March 17th Update – Fetishes

Before I address my work progress, I want to take some time today to talk about something that seems to appear every so often in the comments section and in my emails ; fetishes.


Although it’s not the main content of most comments or the emails I receive, it’s fairly predictable that throughout the year I will always receive a fairly steady amount of requests from people to include their fetish in one of my upcoming games.

So, I decided to make this handy little list of every fetish I can think of and classify them in accordance to how likely it is that they’ll ever appear.

Green category – Likely to appear

These are the fetishes that I personally like and have a 100% chance of appearing in my games.

  • Public exhibitionism
  • Outdoor sex
  • Dirty talk
  • Lesbianism
  • Facials
  • Voyeurism
  • Masturbation

Yellow category – Maybes

These are the ones that I’m not really into except occasionally if I’m in a certain mood, but am willing to include if there’s a sufficient level of interest in them. If I have a poll and about 75% or more vote in favor of it, then I’ll have it in my game.

  • Anal
  • Girl on girl incest
  • A boy+boy+girl scene (or any scene featuring multiple men and one woman)
  • Light S&M or bondage
  • Monster sex
  • Feet (really not into this myself, but nothing against it)
  • Creampies
  • Squirting

Red category – Will never include

These are the ones I’ll be including when hell freezes over. Maybe if you offered be $100K to include one I’d think about some of them, but until then you’ll never see these in my games.

  • Rape
  • Blackmail
  • Boy on girl incest
  • Futa/shemale/’chicks with dicks’
  • Peeing
  • Pooping
  • Breast milk stuff
  • Underage
  • Necrophilia
  • Period play
  • Heavy/hard S&M
  • Cheating/infidelity
  • Bestiality

If there’s one I missed and you’re curious about, feel free to ask below and I’ll and them to one of the three lists.


Work on Leanna is still progressing at a steady pace. I’m still optimistically looking at a release date in May.

As an alternative to the yoga class, you can a choose playing basketball with Leanna’s ‘friends’ instead. Here’s a couple of previews from the sequence.

Girls section

Something I forgot to mention last week!

When I released Photographer Part 2 for free, I also updated the girls section. It now includes every lady from my newer games, and everyone from dsp3000’s games.


Is there any interest in slightly more ‘toon’ characters. That is, women with a slightly more stylized look to them. This isn’t my own creation, but it’s a good example of something I could create.

The character wouldn’t necessarily look like that though. Alternatively, I could get something looking more like Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock.

What do you say? It might be fun to experiment with character designs a little after Leanna is finished, but I can understand why some people might find them off putting.

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99 thoughts to “March 17th Update – Fetishes”

        1. Personal preference I guess.

          I just don’t get why people would WANT to cheat. It’s like aspiring to be a massive douchebag.

  1. Are we able to fuck her friends? I hope your answer is yes. Or can the player sexually interact with them in any way maybe like flirting or making out idk. Please answer whenever you can thanks

      1. Maybe we can see her friends on a more personal level in the future…? Here’s hoping!

      2. Hey Chaotic, I’m curious as to why you chose to not have Leanna’s ‘friends” as sexual options? If I’m understanding your use of quotes around friends then that suggests that they’re not really close to her and wouldn’t feel bad about seducing the main character. The previews look amazing, here’s hoping things continue to go well.

  2. Hi,

    One thing i didnt notice on your list was hypnotism. you did do a small bit of hypnotism in your Maddison game, but only as a stage show. would you be open to including this at some point in the future? i dont think it would be as easy as waving a watch in front of the girls face, you would have to develop their lust/attraction so that they would want to do it on some level and have to meet certain conditions to have items to help with the hypnotism and know not to do stuff that they wouldnt like, which would force them to snap out of it. you could also simply just tell them to do something whenever they hear a certain word, and it would keep happening throughout the date.

    Just an Idea 🙂

    1. Hypnotism is fetish? :0)

      Seriously though, I don’t know. The small part in Maddison was pretty playful. Having it in that kind of context feels a little too mind controlling, which brings up some awkward ethics questions. It’s like in my early games where I had getting the date drunk as a factor.

      1. like i said, just an idea, and the girl would have to be open to it with some desire already there. no problem if not 🙂 thanks for considering it.

  3. eeeeh

    – food play (you know, like get some food on women body etc..)
    – humiliation
    – spying

    i m not into these, thats just some idea. maybe they already considered into one of the category you have mentionned.

  4. btw, did that mean that we can expect to see those characters in other dsp3000 games ?

    like principale valentine and others girls that appear only on academy story for now

    1. The list of my characters in the girls section is complete up to the end of Academy part three.
      (Although Isabella needs adding and a few of the details need amending – I’ll send you an email Chaotic)

      Apart from Maddison’s appearances in two of the Tara games with the kind permission of Chaotic, I don’t expect there will be much crossover between our characters in the future.

      I am happy creating my own characters, and I’m guessing that Chaotic is happy creating his.
      There are other technical reasons too.

      I have got future plans for Tara and Natalia after I have completed the Academy series.

      1. Really excited to see some more Natalia and Tara keep that coming DSP! Do you know when that would be? On the topic, how far away is Academy, Part. 4? Academy; Part 3 was released fairly soon after the second part, so what’s the hold-up? Not moaning.. just the Academy is my favourite series and if not one of my favourite games on VDate. Thanks.

        1. Not too sure about your math there.

          Each of the Academy games has been released pretty consistently four months after the last one.

          1. Ah damn. How much longer left then? Also, are there sex scenes between Bridgette and Valentine? Or are they all saved for Part 5?

    1. Lol. Pretty , much yeah. It’s normally an orc or similar creature, typically with a very over sized penis.

  5. I agree with your thoughts on the fetishes. You don’t like the “extreme” ones and I feel the same. Although, I don’t like the sound of monster sex. One I’d like to suggest is (I don’t know if it’s a fetish) the choice to be led astray. Like you could be on a date with one girl but meet another (e.g. the always wild Rachel) and find a way to have sex secretly. So kinda cheating. Like you could have a quickie in the restroom or organise to meet up at her house later when your date is over

  6. How about the following?

    Impregnation (I know this one has surfaced before but interesting to see how it would do in a poll seeing as several people have requested it)

    Squirting (as in, more emphasis on this in a particular episode)

    Cum/squirt play (the girl “plays” with the com/squirt post ejaculation by either smearing it over her body or gurgling it, or has the protagonist cum inside an empty glass or on sandwich etc. and then consumes it)

    Orgy (many different couples fornicating inside a room, possibly with the protagonist oscillating between different groups)

    Cuckold (the protagonist humps a girl in front of her partner)

    Interracial (as in, worked in as part of the story line. I.e. if the protagonist chooses one ethnicity, the girl will automatically be of the opposite ethnicity – could definitely work for an experimental mini-game!)

    Netorare (a girl humps someone else in front of the protagonist)

    Cheating (either the protagonist or the girl, or both, are in a committed relationship with a partner but hook up behind the partner’s back)

    Also, I’m hoping you’ll add the following to the “red” category (always good to make the ban official for the record ;)):


    1. orgy is already in, it was on multiples games already

      iterracial is in too, already in soe games as you can choose to be black or white

      impregnation is “pregnancy” right ? i hope he put this in red list ’cause its completly ridiculous in concept and irrespectual for the unborn child (my own opinion)

      cant say for others… and after an small internet look, i have find that you can also add “cum eat” but…. no, put that in red, its disgusting.

      i mean, VDG game are romantic/erotic and sexual…. not porn (if you see what i mean)

      1. Not at all. You have your opinion and that is fine, but others have different ones and you are insulting to them. One mans disgusting is another mans delight.

          1. And who exactly are you to say? It’s only your OPINION and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t mean anything, especially when you can’t even spell…..

              1. Get a clue please. What you are expressing is only your opinion and nothing else. Not quite the brightest bulb in the light fixture lol…..

                1. and so what… ?

                  what you can see here is nothing else than the chaotic opinion and nobody else…
                  are you going to complain about him too ?

                  so why did you complain about one and not the other ?
                  because that is YOUR own opinion

                  now stop . chaotic will decide anyway , and based on red list, i bet you can put this directly in the red.

                  keep in mind this is a game website, where games are mostly based on romance/feeling.. its not an hard porn website where you can do everything you want to these girls . keep that in mind

      2. There is a considerably difference between “orgy” and “group sex”, the latter of which has been featured in the games but to my knowledge the former has never been featured in any game by Chaos.

        As for the “interracial”, please read my comments. I meant that it would be used as a plot device, hence characters would reference the fact during the sexual acts (e.g. “black dick” or “white pussy” etc. That is, sort of, what the “fetish” aspect of the whole thing implies in the event that “interracial” is indeed used as a fetish.

        Also, don’t quite see how the “cum eat” would be “disgusting, seeing as numerous installments have had the character cum in the girl’s mouth before. The only difference here is that it goes somewhere else fore it hits the mouth (besides, this has been featured in many mainstream porno films though the years so it’s not really that much of a niched “fetish” as such. I respect it might not be your “cup of tea” but “disgusting”? That’s a bit…. judgmental, don’t you think? 😉

        Impregnation has been discussed previously and my stance is that the character would NOT be disrespectful. For all we know, the character may live the rest of his days in a happy, committed relationship with the girl in that particular reality.

  7. why is cheating not included? like when leanna is away you get to fck a friend of her without leanna knowing

  8. Damn her friends are hotter than her :’D I wish we could have a foursome scene with them. Or maybe threesome, something like cheating Leanna… I don’t know

    1. to be honest. i agree.
      i think leanna have a weird head, specially the jaw.. but, i dont know, maybe its just the light or something

    1. A lot of the advent images were uploaded to my Tumblr account if you want to scroll through it.

  9. Game looks good, and I fcking love basketball and it will be awesome to play it in the game.

    The green section of fetishes are all good, but foot fetish should be there too… I think is nothing wrong with it and is really soft compared to the ther fetishes in the yellow section.

    I cheked the Girls section in the website, and i found out that Betsy is not there, I tell you so you can update it if you have time and if nobody has told you alredy.

    1. Exactly one minute after posting this, realised that Betsy is in fact in the girls section, my fault… it would be good to have the option to edit the comments, lol

  10. Wow chaotic your are really talented you can be proud of your work are you already think to join a studio of video game ?

  11. Will we actually see the return of some older characters? I find it a bit sad, that some of your first characters dont appear in your newer games. We havent seen any thing about Erica, except in those small minigames. And Evana was never featured in any other game. I think its time that they make a return.

    1. Would that count under monster sex?

      Either way, I’d be happy to have the dateable character be a vampire.

      1. I would love to have a date that is vampire, in which you dont know, and as the game goes along the player end up realising it

        1. Maybe a Halloween special game? Get to planning Chaotic! Jk but this does sound like a great idea for a Halloween release!

  12. I’m always going to think oral creampies/throat pies are really hot, so I hope there’s always going to be one in each game within all the cumshot options. Because I feel as though out of all the cumshots they are probably the easiest to make as well lol. Something that contributes to how hot these are is the context and the talk leading up to it. There was a good one in April and violet part 2, and dsp usually includes them.

  13. me, in my lonely world, i’d like to see some solo action (finger fuck and stuffs like that)

  14. Hey Chaotic, kind of related but is there a chance that you can go back to making a fantasy or sci-fi type game in the future like you did in your earlier games?

  15. Could we know dsp3000’s list of fetishes we could be seeing in his games?

    1. dsp didnt make this game….

      but i know dsp like big boobs and redhead ladies , and ladies with strong charisma/trait

    2. My list would be pretty similar to Chaotic’s list. Especially the red section.
      I might switch places with ‘Monster sex’ and ‘Blackmail’ though.

      In the Academy series, Principal Valentine uses sex as a method of controlling the men who work for her, including the PC.
      Maybe this doesn’t stretch as far as blackmail, especially as you as the PC always has the element of choice on your side.

      I’d probably put anal and creampies on my green list too.

  16. Cheating can be really fun with the proper set up and payoff. Having a fail condition where you get caught in the act can add to the thrill. Having a seduce condition where the main girl decides to go with it into a threesome is also a nice surprise

  17. Hi. Anal. Girl on girl incest. Feet and bukkake or boy+boy+boy+girl sex. I’d like so strongly to see them in your works. But also a simple 69 lesbian action……

  18. What do you think about squirting? I think it’s the best and hottest…love to see it in Leanna. (if you like and can)

    1. Not a fan, but it’s a brief thing that certainly doesn’t feel morally wrong for nay reason, so I say yellow category.

  19. Anybody who voted “no” on the more stylized characters opting for more “realistic” women is quite laughable considering the cartoonish female proportions Chaotic frequently uses. I think a more stylized game could be quite interesting to play if well conceived.

  20. I will say that the bondage scene with Carol in Photographer 2 was really hot and I would love a sensual dominatrix to be a regular feature of a few more games.

    I have been away from this site for a couple of years and the new games are really great.

  21. Look underage contents are not cool, it’s flat out pedophilia. I noticed that there are a lot of underage contents in milkftoon like that comics yet it’s not banned, but if it’s female underage contents then all the feminists take arms up. what a double standards

  22. Public exhibitionism
    Outdoor sex
    Dirty talk
    A boy+boy+girl scene
    Light S&M or bondage

    I could definitely live with those… Maybe even with a blackmail scenario…

  23. Would creampie eating fall under the creampie section? It would be a girl eating the creampie, not the guy obviously. I know you do swallowing and cum kissing, so it would be kind of like a step beyond that.

    1. Yeah, I guess that would just fall under creampie. You have to do one to have the other.

  24. As for the Cartoony look? Im not all the enthusiastic about the first sample yet I am 100% for something like Elizabeth. Seeing as how the two images are so different I feel like it could be worthwhile to have another poll separating the two samples into their own category. It might let people better express their openness to new ideas without having to compromise too much.

  25. I agree with your fetish categories almost 100%. A couple things in your yellow zone that would be in my red but I really appreciate that you would probably have a poll to decide before including. That’s why I keep coming back to your games, stunning women and almost everything in your games completely satisfies my tastes. I also love that you put out these updates letting everyone know how things are progressing as well as having the polls. The images from Leanna look great. The two friends are smoking. The brunette is my favorite, would love to see more of her.

    I’m not really into the cartoony look so much. I can watch some hentai and such but never really got turned on with the cartoon look. If that’s something you want to try out then I’m all for it because I know in the end you will produce something that is hot and sexy.

    I played both Photographer 2 games back to back the other day and I love how smooth everything flows in the updated version. Some super hot women in that game. Damn fine work as usual.

    One last thing I’d like to comment on is breast size in your games. I love that you have different sizes and that not all the girls have giant cartoony breasts. Many other games out there the girls only have one size and that’s comical big. Huge turnoff for me. My personal preference is between April and Violet size. Violet is about the max that I like but the rest of her is just done so damn well that it fits. The girls in Leanna look like they have some great breasts and I’m really looking forward to the game.

  26. I know that it is not under you but at times in the past, I saw announcements on Sharks Lagoon about some of your games being released. Do you have any idea why whenever I go to Shark’s Lagoon now, I get a Dangerous website notice and can’t get on to it?

  27. in the girls section, on Betsy, it says she is nice and berdy. Isnt it nice and nerdy?

  28. Squirting is basically involuntary peeing. Just thought I might point that out since it’s on your read.

  29. OMG if you could make a bioshock infinite or overwatch game would be fucking awesome

  30. will the monstersex take the form of movies with Josie , the captain , Aletta and as i understand it Latricia , Evana and Nelena ?

    1. No idea. It’s really just a vague possibility rather than something I’ve thought about.

  31. Would we see different penis sizes in the future?
    And get reactions form the girls accordingly?

    1. Probably not I’m afraid as I would have to render a whole new set of images for each image size.

      To put that in perspective, if I had different penis sizes in Photographer 2, I would need several thousand extra images.

  32. I think your green category list is pretty much in line with my own personal tastes. Anything related to outdoor sex/exhibitionism isn’t really my cup of tea, but to each his own (it’s actually a bit of a turn-off to me). On the flip-side, partially-clothed foreplay/sex in revealing attire can be very erotic, IMO i.e. short dresses, upskirts, see-through/wet clothing… oh, and let’s not forget killer heels (not into feet or shoe fetishes).

    Some mild form of blackmailing/coercion can be made “kosher”, under the right context. Obviously, when it’s too overt, then the scene becomes too uncomfortable to play through. Similarly with incestual relationships, if it’s a half-brother/sister or unrelated siblings, then that I think could be acceptable.

    Cheating/infidelity – I have to say, I’m not entirely certain why it’s deemed in the red category. Is it wrong/distasteful? YES, but I don’t think it’s nearly as distasteful (or disgusting/outright criminal) as the others in that category.

    We are talking about fictional erotic games, after all. Anyway, just offering some of my thoughts.

  33. Your red list looks good, honestly, I applaud your decision to keep that stuff out of your games.

    As for yellow list, I wouldn’t mind seeing some anal/creampies… that stuff is fairly vanilla, imo.

  34. What about having a girl lick her own nipples? Many of your girls are certainly endowed enough to be able to do it, and some one like Violet seems to be the right personality to show off that she could if asked. I

    1. I don’t know if this constitutes a fetish, but I certainly agree it’s a turn on and would like to see it in some future game

  35. Heh, after reading “period play” in the red section, I first thought “What’s wrong with dressing up in period costumes?”

    … then I googled it.

    1. I hope you haven’t lost your eyesight. Which reminds me.

      What about cosplay/roleplay? I’m surprised no one has mentioned it and it hasn’t been listed.

    2. I thought the same thing. I was going to post that “Isn’t Nelena a period game..?” lol

  36. I have a fetish I think everyone would love, and they are called “Save points” very common in video games where a person messes up a lot. You should definitely look into those. 🙂

  37. How about an “ugly duckling” story that begins with the image of a flashback sequence (intro) of an ugly duckling kind of character or maybe starts with you going to your 20th HS reunion or something. You encounter a girl that wants you to guess who she is…. your answers determine whether or not she winds up fucking you or fucking you up with a meat cleaver. In the end or somewhere near the end (instead of the beginning) you see a flashback sequence of this girl back in high school, where she was nerdy, an outcast, picked on… and now, of course, she’s hot as hell.
    Then you could do a followup game later where they are now dating.

    you’d have to image the girl as overweight and unattractive, then render the same girl where the “Ugly Duckling becomes a swan.” Would you be interested in that?

  38. Mine would be in the exhibitionism and voyeurism category. If the date’s lust high enough to go to a sex club much like your earlier game leilani.

    You can have 2 options in either going to the back rooms to a group room or voyeur room. The sex scenes can be linear like usual with and second option to look around and then look back to progress on the linear route.

  39. Love all the games what about the following scenarios/kinks
    How about Super Hero/Villains
    Mask or eyemask (Catwoman/BatGirl)
    BallGag or Open Mouth /Handcuffs/Collar/Anal Beads/Whips/Chains/Buttplug tail
    Virtual Reality/Serbian/Fuck Machine/Sex Doll/Torso
    What about Strap On Play either with Lesbians or Femdom Pegging,
    Bukkake/Gokkun (Hot Nurse at a Sperm Clinic) ,
    the Japanese rope bondage,
    Massage/Milking Table
    Amusement park/Cinema/Bars/Pools/Gym/Library/Weddings/Carnaval
    Trains/Plains/Automobiles lol
    Voluptuous/Chubby/Thick Women/PAWG
    All Holes/Gangbang/Orgy/DP/Threesomes
    Girl Next Door/Mom’s Friend/Friend’s Mom
    Country/Farm/Hunting/Sharp Shooting contest
    Ballroom Dance/Prom
    Halloween/Hunted House/Witch/Vampire
    Holiday porn
    Sports- Cheerleaders/Tennis/Football/Locker-room/Showers
    Best Friend/Childhood Friend
    Prison/Jail with girl inmates
    Magic/ Transformation (Sailor Moon)
    Foreign Exchange Student British/German/Asian
    Role Play
    Rim Job/Prostate
    Bubba-“Anyway, like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that’s about it.”

  40. Sorry Long List I know but I was looking on a list of porn categories and thought some were pretty interesting and kept adding. Also one last one what about Whip Cream/Chocolate Syrup can be sexy and erotic like a girl comes out with her breast and pussy covered and you lick her clean, or Kitchen/Cooking situation girl being playful foreplay

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