February 14th Update

All known bugs from the Photographer Part 2 have been fixed.

Redownload to get the fixed version. The new version should be named photographer2_1.1. The online version should also be fine now too.

Also, a quick point – If you have an older monitor and the game is too large for you, you can adjust the zoom in most browsers these days to make it fit on screen. In both Chrome and Firefox, the zoom should be located in the top right.

Similarly, if you have an ultra HD monitor, you can also zoom to make the images large (though you will lose some of the image quality).


17 thoughts to “February 14th Update”

  1. Great game as usual!

    Love the game so far. Actually seems a bit short, but I’ve done only a few endings.

    Are you supposed to be able to hire a model as many times as necessary to get it “right” with her? Just making sure. It looks like the Hearts are retained from shoot to shoot, which I am guessing makes either 1) the shoot easier to get to the end; or 2) the party ending with the girl easier to obtain.

    Also, I’ve seen a few errors in the sense of wrong dialog/alternate text for the option (like saying “Stick your cock in her” when you’re playing as a woman in the Cassandra/Rachel ending), but nothing that seems to affect gameplay.

    Oh, and thank you so much for putting Cassandra in this. Love having a “mature” woman option. I have found the Cassandra/Rachel and Cassandra (solo) endings already. So hot!

    Thanks again!

  2. It seems like everything is “too personal” for daisy after the cannonball and handstand, am i missing something?

    1. also, I can’t seem to find the right combo of photos with melyssa, I’ve tried a bunch but she never seems to like the nudes

        1. I am having trouble with Daisy in the pool, as well. I cannot figure out the right combination to make her amendable to a kiss. The cannonball seems to raise her level the most, but there’s got to be something I am missing… I am re-doing the steps I figured out for her photo shoot to see if I am missing something there and not maxing out her heart level for that half of the game.

          1. Well, it’s a bug, actually. In the game files, open lischeck7 with notepad, and change “daisyinf” to “infdaisy”, and that should do it.

  3. I’ve even had her say it’s too personal to kiss her after kissing Lisette and Tammy even though Daisy’s hearts are maxed out (heart eyes)

  4. To get the foursome all three girls influence must be 11 or more however the only way I found to get that high with daisy is to hire her but fail before the topless picture and then hire her again and play through all the way

    1. Huh… I never thought of that.

      I didn’t realize that that was the way to be able to hire a girl another time. I thought maybe there was a glitch in why I cold rehire a girl sometimes and not in others. I didn’t make the connection that it was because I had advanced a certain distance with her photo shoot.

  5. This game is excellent and the scene with Rachel and Casandra is absolutely the hottest one yet.

    Any chance of you going back to the Lisette game and perhaps expanding the scene with her and Maddison?

  6. For some reason I can’t start the game with the downloaded version. I press play and it gets stuck on “helloworld.html”.

    By looking at the files in notepad I see that this file sets all the initial variable values, then redirects me to the character creation pages (“entry.html” and onwards), but it just stays on helloworld instead. I can just open the file “entry.html” manually, but the variables are messed up and the game doesn’t display the HUD properly.

  7. Disappointing game Chaotic, the game is basically selecting girls and select the right photos to have sex with them, the girls are hot and image quality has improved, but there is no fun as they act as horny robots. In your oldest games you have to work harder to take them to bed, and that is what I found interesting in a dating game. You have improved a lot in visuals, but the gameplay was lost in the way.
    It is my opinion, I respect inmensely your job in Vdategames.com, and I hope you take this critic as a constructive one.
    Best regards

    1. I will agree that the girls, except for a few, seemed pretty easy to get. I found a few of them (Rachel and Cassandra, for example) almost impossible to *not* get their ending.

      I do think there was a step down in the difficulty compared to past games. Not that I mind a step down sometimes… 🙂

  8. Got all the endings except the foursome. I get daisy all the way, got the heart eyed emoji for tammy and daisy. I get tammy to kiss lissette and then when i speak to daisy, even with the heart eyes up there, its still too personal am i doing something wrong???

    1. Actually Never mind i figured it out i was doing something wrong… it does say tammy always wanted to work with daisy. so you gotta dare her to kiss daisy before kissy lissette

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