I write a little summary of a games strengths and weaknesses, and it helps me improve for the next one.


The positive

I think the biggest success of Leanna is probably the tone. When trying to write something more character driven, the first reaction is normally to go with more of a brooding drama. That’s never felt right for my games though. Overall, I’ve gone for a more quirky tone to my writing. Betsy and April & Violet embraced this, so I was keen to continue. I love the way that the whole game plays more as a romantic comedy, but at the same time still showcases Leanna’s personality and how it evolves.

My favorite moment has to be this :

There’s something about this specific image. It really sells the frustration and pissed tone building in Leanna. Even the way the shoulders are slightly brought forward, but lowered. the whole stance is perfect. Any image with lots of things going on in the background is always going to look good too. The “Great. Now I’m gonna be on porntube.” line really works for me too, mainly because if this happened in real life, she totally would be.

Another thing I really like about this game are the outfits. Leanna has more outfit changes than any other character I’ve had before, and it’s a great, subtle way of emphasizing how into fashion she is.

Two more scenes I also want to praise a bit are the roller disco, and the studio when you first meet her. For the disco, I really wanted to establish her as being a little sad and pathetic, but I also didn’t want to lay it on too thick. I think I got the balance just right, and you really feel sorry for her by the time you part company. For the studio, I really like the moment when you’re taking her photo and she slowly starts to cry. It was one of those moments I had in my head before I even started production, and I love how close to what I’d imagined it came.

Final positive bit are 2 more favorite images.

I don’t know what it is about this one. Maybe it’s partly the lighting, maybe it’s the pose, maybe it’s both plus some other factors, but Leanna looks crazy hot to me here.

This one has to be my favorite nude shot. The pose, the heels, the way it really shows off her body. I love it.

The negative

I think my negative focus is mainly on the content I ended up cutting. As with Betsy, there’s supposed to be 2 times you get to choose ‘date location’, with 3 options each time. With Betsy, these locations could be long an quite in-depth, but in Leanna, they could be very brief. The second choice in particular, Golf, Jogging or Tennis, are very superficial and don’t really make much of a difference to the plot. I would have liked to have more consequences to theses choices. As it is, the game feels a little more linear than I’d like.

I’m also not convinced that I placed enough emphasis on the thief early on. There was a whole sequence planned where the player and Leanna would thwart a robbery. This would have given the thief a more prominent role earlier in the plot, but it would have been complicated and there was no good place to put it.

While the Kristen threesome scene was hot, I also feel that she gets naked a little too quickly. Maybe there should have been a scene earlier in the game where you see her topless or naked first. As it is, the scene feels like I’m in a hurry to go through the checklist and cut to the sex.

Leanna : The Big Streak

So, as stated last week, I’m now working on a small game featuring Leanna for the members section.

Here is the first image from it. Expect more in the coming week.


49 thoughts to “February 23rd Update”

  1. Well, what I can say about your evaluation, is that you should learn from it, and from “our” feedback. It’s still your games, your creations, and you’ll have the last word in them, but sometimes, finding a good balance between advices and “demands” can be helpful.

    Now, to the new game. Can’t say I’m that hyped, because doing a whole game on just streaking feels kind of a waste. One thing’s for sure, based on this first pic, Leanna didn’t drop her pissed off attitude!

  2. Over/under 6 weeks on this streak game being released?

    I’ll take the over. So sick of Leanna, ugh…

      1. I think he means predicting how long it actually takes, so in this case taking the over means he thinks he’ll have to watch updates for a game he doesn’t want for more than 6 weeks.


        1. Exactly.

          I don’t understand the point of the poll 2 weeks ago. Leanna finished dead last (I’m not counting old Krystal since new Krystal is just an improved version, and she finished ahead of Leanna), but now it’s more weeks of stupid Leanna updates. Outside of dsp’s work, it feels like every week of 2017 has been Leanna this, Leanna that. Sure you throw ideas for games out there, but it always reverted back to Leanna. It’s just annoying to me that these weekly updates, which I used to look forward to every week, now just make me groan.

          1. Trust me. If I only went with what polls told me to, it’ll have been Maddison every week for the past 6 years.

            It’s only Leanna for 2 more Weeks. I’m sure you can cope.

  3. I have a more long term question for after the current projects. Are there any thoughts of a further appearance for Cassandra? I really thought Rachel’s mom was pretty hot in both Betsy and The Photographer 2 and could use some more exposure. Also Carol from photog 2 was a very different kind of character. She has some interesting possibilities that might be worth exploring.

    1. Agreed Oldguy. I am another big Cassandra fan. Don’t forget her in the short “Betsy’s Christmas.” I love that one too.

      1. A Cassandra-centric game is right behind me wanting a Molly-centric game right now. Top 2 wants, by far.

    2. I also agree with Oldguy in the fact that Carol needs to be featured in her own game. She’s a very strange but in the same time very interesting character .

    3. I’m still hoping to do a third game in the ‘Betsy trilogy’ sometime. No doubt Cass would be part of that, but I don’t know how much she’ll feature.

  4. Have you considered doing a game centered around cougars? Cass would play a big part in it by introducing the mc to her cougar friends. It would involve a gameplay mechanic from Rachel Part 3/Maddison. I don’t know the technical term for it, but it involved maxing out Rachel and Maddison’s meter during sex. I recall that the partner’s demeanor would change if left not fully satisfied from the encounter. Anyway, it would let you reintroduce Sophie and create a cast of sexy mature women. The women will have heard about the mc’s prowess from Cass and Sophie but still need convincing. The objective would be to max out one woman’s meter in order to advance to the others. If the mc’s performance is less than desired, then the partner wouldn’t talk him up and the game would end. Each partner would also have a different preference during the encounters. For example one partner would prefer breastplay while another prefers anal. Each partner would prove to be wilder than the last.

    1. Something like a meet the parents game with the mothers of your girlfriends wanting you since they might be sexually frustrated from their marriage im sure all the girls would have told storiesw about their sexcapades to their moms im 1000% positive rachel would have told her mom and betsy since betsy would ask her for tips to get
      her and the MC in the mood beforehand Also Chaotic have you read any manga or seen anime like my fave LOVE HINA which focusing on a love/hate relationship with the main characters and side characters they have some funny real world moments you could put in a game

    2. Milfhunter: The Game!

      But seriously a game with a series of 40 to 50 year old cougars would be pretty cool. I’d prefer the protagonist to be single though, maybe in a role where he necesssrily has to deal with older women on a regular basis

  5. With regards to Kristen, I think she’s pretty hot on her own. During the encounter with her on the subway, if it was a outside of rush-hour, and there wasn’t anyone else around, perhaps that could’ve been an opportunity where you would have a more intimate encounter with her. The better the supporting cast, the better the principal character appears, as all of it just builds into a more credible fantasy.

    And let me be “that guy” and ask when we’ll get a progress update for Bridgette part 3 from DSP 🙂

  6. In terms of story, I think this was probably your finest work, Chaotic. I love your other games, but Leanna struck me as your best effort and output in terms of the overall story. Not to say you were bad at it before, but this felt like a novella more than a set of scenarios I had to piece together as the player character to find the right combination to get with the girl.

    1. It was a good little story. Too bad you had to cut some scenes. And yes, the alternative date paths were a bit short and lacked a bit of nudity. But you did have to get the game out and the natives were getting wrestless. Oh well, the Director’s Cut is always the best. I thought the story was good, Leanna was hot, the scoring system was interesting. But I really liked the “alternate angle” switch view options. That added extra interest. And, if you earned them, alternate endings help to stretch the game playability. Kristen might have got naked a bit early. I would have liked it if that scene were longer. But as long as she did get naked… Great game. Thank you.

  7. I enjoy when you critique your work. I like hearing how you think the game turned out and why you made certain decisions and what you would do differently. I thought Leanna was a great success. Your original games were great but I’m loving your story centric games much more. The way you’re doing it works well so keep it up. I enjoyed the whole look and vibe of the game and how Leanna progressed through the story.

    I would loved to have seen more of Kristen and the Kristen scene how you envision it now. She is so freaking hot. I loved the threesome scene and am so very happy you included it in the game. When I first saw Kristen on the first playthrough I thought “Damn I hope we get to have fun with her!” Nine times out of ten when I replay the game I choose the Kristen threesome. It would have been really hot if you had more time and the clothing removal had been extended and maybe included some sexy lingerie under the gym clothes with perhaps some closeups or even foreplay/sex in lingerie. I absolutely love beautiful women in lingerie. I wish more games out there included lingerie instead of going fully clothed to nude. But I love the scene how it is and how it turned out, especially Kristen’s stunning “closeup”. Overall I have 0 complaints on the Leanna game and am looking forward to The Big Streak.

  8. so you make a poll for best game and decide to go completely against that route? Stick with what works for you and thats anything and everything Maddison.

    1. And here comes the whiny bunch… I really suspect that these are kids, that don’t even have the age to be on adult sites. I mean, “give us only the big boobed one”? Really?

      1. Agree with Nazim10. That is just totally worthless bitching around.

        …but I personally wonder from time to time as Well, why he tends to “ignore” or “overlook” the polls. That can give the players the feeling, that their/our opinion doesn’t matter.

        But I also guess, you can only make these Games over these long periods of Time, if you are Really Into them. So I am happy if Chaotic does the Games he wants to do and evolves the way he wants to, because that means that we will get more of his Games.

        And hey, he allways delivered and I (personally) wasn’t disappointed so far, so no reason to complain :))

    2. No, I made a series of polls to gauge enthusiasm towards some ideas.

      1124 people gave the Leanna Streak game 10/10. Just because Maddison’s average score was higher, doesn’t mean that everyone wants that game and no one wants Leanna.

  9. One question, where are the ‘Leanna’ games located, especially the Streaking game?
    Reason for this question is the fact, that the image above shows a car used for right-hand-driving but an earlier image which shows Leanna naked on a highway the visible cars on that image indicate a left-hand-traffic.

    1. Leanna’s set in the US.

      If you looks closely, you’ll see that the car is still left hand drive. She just has the right door open as it frames the shot better. 🙂

          1. Lol. Are you very familiar with Boston? If so, you may want to take a close look at the background images in Leanna. 🙂

            1. You are absolutely correct But I think the image referenced does have the drivers on the correct (left) side of the cars, but the cars on the incorrect side of the road. That could happen in Boston. 😉

        1. Crazy uk driving? ( i’m not from the uk ) the brits aren’t especially known for being bad drivers…

        2. Ah, I see what you mean now.

          No, it’s definitely set in the US. I think for that early test image I wasn’t really thinking about things in terms of realism. I mainly just wanted to get the lighting sorted. 🙂

  10. Honestly I think Leanna is one of your best works so far! The real issue was herself, but she had at least a passion to try new things. The real problem was that she always tried to fit in with fads going on to make her stand out with the world, rather than just being herself. She lost a friend in the process, which the character (yourself) helped her break her fascade to be herself. Leanna wasn’t herself, as the character (yourself), made her realize the true beauty (simply herself), rather than trying to fit in with everyone else. The change was that the character (yourself) made Leanna realize that being herself is what makes her unique and stand out. She was just embarrassed of how the world would think of her. You captured it perfectly. Story with those type of scenarios are the best. It’s nice to have different struggles that characters face. It really tells a story. Keep doing what you do.

    1. I just have lots of stuff going on with my various lives right now. No necessarily bad stuff, just a lot of activity.

      I have’t really had a break from VDG stuff since June. I dunno. A part of me’s tempted to release Leanna’s Streak as a big gallery (rather than a game), then take a month or so for myself.

      1. Anything but that (I mean take a break if you need one) but please,
        don’t let the Maddy-Maniacs bully you into quitting on Leanna.

        Leanna is my favorite vdate girl to date,
        (not to mention your most intricate and well thought out game thus far),
        as such she deserves a proper send off! So stick to your guns!!

        Like I said, no matter what you’ll never please everyone at once and I’d probably have been pissed if you’d decided to go with Maddison first but I don’t think I’d have started bitching about it.

        So by all means, take a break (we all know you deserve it),
        come back refreshed and then finish Leanna’s Big Streak (the game).

        After that (and Marianna), do something for the M-Maniacs and keep them happy too.

      2. If you need to take a break, just go ahead and take one. No sense grinding yourself into a nub of over this.

      3. I think if you need to take a break to recharge your batteries – you should ; dsp3000 should have the third installment of the bridgette series being published soon and maybe tlero and Mortze could publish their ‘pandora’ games on the site afterwards? This way maybe you wouldn’t feel as pressured to keep the vdate community happy… I think a lot of players forget that this is your hobby not your profession .. keep up the good work – all your female characters look great , especially using the new graphics

  11. Personal Opinion in Leanna:

    +: Graphics and Great Character
    -: Far to linear (Even Betsy was to linear for me)

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Not wanting to annoy you, since you probably receive lots of questions like this, but can we expect to see another Maddison/Lisette games in the near future? Maybe this year perhaps? I loved the idea about a double date game with the sisters and i would personally support this project in any means possible. Thanks Chaotic.

  13. Chaotic , could you release the game “Virtual Sci-fi Girls” as a free game while we wait for the next new one ? if Leanna is the indicator it will take two years untill it is finished and i have been little curious about it .

    1. Which scifi game? There’s 3.

      Also, I’m not to sure where you’re getting 2 years from. Leanna took about 7 months.

  14. If DSP3000 keeps to his schedule i believe Bridgette pt 3 should be released Friday March 2nd. I hope I am right if not then I will wait patiently as we all should. I am aware that the creative process is time consuming. So i suggest that we all have patience with Chaotic and DSP3000

    1. You’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off the mark with your March 2nd prediction. I mean, we usually get a “next week release” post when a game has its launch date…

  15. Your last picture left me wondering: are those two just random characters, or are they characters in the making?

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