February 15th Update

Success! I finally know where the site is going for the next 6 months (or however long it ends up being).

Thank you to everyone who voted and commented last week. A combination of that and various other personal factors means we have some results I’m happy with.

Leanna : The big Streak

So, I’ll cut to the chase. The first game I’m going to work on is the Leanna streak game. It’s simple, it’s easy(ish) and it’s not too big. It’s based on characters I already have and many scenes I’ve already set up. I’m aiming to make it a members only game as I am feeling compelled to do something for the members section right now.

Production for the game should only be 4 to 6 weeks. In theory, I could do it quicker, but I’ll also be working one a much bigger game alongside it.

Marianna : Speed Demons

Yes, after much deliberation, I’ve decided that this is the most practical way to go. Marianna’s game was the second most popular one pitched last week, so I’m pretty sure this’ll keep everyone happy.

As you can see, I’ve decided to switch her back to the Nascar setting I originally planned. I have lots more ideas for her in this setting compared to Molly, so I’m very confident about it at this point.

I switched to Molly at a while ago thinking that her looked made more sense in this setting, but after some research, I’ve found that Mariannas look is more than appropriate. Feel free to google Danica Patrick or Maryeve Dufault to discover that drivers can still certainly look glamorous.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting many more updates and images for this game.

It will be free, but released to members earlier (probably a month).

Other games

Quite a few interesting results last week, so I’m certainly glad I did the polls like I did.

The final results were (in descending order) :

  • A New Maddison game – 8.8
  • Marianna – 8
  • Crystal Part 3 with new Crystal – 8
  • Molly – 7.7
  • Leanna’s streak game – 7.6
  • Crystal Part 3 with the old Crystal – 6.2

As you can see, there was barely any difference between the middle four games, which was a pleasant surprise for Molly in particular. Whenever there’s been a ‘verses’ poll, she’s always lost, but here it seems that people don’t dislike her, they just always like someone else slightly more. I’m not sure if she’s going to be the secondary woman in Marianna or if she’ll get her own game, but I’m certain to use her somewhere.

Obviously, Maddison came top and I’m sure the posted picture did a lot to sway that. I like the idea of doing a photographer part 3 game featuring her, but I don’t really have enough women for the various photoshoots yet. I like the idea of maybe returning to it after Marianna and Molly have been seen naked elsewhere. The photographer games are always meant to showcase the previous set of characters in one game, so having Leanna, Marianna, Molly, new Crystal and others (Debbie?) all being models in it makes sense.

For Crystal Part 3, I do like the idea of a new Crystal, but I think I’d still like to work on the new version a little more. Hopefully, to integrate more of her old look with the new one.

2018 is looking very fun for me now!

54 thoughts to “February 15th Update”

  1. Well, that was unexpected. I thought that we’d get Maddison for sure, but I’m quite relieved, tbh. We saw “too much” of her (even in DSP3000’s games), so it’s a good thing that you’re giving a chance to a new cast.

    As for new Crystal, I think that you should give her another name, because she’s far from the Crystal that I know and love.

    As for Marianna, I think she deserves her own game, just like Molly. Maybe Molly will make a small cameo, like in Leanna, then her own game.

    You’ve mentionned the “spy” idea before. Now, here’s a way you could use Molly in it: undercover mission. She’s a cop, so it make sense. You could have her inflitrate a drug cartel (lead by a woman, so you can create a new model that you can use later), and you can even involve Leanna and Marianna. The first one for media coverage, and the other one can drive you in a high speed chase.

    1. My intention is to keep working on the new Crystal. Hopefully, she’ll end up looking a little more like the older version, but still clearly’upgraded’.

      1. To get things straight, I don’t dislike this model. But naming her Crystal is unfair to her, and to the original one. She deserve to be her own person.

        1. I don’t think its unfair. I think its realising that the model for Crystal is close to ten years old. When you have a character like Leanna or April and Violet, it can be a little jarring to see Crystal. You look at Pool Party and compare some of her images to what comes up in the newer games and its obvious early work (that’s not a bad thing, its just as I said a little jarring).

          Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like Crystal, she’s been my favourite character since I came across the games years ago and I voted for the new model to get a game. There’s nothing wrong with updating the model, if the core of the character remains intact.

  2. Well, now that is decided. As a huge Marianna fan I am extremely happy. All of your new and reworked characters are fantastic. For example, I wasn’t a Molly fan at first. But the recent pictures have definitely won me over.

    I know that you have discussed a “reconciliation” game featuring Cas, Rachel and Betsy. Still wouldn’t be disappointed if you used those three in a Photographer Part 3 game too. The Betsy’s Christmas short was really hot and I have always been happy with all three of these characters.

    As always, I have never been disappointed with any of the games on this site and I am sure that the future remains extremely bright. You and DSP3000 continue to introduce new and exciting characters while at the same time remembering your roots. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you for your support.

      One of the big things I need to decide is whether or not to have Molly in her own game, or as a secondary character in Marianna.

      1. Both. I think Molly is hot enough to be in her own game. But that shouldn’t prevent her from showing up in other games when you see it as appropriate.

    2. Yeah, I agree. The most popular veteran ladies for the Photographer Part 3, but also some of the newer hits. Maddison, Lisette, Rachel, Cassandra, Betsy, Crystal, Leanna, April, Violet, and Nikki are my faves, not sure how others feel about this list. I’d also like to see Leilani or Alex come back, there hasn’t been an asian in a while.
      Also, found it funny how you said Maddison might of swayed our opinion with that last pic (which is one of the best images of her), not sure if that was an intentional pun.

  3. Well, I’m looking forward to that Marianna game. Hopefully Molly too will get her own game someday.

  4. Too bad about Molly getting shafted, I preferred her look much more over Marianne. I think she would also work nicely in a nurse themed setting, where you plays as a patients that is getting treated by her and other nurses

  5. Excellent, looking forward to these! Also looking forward to Bridgette Part 3, any update on when we might see that?
    Loving your work!

  6. I’m still adept to the idea of the Maddion double date with Lisette game, but a photographer would be cool as well (As long as Lisette is included in a threeway).

    Good work as always Chaotic, keep going.

  7. YES! YES! YES! Thank you Chaotic! I don’t think I have ever been more excited about a future vdategame as I am now!!!

    Just one small request,
    (since this is likely the last we will see of Leanna for a long time),
    could you include a scene where Leanna masterbates in front of a crowd?
    Or at least poses for nude photos in front of a crowd?
    The crowd doesn’t even have to be that big;
    you could just have different people appear in every shot, or;
    have Leanna and the player talk as though there are a lareger number of people watching then are actually visible in the shot (whilst changing the visible people every now and again for emphasis).

    And (if you don’t mind me saying) make it easy on yourself, by doing only one gender/ethnicity, that way you can dedicate more time to making a greater game overall, without worrying about having to render every image 4 or more times.

    Thanks again for making the right choice Chaotic.
    Can’t wait for Leanna’s Big Streak!!

  8. Hello

    6 months ?? It’s long. last time was Leanna, 6 months for a failure… it’s hard for customers.

    i readed somewhere you cared about pf1. they do games every months, sometimes 2 or more.
    you can say their games are not as good as yours, but i disagree.

    i’m really disapointed. but, lol, who cares? good evening.


    1. By ‘pf1’ I assume you mean playforceone?
      Just to be clear you do know that ‘pf1’ don’t make there own games.

      They host games, from a variety of creators (including vdategames) and that is why they seem to have more releases than sites like vdategames and others who only host there own games.

      When taking this into account vdategames is one of the most productive adult gaming sites around!

      B.T.W. Leanna RULZ

      1. hello,

        ok, my bad, pf1 hosts other games, and lopgold, only on pf1… creates !

        ok, u like leanna, it’s youre problem.
        sorry for you.

        who cares? me, and answerers i guess.

        good evenning.


  9. Tell you what banana. If you think 6 months is too long for a complete game how about YOU download the software buy the models and sets and do all the hundreds of renders needed for a game. Oh yeah, at the same time come up with the story, work through all the twists and bust your butt trying to keep everyone happy. THEN sit down and code the whole thing together into a bug free game.
    Chaotic and DSP3000 do an amazing job of putting out quality work! Yup waiting is hard …so is life!

    Apologies to everyone else for being an old grouch End of rant

    1. hey

      that blog is for our advices, all of us.
      some like the job, some have critics.
      do you authorize me? to be make differents choices than yours?
      don’t care what you think about me, post is about games. so please, stop humiliate yourself, be concentrate and stop trolling this blog.

      thank you.


  10. Well, obviously I’m very disappointed to hear that Molly has fallen by the wayside, at least for now. For me, she was the hottest character you’ve ever rendered.

    Marianna was also a really good option, so it’ll be really interesting to see how this plays out. I really liked the NASCAR idea, so I’ll look forward to that instead of Molly now.

  11. I’m pretty disappointed. I thought since Maddison won by a large margin you’d do her game next. 2 Leanna games in a row seems odd. Sorry for being a complainer, but it’s not the first time we’ve had the rug pulled out on talk of a new Maddison/Lisette game. It’s a let down for me anyway.

    1. I’m also really surprised. Madison is a great character and the one I associate most with the website. I still think the old Maddison/Lisette story was one of the best and would have liked to have seen a standalone game.

  12. what do people even see in maddison? i absolutely abhor her, good choice for not choosing her Chaotic

    1. Well said! Maddison has already had far too much exposure.
      Give the other girls a chance!
      Don’t get me wrong Maddison was a good game but (in my humble opinion) it just fell short of great.

      That said a new maddison game could be cool but given the list of options you presented, I have to say that it would tie with Crystal for 3rd place; after 1st Leanna and 2nd Marianna.

    2. Well, we never had a decent story threesome with Lisette and her (excluding advents, since it was a non-canon slideshow). And the first Lisette game, the reason I become to know Chaotic, was just a tease of both together.
      I truly want to see them in a new game soon.
      I guess the poll doesn’t lie, the majority of people wants that too.

      Anyway, I believe Chaotic will give it at the right time, I just hope it doesnt take too long =P.

  13. Leanna was almost the bottom of last week’s poll, and you said yourself that you are sick of working on Leanna, yet you decide to work on Leanna next? Questionable decision to say the least.

    1. Eh, easiest option really. Chaotic’s already said they have most of the models sorted and a clear idea what’s going to happen, so might as well get the easiest one out of the way as soon as possible.

  14. Molly can be secondary in Marianna, but she’s still gonna need her own game at some point. Her model is too good to be secondary forever.

    I have an attraction to the more natural looking characters, and Molly is that character and the best looking girl you’ve rendered yet.

    I don’t care how it’s done, but she needs her own game. At some point in time.

  15. A series of very criticizing posts were all made in fairly quick succession over the past couple of hours.

    They were all new users, all saying exactly the same (stupid and incorrect) thing, and it turns out all posting from tor proxies,

    To whomever is doing it, please stop. Just because you’re having a tantrum over Maddison not being the next game, doesn’t mean everyone else wants to hear it.

    1. Some of us are just regular members that actually would have preferred to see a Madison game. You asked us to vote, we did and gave feedback when you didn’t choose the popular option. It’s your work and you should always do what you want. But when you ask people to vote, they’re going to wonder why you didn’t run with the clear winner — especially when they’re also disappointed in the choice.

      It’s small potatoes but I don’t think it’s stupid that people support the choice they initially made in the poll. Maybe ditch the voting in the future if this is such a problem.

    2. Oh well, I can’t hide that I was very frustrated too by the fact that the next game wasn’t Maddison’s.

      Not sure what did this person said (probably was offensive or something). But I agree with DAN that with voting comes some degree of expectation by your regular members.

      I also agree that next time you just could ditch the voting and say what you’re expecting to do in the next months, maybe to avoid this kind of behavior, for better or for worse.

  16. Well done, Chaotic. Excited for the next 6 months or so, especially for Marianna. Latinas are the finest women in the world so hopefully we see a lot more of them, and more non-Caucasian girls in the future.

    My reservations with the NASCAR theme is that NASCAR as a sport may not be all that familiar to a lot of non motoring-enthusiasts or non-Americans. In Australia, it is pretty obscure compared with F1 and our own motor racing competitions.
    Maybe something to keep in mind when scripting the story so that it is relatable.

    Otherwise, all the very best.

  17. I’m disappointed I Like Molly a think she has great potential as a character.The threesome foursome options alone seem numerous Lisette, Lilly, Daisy and Tammy, Ellie, Kelly, Faye and Miranda even Zoe or Sarah. Police can even provide escort or protection duty for a band? However I understand the choices you made and you’ve always made great games and Hope you will continue to do so.

  18. Happy about Leanna and Marianna – I think a spy story would’ve fit her look more, and also allowed a wider range of sexy glamour-type outfits, but I can see how the Nascar setting would also work (there’s a certain appeal to a sexy girl working in a garage).

    Considering how the voting went, I’m quite happy with your future plans.

  19. If there is Photographer part 3, please, add April ! And it would be great for the return of Ellie too.

  20. what do you meen ” don’t really have enough women for the various photoshoots for Photographer part 3 ” ? you come up with girls all the time , for example there are several girls that only have been used once such as Emma in Zoe , Naria in Photographer part 1 and the captain in Sci-Fi mission .

  21. a idea : since Katie are a former police officer and Molly to are a police officer , would a game with them work?

    1. Tommorow afternoon. No, seriously, take the time between part 1 and 2, and apply it roughly here, and you’ll get an approximate release date.

      1. I think Troll is most likely correct. That would put it in early March. But, it seems to me that there will be a lot going on in the sex scene department in Stage 3. And a lot to wrap up. So, who knows? Only DSP3000 knows for sure. I think we will all know a lot more over the next couple of weeks.

        Now, back to thoughts on the Academy Day 5. I am really curious about a few things. For example, where will a possible partnership with the voyeuristic Megan lead? What might happen with Miss Goodhead? What are the consequences of making Annie unhappy verses keeping her happy be and how does this all fit into ex-Principal Valentine’s position(s)? Will there be any impact from the Date with Bridgette? And, to me the really big question, will there be a follow-on game dealing with Holly’s party?

        Combine these questions with Chaotic’s announcements and I think that 2018 will be a really good year and give us all a lot to anticipate.

  22. I thought with the NASCAR game, I was assuming that the player would be a race car driver as well.

  23. I’m very happy you’re excited and have found renewed excitement for the future. You’re work is top notch and some of the absolute best around. I wish you had the means to release games every month but I understand all the work that goes into each and you’re a single person working on these. You seriously put out better work than some people who have 4 or 5 different people working on a game.

    That being said I’m a little disappointed in the Molly decision. I’m not going to bust your balls about it. I was pretty sure she was doomed once people started complaining the hair was too short. The poll in your last entry pretty much went the way I expected it to. I had high hopes for the idea of a combo Marianna and Molly game but the poll has spoken. I’m not feeling Marianna but I also wasn’t really feeling Bridgette when I first saw her. Perhaps time will change my mind the way it did with Bridgette. Hopefully Molly gets her own game down the line. Her look is unique and different from many of your other characters.

    Cheers to you Chaotic.

    1. If/when you do another photographer game I’d love to see Violet in it (maybe April but I won’t push it lol). I’ll never get enough Violet.

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