10 thoughts to “November 7th Update”

    1. Lol. What do you mean?

      You all certainly have sex (there’s also a dare game involved leading up to it).

    1. It’s just an image with something I missed. I normally redo a bunch of them before I release a game, so it’ll look better when released.

    1. Games are released for free alternately to the members games, so my next free game will be released after The Photographer Part 2.

      I can’t say more precisely than that though.

  1. Shouldn’t there have been a new free game released when Tara (the hitch hiker I believe) came out?

    1. I’m only releasing games when a new one of my own comes out. Since Tara was made by dsp3000, there won’t be a free release to go alongside it unless he wants to release one of his own for free.

      The next free game will be released after Photographer part 2.

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