February 20th Update

A (hopefully final) version of the Photographer Part 2 has now been uploaded to the members section.

Is fixes the bugs involving Daisy’s lack of willingness in a threesome and the ability to rehire a model if you failed their photoshoot.


13 thoughts to “February 20th Update”

  1. Would it be posible to download only a “patch” for the first version of the game?
    3.7Gb of data may be too much to download twice…

    1. I second this. I think that helps both the users and you, Chaotic, by limiting how much has to be re-downloaded. 🙂

      If not, I can deal with re-downloading the whole file.

  2. I have downloaded 1.2, but I still can’t get Daisy past 10 “smiles”. 10 “smiles” is good enough for ‘solosex’ with her, but not good enough for the foursome. I have tried every combination I can think of, but, I guess I am missing the correct ones.

  3. Your website says each time you add a new member’s game, you will make a previous member’s game available for free. You have now added two members game – Tara and Photographer 2, but havent made any games free. How about making Tara free?

    1. Chaotic releases a new free game when a members game as been out for a certain amount of time. I think he does this so there is something for people to play whilst they wait for the next members game so a free game might not come out in till a couple of months. Also he can not make Tara a free game because it is not his game. Tara was made by dsp3000 whom is working on the second Tara game. So basically you will be getting one free game and that will be in a couple of months since free games will be released when Chaotic releases a members game. If a game comes out and it’s made by someone else like dsp3000 then there will be no free game.

      I hope that helped and that’s what I think the process of free games is but I could be wrong.

  4. Tbh i cant find anywhere melyssa after the initial dialog at the party? i’m just bad and need a hint or it’s a possible bug?
    Thnks for the great work!

  5. Before or during the photo shoot, use the door to talk to Melyssa to gain some points with her and then use the door next to her to talk to Nikki to also gain some points with her. You’ll need these points for the three-way with them or 1 on 1 sex with either of them.

    1. Yeah i know before the party, but after, during the party i talk to her after mr. huges presents her but then she disappears and i cant find her anywhere

      1. After talking with her in the lobby, go up the left staircase, thru the door, and up the staircase in the strip club. You will find her there.

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