March 10th Update

Photographer Part 2

The Photographer – Part 2 has now been released for free.

You can find it here for online play or download :


Sadly, Kexter wasn’t able to find the time to convert the game to a new engine (he’s a busy guy), so I went about doing the conversions I felt were necessary myself. This was mainly just how the animations work. I converted all 140 or so GIFs to image sequences instead. Everything works and flows much better now. If you already have a copy of this game from the members section, I encourage you to a get a copy of this version too as the animations work a thousand times better.

The final game is now over 10000 images in size and about 3GB to download. This mean I’ve been having some trouble finding flehosts as most don’t permit files that big, or if they do, you have to pay for the privilege of downloading them. So, since the site has been good so far, I’ve actually added the downloadable file as a direct from this site. Hopefully, that will work well. If you can’t see the new download link, remember to refresh the game’s page.

Other games

Progress with Leanna is still going fairly well. This week, I’ve begun rendering images for you second ‘date’ together. I’ll be sharing some of them next week.

Nothing to report from either dsp3000 or MrStomper. When there’s something to say, don’t worry, I’ll say it.


Now that Photographer Part 2 is released, who’s your favorite lady from it? Pick up to three.

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47 thoughts to “March 10th Update”

  1. There’s a problem with the Photographer 2: Lisette scenario. When it comes to kissing her on my bed, it doesn’t matter what I choose, she always wants to return to the party.

  2. This game is a new one? Because i think a already view it on the site, please response me.

    1. It was previously for members only. It has now been released for free so that all can enjoy.

  3. What is Melyssa doing there? Did you modify the game or has she always been in that frame? I have never noticed her in the background before.

    1. It was in the original game, but has specific requirements.

      You have to get Melyssa naked by the pool, then leave her and pursue the foursome instead.

  4. Chaotic, i’ve tried to download Photographer Pt. 2. but MEGA has a download limit for free accounts. can’t you split the file or put into another filehost?

    1. I’ve added a new direct download option tot he page now. Hopefully that should work for you.

  5. honestly , The Photographer – Part 2 is now my new favorite game . i am however worried that i will forget about Katie and the others now when i have found the Cassandra & Rachel ending(some picture problems there) but over all … NICE DONE !

  6. While playing as a white male character on Nikki’s sex scene the character turns black.

  7. my fav is Maddison (sad she is not in photographer).. damn i would like to see an small modifyed version of her with Iray (not an actual model of her with iray, but an modify version. in clear, another girl with very similar look)

  8. It would have been great if one of the girls was April or Violet. And would awesome if we can choose where to cum, mouth, boobs, ass, etc. Nice game btw!

  9. Really glad Cassandra is in the top 3. Any chance she gets face time in your games is good.

  10. I’m happy to read that Leanna’s game is going well.

    Cassandra deserves more attention because she is hot AF.

  11. I remembered this when looking at the poll. There are a few female characters who’s scalp are visible through their hair in several images. Although the hair is done well, it just seems as though it is not opaque enough. This may or man not be an issue I am solely experiencing. I have noticed this primarily with Melyssa

  12. my fav is Lisette.

    I know that many people ask this but… what about the new Maddison + Lisette game? no plans? =´(
    I’m waiting it for such a long time..

  13. Wow, Nikki is lower than what I expected. She has one of the hottest faces of any of your girls, which makes this a surprise.
    Carol is really hot, only problem is that I’m not the submissive type. I get that each character has to be different but it’d be awesome if she wasn’t a dominatrix all the time.

    Cassandra and Rachel have the hottest and best sex scene in the whole site in my opinion. The way Rachel begs for it and wants it and the way Cassandra was slightly more dominant was completely amazing.

    I wasn’t into mother-daughter or lesbian sisters but you corrupted me, lol. Betsy is also one of my faves, the whole Bynes family are my faves. I know it isn’t requested as much and you already did a special with it, and I know that you haven’t committed to the Photographer Part 3 yet, but I think a foursome with the Bynes girls and the main character could top your Cassandra and Rachel threesome. A foursome where tehy have as much sex with each other as with the player and options of where to cum and Cass kissing Betsy since she didn’t do it in the Christmas special. You have done a lot of cool fetishes, so could I suggest creampie eating? It’d be really hot to see it sometime in any threesome or foursome, etc.
    I know this is a lot, so sorry about that. Just something I hope you would consider.

  14. I was wondering if you could add Boobs Slips to the game because people like Tara, Nikki, Madison, and Bridgette shouldnt be able to keep their boobs in witohut them falling out atleast once.

    1. lol wtf is that ?

      i agree with the idea.

      but still, i m like wtf about your words : “Tara, Nikki, Madison, and Bridgette shouldnt be able to keep their boobs in witohut them falling out atleast once”

      lol wtf XD

  15. I encountered a bug where I got the naughty stuff, the girls won’t go further because their lust isn’t high enough even though I followed a walkthrough up until those points.

  16. How do you end the game with Katie or Jennifer? Those girls are just difficult? When’s the walkthrough gonna be added?

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