August 26th Update

This week, the first blog post from MrStomper regarding his first game, Anna…

Hi all,

I hope you like surprises so I can pleasantly surprise you with a new quest game that is coming soon(ish)!

Because this is the first game I have ever done, the story is fairly simple. You meet a girl…


…you ask her for a date (or not), the two of you have a nice date (or not) and when it is done she invites you in her apartment (probably not) and you have wild sex with her (fat chance)! So what if it did not go according to the plan, at least you may have seen her naked in the shower…

This is how you will probably see the game after a first few tries? Because, even with a simple premise
the game has a few scenarios for you to discover and some of these scenarios are mutually exclusive
providing you with a little different experience as you try to discover the perfect walkthrough.
This is all, of course, based on your choices. Some of them will be right, some of them will be wrong,
some will have short term consequences and some (very) long term consequences. But none of them will be pointless! To encourage exploration, even the wrong choices will provide you will some information that will help you on your quest to ‘get the girl in bed’ and get to know the girl better.


And you will need that, because she will not jump on you just because you told her few nice words (you also need to get her horny). The game is intended to be more difficult than usual and it really isn’t easy.
But worry not, the game is also intended to be fun and not a chore. It has a scoring system so you can navigate in it more easily and it even has a checkpoint system.

And because I don’t want to bore you to tears, this is all for today and expect more information next week.


pic_3 pic_4


27 thoughts to “August 26th Update”

  1. another style of play is always good. Chaotic first style
                                                  2. Style DSP 3000
                                                  Third style Mr.Stomper
    Great. we have to play. I believe that your game will be perfect.

  2. Anna looks just lovely, and I hope she’s got a personality to match with the look. And to you, MrStomper, I hope that this experience proves to be a good one!

    1. Thanks.

      Looks can be deceiving. And discovering Anna’s personality is a big part of the game.

  3. Looks interesting. Will there be a choice to play as female because I like my games with variety.

    1. Gender option is not present in the game due to story reasons. But do not worry, there are other
      ways how to make a variable game 😉

  4. The idea of a harder game is all well and good. But the tradeoff is that if you make the sex scene that difficult to achieve, the animation and mechanics of the sex itself had damn well better be worth the effort.

    You’ve really got your work cut out for you, delivering a sex scene with positions, gameplay, and animation fantastic enough to justify so much trial and error. Here’s hoping you don’t disappoint. Good luck.

    1. You have an excellent point. And it is going be addressed in detail (alongside many preview pictures) next week.
      The goal was to make a fun game, not a chore.

  5. Brilliant work with Academy Part 2. will you be completing the game in part 3 ? and will there be any sex scene with annie, Laura, principal and Megan ?

    1. The Academy series is set to have at least five parts. It’s far from being finished and I’m currently working on Part Three.

      There will be opportunities to have sex with Annie, Laura, Megan and Principal Valentine in future installments.

  6. when is this game coming out? It’s nice to see 3 developers good job Chaotic aswell I have to congruatiolate MrStomper

    1. That’s dsp3000’s game. This is MrStompers. But to your question I think the release timelines were every 3 months, so an October/November release for Part 3 most likely.

  7. @dsp3000, is the character likely to get his hands on Didi at any point in the Academy series? She is absolutely stunning, I’d say the best looking character by some way

    1. I’m glad you like Didi too.
      Her role in the story over the full five parts is an important one.
      She is a tough character to get close to.
      The challenge will be worth it though.

  8. Somebody’s gotta make a neighborhood game where you traverse the area looking for erotic adventures with your milf neighbors. Nothing against the younger ladies but I think it’s time the sexy older women got their due. I’d throw some money behind this concept.

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