February 13th Update

The photographer Part 2 has now been released and uploaded to the members section. Join now to play it. A free demo can also be played if you’re undecided.

The final amount of images in the game is 1278, easily making it the largest game I’ve ever made.

As a final set of previews, I thought it would be a fun idea to post all of the ending cards showing each of the endings possible.

endcard1 endcard2 endcard3 endcard4 endcard5 endcard6 endcard7 endcard8 endcard9 endcard10 endcard11 endcard12 endcard13

35 thoughts to “February 13th Update”

      1. Hey chaotic could you release a guide for the photographer part to in the help section of the members area. No matter how many times I do it I just can’t seem to get endings 1,2,4 or 8

  1. how it still cant find the new The photographer Part 2. only the demo i can find. yes i iam member! Chaotic so where can i find it

  2. Chaotic as far i can see it isnt in the mebers section. the new game. The photographer Part 2????

  3. Great game. Found a bug. When u hire Cassandra it skips the photo shoot and goes straight to the party

    1. That’s interesting. I can’t seem to find the error though.

      Do you remember precisely what you did?

  4. Tiny bug in the demo: when go through the door next to Melyssa you reach an area with a missing image.

  5. Hello! I’m pretty new to this site but I look forward to exploring all the games you’ve created (Great job by the way!). I was wondering if you are releasing any new free games? I thought I read somewhere that one of the old games for members only section becomes free when you release a new game for members. Thanks!

    1. Yes, when releasing a members game, I then move one to the free section, but it’s never at the same time. Typically, I make a game free 6-8 weeks after the members game has been released.

  6. You told us you’d release an old member-only game every time you made a new one; are you still doing that, or did you just forget to change the thing on your main website?

  7. I wondered, have you perhaps received some more via-forum or not bug reports about this version of TP2 and intend do fix them in foreseeable future? Whilst I don’t mean to sow hatred or anything like that (great job by the way, really top-notch job!) I do have found a bug that prevents you from progressing further once you order Tammy to kiss Daisy or Lisette in the pool (there is a loop that forms between you watching lisette and tammy kiss and you kissing tammy) as there is no option to quit this. Plus, there is another bug, in the love room w/ Cassandra and Rachel as the option to dare Cassandra to rub dick/pussy triggers a loop to the beginning of the love room cutscene. Again, no offence, just thought you may want to know about the bugs. Well done!

  8. Melyssa says to meet her at the strip club. I go there and see her upstairs but when I go up she’s not there?

  9. Great game. It is a lot of fun trying to find all the different endings. Any idea on what you are going to tackle next?

  10. Just realised Zoe’s not here…same with Emma and Josie (holding out hope for a Photographer Part 3 at some point!)

    1. Yeah, I’ve been deliberately avoiding anyone from the vacation location. The eventual plan would be to do a Photographer Part 3 set there with Zoe, Emma, Miranda etc.

  11. Hey, for some reason, in the full game, Melyssa is at the top of the stairs in the strip club when i enter. But when I go up to see her she’s gone. I can’t initiate her storyline, no matter what I do. I think a pathway in the game is screwed up, making the default her being gone already.

  12. hey man first off I love your games and the photographer 2 is awesome.
    The only problem i’m havˆng is I can’t seem to get Melyssa involved in any of my playthroughs don’t know if this is a bug or if i’m just missing something, I would appreciate any help.

  13. i can’t seem to talk to melyssa after she goes to the strip club? is it working for anyone else?

  14. when u are interviewing Cassandra Bynes when u click the option “Just listen to what I say and be as hot as you can.” it takes u straight to the party. just thought you would want to know

  15. I have the same problem with Melyssa too. There’s no way to lauch the conversation in the strip club.

    1. I’ve fixed all the bugs listed above and am currently uploading a fixed version of the game. I’ll be making a new blog post in a few hours when it’s done.

  16. Uhm, I just can’t get the damn foursome starting and I don’t know what I do wrong. Everytime I get to tammy daring ot kiss someone Daisy will leave no matter what I do… Can’t someone give me a hint what I’m missing? :/

  17. Help! I’m stuck, I’m having trouble getting the threesome with Melyssa and Nikki and I need a walkthrough for this game, please!

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