November 21st Update

This week it’s time to announce one of the new women who will be appearing in the The Photographer Part 2. Meet Carol.

She already appeared in a notable role in Rachel Part 3, where she was introduced as Mr. Hughes assistant. Even at the time, my intention was to bring her back later in a very specific way, which I am now doing. I tried to deliberately play up her personality as being very formal and cold, which would lead into how she was sexually. I won’t give everything away, but you can probably tell from the preview pic the direction her mini storyline takes.

It’s something I’ve had lots of requests to do, basically since I started making these games, so for once I’m going for it (though it will be likely be the only extreme S&M thing I include in any games).

Also in this post, I’ve included some previews of the Lisette ending where it’s just her and the player.

To summerize the endings I’ve finished now :

– Nikki & Melyssa threesome

– Nikki alone

– Melyssa alone

– Tammy, Daisy and Lisette foursome

– Tammy alone

– Daisy alone

– Lisette alone

Next week I’ll be announcing the final threesome of the game.

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview4

7 thoughts to “November 21st Update”

    1. I wouldn’t worry. Although it’s there, I’ve kinda tried to do it in a slightly more light-hearted way.

      There’s a paddle involved, but no whips, for example.

  1. Since that pic shows her as the dom, I am curious whether it can go either way, or if we are limited to being the sub. As fun as properly executed BDSM can be, I much prefer to be in the dominant role.

  2. Any chance Rachel’s sister will make an appearance in this game? You’ve been teasing us about her for over a year…

    1. I still want to use Betsy, but no, I’m afraid she won’t be in this one.

      I have a plan for a game involving her, but it’s still one I want to think about a bit longer. It’s a slightly different type of game. She may be the game released Christmas 2015.

    1. Yes. After Photographer Part 2, my next game/date will be MIranda. See some slightly older blog post for details on her.

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