November 14th Update

Although there will be threesomes (and one foursome), each model also gets their own ‘solo’ ending with the player.

Unlike in the first Photographer game, I don’t want the endings to be too copied and pasted this time around, so I’ve tried to add a slightly unique path for each character in the lead up to sex. As part of the foreplay, each model will also do one unique action which will take the form of an animated GIF. The example below is from Tammy’s solo ending where she dances for you.

preview2 preview3 preview4


14 thoughts to “November 14th Update”

    1. Yes, all the usual customization options from the recent games will be here.

      You can pick the gender, ethnicity and name.

    1. I’ll answer this one as I’m well underway with creating it.
      Firstly the next game is much, much bigger than my first one. There will be easily more than 1000 images and multiple storylines and outcomes to follow. There are also five girls to interact with including Tara and Natalia whom you may have met at the end of part one.
      At the current rate of production I’m thinking around February/March 2015.
      If there’s anything you’d like including then now is the time to speak up…

      1. In the meantime I’m also very much looking forward to seeing ‘The Photographer Part Two’. 🙂

  1. Could you add a scene where in the character says she wants to pee and the photographer has the option to watch her(and perhaps photograph her) peeing? It could be pulled off with a nice animation of the nude model squatting and peeing.

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