March 24th Update

Just a fairly simple update this week as there’s nothing too new or dramatic to report.


Production on Leanna is progressing. There’s been a little less done this week due to work and social commitments, but I still got a nice pile of images rendered.

For your second date with Leanna, you’ll have a choice of three locations. One of them is the mall and here’s the first image from it.

Also here’s an image of the final version of the female player character, but with a darker skin tone.

Other games

Nothing to report from either dsp3000 or MrStomper. When I know something you will.


So, for the poll this week, I want to ask something about your gameplay style out of curiosity.

When playing the game, do you play as yourself, or perhaps a more of stylized version of yourself?

Or do you play as a character you’ve invented?

Or do you not care as long as the gender and skin tone match what you are in real life?

I know that some people also play through multiple times as different characters, but for this poll I’m asking what you do the first time you play, or perhaps the persona you adopt most of the times you play. Whatever you consider the main character you choose to play as.

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26 thoughts to “March 24th Update”

  1. Not happy you’ll show the female players face, your games use to be the nearest thing to lesbian friendly adult games I could find.

    1. The third person views are optional.

      If you want, you can just play in first person and never see the female player’s face (as normal for my games).

  2. White man… Others gender and race i delete and optimised for my comfortable game and hard space sad me thanks…

  3. Well, I normaly play as myself (male, not exactly white, but definitely not dark skinned), but after my normal playthrough, I do try playing as the other gender, just to see things in other perspective

  4. That female player character with the darker skin tone – I wish that she she was a character proper! Looks stunning

  5. I have fun playing as the other gender(female), and looking forward for the third person weiv because of better lesbian scenes

  6. i also play as different characters , in Betsy and the V&A demo as black female Kara and in photographer 2 as white female Tanya(looking forward when the player can customise hairstyle , haircolour ect.)

  7. Hey Chaotic, are you going to fix the bug in the Photographer part 2 with the lust requirements?

    1. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any problems.

      I found your other comment about not being able to get enough lust, but it sounds like you were just following a bad walkthough (there isn’t an official one yet).

  8. For me I always either play as myself (white male named John) or I play as a white female with a random name (sometimes it will be Mandy, sometimes it will be Lola, and sometimes it will be Heather).

  9. If I am playing a male character, it’s my name and skin color. If it’s a female character, they’re just names that I like, but I don’t base them on anyone.

  10. It’s hard to play as “myself” because I’m really just trying to “win” the game by reaching a good ending. Maybe the first run-through I’ll use myself as a default, and inevitably piss off the girl by doing something silly. By the second run-through, I’m just doing what I can to get the girl! Maybe I feel like having a beer at this restaurant, but I get more points if I order sodas, etc.

  11. I chose “as myself or as close as I can get” but I’m pretty much tied with the “I don’t really care as long as it’s close”. With your games being mostly pov it doesn’t really matter. All you ever really see of the male is the dick and we all have different size, shape and shade dicks so it can never be exact. Same for the small parts where you might see the guys body clothed/unclothed. I always choose my name and skin color when playing male and that’s good enough for me. With your games I have no problems picturing I’m the male character when I’m in the mood to do that.

  12. it seems to me that since the last game already passed quite a lot of days, and so far no new game in sight. it seems to me that the terms between the new games are still disproportionately longer. You have 3 game developers and still nothing new. It annoys me a bit.

  13. wait wut ?
    this post show the 24th news … but i just see it today (30) O_o
    is that normal ? i look everyday (almost) and didnt see anything until now

    also, for the pool, its hard to say for me …

    i like customize my character like i want, but i hate play as myself in any video game, i mostly play as female character (yeah, i know, weird for a men to love play as female , right ?).
    all i love is games with possibility to customize (not big amount needed) and sex choice.

  14. Games are getting better graphics, and becoming longer (better stories), I think some additional time for development is more than justifiable.

  15. you’ve done a great job so far, ignore the haters who want a new game/update every week. We pay 20 bucks A MONTH (a little excessive ill admit) for quality work not rush jobs

  16. I have been enjoying the academy series and hope to see the 4th installment soon. Had a kick out of getting Lola in the men’s changing room, but had no idea she would be so horny. I unfortunely overstayed the session and got caught by Valentine. I do love the twists and turns in your games and wil look forward to seeing more of them. Would love to see a black woman as a main character sometime.

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