November 28th Update

Time today to announce who the final threesome in the game will involve. Play the game right and you can end up in bed with Rachel and…her mother.

Rachel’s mother Cassandra was introduced in Maddison’s game as the nightclub owner, and in Rachel Part 3 we found out who exactly she was.

I’ve always wanted to have one ‘date-able’ character in these game who was a little older, and Cassandra seem like a good one to use here. I doubt she’ll end up with her own game, but it’ll be fun to use her in this context at least once.




EDIT : Almost forgot- starting Monday, I will be starting my annual advent calendar for the site. Check back every day for a new image!

10 thoughts to “November 28th Update”

  1. Since you shied away from Lisette and Maddison having any contact in their threesome (in Lisette’s game), is it safe to assume Rachel and her mother won’t have any contact either?

  2. Is there going to be any cum in pussy endings to the sex scenes? I’d love to have that option in addition to the usual cum on body endings.

  3. Yea, lets have some internal cumshots. In fact, here’s a thought…

    If her lust is high enough, you can cum inside of her. Perhaps too with a chance of getting her pregnant. And how her high her love value is deterines her reaction to that.

    Mmmm…. Seeing Madison or Rachel pregnant………..

  4. You should DEF. do more milf/cougar stuff, IMO. Would be an awesome addition. Can’t wait for the new game!

  5. Glad to see someone a little different. More please. This sight has a glut of white women with similar ages and body types, so it’d be good to see more variety in future games.

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