March 3rd update

EDIT : having a few last minute difficulties with photographer part 2. Hopefully it should be online before the end of the day.

Welcome to March, everyone.

Photographer Part 2

Photographer Part 2 is still due to be released for free next Friday, March 10th. The main reason why I want to leave the release day until then (rather than just releasing it today), is that hopefully Kexter will be upgrading the engine so it runs smoother. He may not have time though – he’s a busy guy. We”l see what happens. Either way, in one form or another, it will be available for everyone next week.


Despite her getting de-prioritized, I have been working still on Leanna : Fading the Facade. This week, I’ve mainly been creating renders for a scene when the two of you are due to meet in the morning, but Leanna failed to set her alarm and slept in. As a result, she’s dressed more casually, and her hair is very unkempt.

As I stated last week, I am also going to be going back though the game and adding images for ethnicity options. That is, the images that show if the player wants their character to be black.

Here’s the new female player character with darker skin.

I’m still not 100% satisfied with her though. Her skin still looks a bit too matted and there’s something a little off about the color tone.

And here’s the options for the Male player characters. As decided/announced in previous blog posts, you will have the option of seeing certain moments (such as sex) from a third person angle, not just first person POV. In these, you will be able to see the female players characters face, but the males’s will always just be out of shot or obscured.

For this game, I’ve also decided to give the male player slightly more size in their genitals. I don’t want them too big or ‘cartoon-y’, but a bit more substantial length and girth should make the sex scenes a little hotter.


This week the poll’s all about tattoos. Do you like them on virtual women, or do they spoil what would otherwise be a perfect natural sight?

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44 thoughts to “March 3rd update”

  1. as long the tatoo is not some yakuza style full body paint, i m ok ^^

    i know some others games with tatooed girls and they still look pretty hot.

    1. Lol. Damn, you replied about a minute after I posted this.

      Were you just sitting at the computer hitting refresh, or is it just a coincidence? 🙂

    2. That would be cool to have a story about a Yakuza style game. Where you or the girl are in the Yakuza that be bad ass

  2. I prefer no tattoos, but they can be fine too. If you want to include some then you should. If all girls are designed by polls, then they will all look the same. So listen to the polls and incorporate what you think people will like, but unless there is a big backlash you should keep your artistic vision intact.

    The graphics are looking great, and the high resolution is great. A year or two ago higher resolution would’ve been at the top of my suggestions for improvement, so it’s a fantastic change for me.

    The third person camera is also cool. I wouldn’t be bothered if we could see the male face but I’m happy either way, and I realize my opinion is just one and there are many.

    Are you still experimenting with a full 3D game? As far as I remember, you’ve not mentioned it in a while. Is it just a case of being busy with Leanna and Photographer 3, or something else?

  3. Leanna is looking promising so far! You got a really good thing going on I’ll give you that.
    You you know when The academy 4 will be out?

  4. The Leanna game is looking fantastic! That hard work really looks like it’s paying off. Any news from dsp3000 and/or Mr Stomper?

    1. Hello.
      Still several weeks away from completing “The Academy : Part Four”.
      My current work-rate seems to averaging about 150 – 200 images/completed pages per week and I’ve completed about 600 images/pages so far.

      I would love to be able to work faster but I have to fit in production around my ‘real’ job.
      it is looking like the biggest episode yet and I guess this episode will probably exceed 2000 images.

      So at my current work-rate that puts me roughly 7 or 8 weeks away from completion.

      Could be more, could be less.

      1. Out of curiosity, is your work-rate limited by the amount of “man-hours” working on the game, or is it more hardware-limited in terms of the time it simply takes to render the images?

        1. It’s a combination of both. I have a pretty powerful computer set up so the actual rendering time relatively fast, maybe a couple of minutes per image. Posing everything, setting up lighting and cameras etc takes longer, and although I sometimes batch render images, I usually prefer to render each image and check it as I go along. Getting facial expressions and eye contact right is important to me.
          Then there is post render stuff in Photoshop and the time it takes to create the ‘web’ pages.

          It’s all very labor intensive.

          That said, there’s not really much that I could or would want to out source.

      2. Hey dsp, I was wondering if you can make a code generator for this game which asks you what decisions you made and gives you a code from that.

        As much as I love the current system, Its a little annoying that I need to play parts 1-3 all over again just to get my code back. But if you don’t have the time I completely understand.

        Good luck with part 4

        1. Good idea. I had thought of something similar before. I may look at creating something.

          Meantime I’m focusing on completing part 4.


        2. Just print screen the code and save the picture in a word document. That’s what I do

      1. What is it that you’re exactly working on? Correct me if I’m wrong, but we haven’t any details about your new game, have we?

  5. I personally like tattoo’s discreet but as long as they are done right and are beautiful tat’s let them show the tattoo’s off like pieces of art, especially if you were to say make a girl that was like Christy Mack, I would forever ever ever ever (a lot of ever) love you guys and your site (JK I already do). Have you guys ever thought about creating a girl with tats, a few piercing’s and a shaved sides hair-cut?

    The game (Leanna) is looking beautiful so far guys keep up the fantastic work, been checking everyday to see if there’s any new news/polls.

  6. I could very well see Leanna have a “tramp stamp” or something to signal that she has a headstrong, wild and roguish persona hidden under that pristine facade, which you as a player can uncover. Alternatively (or in combination) I could definitely seeing as going to a tattoo parlor as being one of the “events” one can do with your date, which depending on the players actions, could potentially have more or less “lasting” effects throughout the game, so to speak. 😉

    Could this work as an idea?

  7. Didn’t The Photographer already have two episodes, the second being with Melissa etc?

  8. I think tattoos would be a great addition to future models. Daisy is perhaps one of the best characters developed so far concerning appearance and personality, her tattoos of course only add to this.

  9. Tattoos are cool but not in excess, some SG look really sexy and have lots of tatoos, but some girls have one or two in their arms or in their legs and still look really sexy. May I ask, why Leanna is getting de-prioritized?

    1. The images for Leanna were just taking to long to render, so I’ve revised the release date and moved it further back to perhaps May.

      1. Yeah… I read about that in last week post, but with the word “de-priritized” I thought that you were feeling disappointed and maybe wanted to move on into another game. It’s cool to hear that is only because of that and you are still working on it like in the begining

  10. Is there anyway you could give us a picture to preview the new Photographer part 2 game? Like a pic with all the characters in a line? That would be really nice, really excited!!!

  11. Hi Chaotic,

    I really liked the new female character with darker skin posted on Tumblr.

    Just a thought on the Leanna character. As she trains in martial arts, her muscle tone should be a little better developed in her upper arms. I know, a nice time to point this out now that you are rendering images. She is gorgeous as is. But just saying…

    Really looking forward to your next works. Thanks for keeping us all entertained.


  12. Tattoos are a bit of a turnoff for me, so I voted none.

    As for the dark-skin female model, I think she looks great! I don’t see any problems with her… though, I’m sure you have a lot more to go by than we do with just one image.

  13. I think perhaps a future character could be introduced further down the line, perhaps a “tough (but beautiful) biker-chick”, or a “femme fatal”, with full sleeve tattoos, and on her calves and lower backs etc. Perhaps not a chest-piece because I generally find them unappealing. Just a suggestion for future characters and an idea for someone who would stick out from the rest.

  14. Leanna looks amazing in the first photo from behind. The one on the sofa, maybe it’s the lighting, but her bone structure looks a little too pronounced IMO. In any case, all the renders you’ve shared so far look pretty darn good.

  15. I personally prefer one or two discrete tattoos here and there at most, but it really comes down to context. The important thing is that the body art suits the character. Used properly, tattoos and piercings can tell us so much about the character in a short amount of time.

  16. Can’t understand what about Photographer it is about, like on the site I can see The photographer 2, and you are going to release that? Could you explain?

  17. Things are looking great. Looking forward to the games being released in the near future. Photographer 2 should be great and Dsp’s Academy series is a fav of mine with some really beautiful women so anxiously waiting for part 4. Leanna is looking damn fine as well and I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.

    Tattoos on women is a hit or miss for me. I have many hours of work myself but I’m not really fond of ink on most women. Something small in a discreet place can be cute. A well done colorful sleeve or half sleeve can look very sexy depending on the subject. What I hate is soft feminine body parts being inked. Tattoos on breasts, ass, belly, thighs just ruins it for me. Women are soft and sexy unlike men. We’re more hard and utilitarian. Seeing a beautiful pair of breasts with tattoos all over them, to me, is a shame. I’ve seen really great looking girls with sleeves and full ankle to knee ink that looked very sexy on them. Arms and lower legs/ankle to me are fine, anything else I’m not really a fan of. Most of the time I prefer no ink or something very small but hey that’s just me. So far all of the women you have created are freaking gorgeous so I trust your judgement.

  18. Is Photographer 2 going to be played the same way as the photographed is Played?

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