February 6th Update

Photographer Part 2 is still on schedule to be released next Friday, the 13th. All the of the images are basically done now, and I will be spending the last week bug checking.

The game now has 1267 images and 13 endings for you to find.

Here are the final set of previews from the Jennifer and Cassandra endings.

cass11 cass19 jenn7 jenn22

11 thoughts to “February 6th Update”

  1. Would you be willing to gift me a copy of this game when it releases as a birthday present? Pretty pleeeeeeease?

  2. you just have to release it on the same day lucios 2 comes out didn’t you ^_-
    dam choices
    great looking game so far looking forward to it

    1. The next free game won’t be for a little while. I normally leave it until at least a couple of months after a members game is released.

  3. How are you inding bugs? You playng game and finding bug or more pro looking to codes and finding?

    1. I use a few methods. I have a special piece of software that checks through the file for any dead links, then I manually play through to check everything many, many times.

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