August 19th Update

Thank you to everyone who’s been voting in the polls over the past few weeks. They’ve helped me make up my mind about how this game should work quite a lot, even if I’m not exactly going where the polls tell me to with everything.

For perspectives, the plan is this. The game will mostly function in first person, but I’m going to add a ‘cinematic mode’ button. Whenever you see it, you can click the icon (probably a clapper board), and it’ll switch to third person for a better view of what’s going on. It’ll be optional though. If you want to ignore the icon and just the play the game in first person, you can.

I’m reserving the right to just have it switch between first and third though. Having the switching option will probably mean rending two sets of images for things like the sex scenes (one set for each angle), and if it becomes too much work, I’ll probably remove it and just have the game switch between first and third person whenever it seems appropriate.

In order to reduce the amount of images I need to create, I’m also going to skip the option for ethnicity just this once. They’ll be back for Mia, but for this game I’ll just be having the gender options.

Here’s what each of the genders player characters will look like.


I’ve now fully started production of the game, and have a nice pile of renders completed.

intro16 intro16b

There is also one final character I’d like to introduce this week.


This is Dylan. I didn’t mentioned her last week as she isn’t truly one of the main characters though. She’s the receptionist of the Motel who goes missing for most of the plot.

She’s still a notable character though, and the player of either gender will be able to have sex with her.

Last week, I also mentioned that I would be announcing something new and cool to the site, so here it is!

We have a new contributor to the site. You can call him MrStomper, and, similarly to dsp3000 has followed the tutorials to create his own game for the members section. Next week, you’ll be hearing from him about his own creating, Anna.


45 thoughts to “August 19th Update”

  1. so far it looks great. and it is also good that you have a third game creator. three styles I like.

    1. This will be members only.

      Though obviously, it will end up being a free game eventually as well.

  2. WOW Chaotic i really loved the idea of 1st/3rd person angle switch idea it’s a brilliant idea.Also if you listen to your fans according to previous poll most of us want only gender option.So you can skip ethnicity for Mia too and can add 1st/3rd person switch on important zcences like this game.And also the female gender player is HOT i hope there will be a character with similar appearance in this game or other

  3. I can’t wait to see what MrStomper has in store for us. Your idea Chaotic, is sounding and more interesting especially with its setting and 1st/3rd person design.

  4. absolutely love it.
    Dylan is so sexy. I really love asian girls.
    Also, welcome MrStomper!

  5. Really like the character design for the female player character as well as “Dylan” (first time I’ve ever heard that name on a girl).

    Looking forward to hearing more about this as well as the new contributor’s game.

  6. Wow the protagonists look really good and so does the asian girl. This is coming out at the end of the month, right?

    1. One last thing you don’t really have to add the ethnicity option, since most people don’t really care. Plus it would give you more time to finish your games.

        1. I know right. There’d be more games within a year and plus Chaotic would be able to take a lot more breaks from it while dsp3000 makes games of his own. (Btw I would definitely make games of my own if I had cash to spare. How much does it cost to make these things in all again?)

          1. Cost depends on what you want to include in the game.

            In theory, if there was only one woman and one location for the entire game, you could make for as little as $30.

            Betsy probably cost me $300 – $500 by comparison.

          2. I wouldn’t like to add up how much I’ve spent over the past year making my games.
            But probably over a $1000 on software and assets and about another $3500 on computer hardware.
            One of the reasons I like the V4 character bases is because there are literally thousands of assets like clothing, hairstyles and skin textures available for them.
            For the Academy series, I’m using about 15 individual characters, each of whom wear a new outfit for each episode.
            All that adds up.
            ‘Upgrading’ to the less well supported V5, V6 or V7 models isn’t, for me, an option I’m considering just yet.

            The greatest single cost though is time.
            I’ve just sent another £400 on more high spec RAM for my main computer to hopefully speed up render times.

            I am getting faster, better and more efficient with each game.

            More importantly though I am still enjoying it.

            About 100 images in on The Academy: Part Three at the moment.

      1. No surprise there. Not sure where he got that number from.

        Take your time, as usual. 🙂

  7. Chaotic if you look at the previous poll it looks like most people want only gender option.So are you still gonna add ethnicity options in your next game

  8. good news. thanks

    btw, did you think in futur a way to get some “locked” characters relation ?
    i mean for exempl, some characters will only can be seduce by men player or women player, as such as some men character.

    for better exempl, here my idea ^^ :

    playerM(male) + female A (only men, playerW cant have her)
    playerF/M + femaleB (can have both)
    playerF + femaeC (lesbian only)
    playerF + male A (straigth only)
    playerM/F + male B (both)
    playerM + maleC (gay only)

    i know this can make the game limited or ridiculous, but can also make the game with more replayability and fit all players taste.
    well … just my own opinion about an idea 😀

  9. Wow this new engine it’s completely AWESOME dude congratulations ! it’s even better this way

  10. Sir Chaotic,

    This future game looks stunning and the asian girl Dylan is hot and sexy but except for her boobs, she looks a bit flat, you should have that Dylan girls look but have a 36dd cups or c cups breast size that would make her look more stunning, sir.

    I also wish that all sex scenes would have sounds or the best sounds effect.It would make your game looks more fantastic. The graphics are great, very nice.

    Is it possible also that you could add in some scenes in this game where there would be some blackmailing sex scenes, or the player could have options to have either blackmail sex with any of the female characters or sex scenes without blackmail sex.

    Please create options for the players, different options lead to different progress in the storyline and different endings. Either happy or bad endings.

    That is all for all of my suggestions.

    Thank you sir Chaotic.

    David Ong.
    Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

    1. Every time you post its always either you asking for Rape, Blackmail or other completely nasty shit
      Just stop.

  11. I look at these updates and I am reminded why i keep subscribing to your site Chaotic – infact i am going to sub again now – keep it up man.

  12. Awesome. Sound like we’ll have The Motel and Academy Part III by late October. Any intro on game concepts from Mr Stomper?

  13. Guys, Girls, Sir Chaotic

    Had anyone of you played games from LOP Lesson Of Passion by Sir Leonizer? I am find that game is really stunning and marvelous.

    The graphics and its sound effects were fantastic. There were also a couple of blackmail sex scenes in a few of these games like Eleanor 1 : Asking For More & 2 : Loving Wife Or Dirty Whore. The other game was Living With Temptation and Roommates.

    Eleanor is extremely hot and sexy with the pair of boobs that she had, wow is superb. Sir Chaotic, if you could create some games like LOP Lesson Of Passion, I am sure your games here could be sold like hot cakes and more fans would subcribe to your games.

    I am aware that some of you guys and girls doesn’t like such scenes, but trust me, why not just give it a shot and just try it out for once, you all would love it. I understand that virtual date games could be just like a dating game, but things would change in different scenarios sometimes, and why not just give it a try out.

    Thank you.

    David Ong
    Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

    1. What are you still writing? LOP are porn game and you can not compare it with games from Chaotic or dsp3000. Here are the games and have a much better story. so if you like it, go and play on the LOP. there it’s probably more convenient.

    2. Just go and play LOP games then, why are you coming here and trying to force your awful fetishes ?

    LOP gives a shit about their members and only want money.
    Just look at Elenor 2 and LWT 2 last year they said they will finish in 12.2015 but no ele 2 comes this year and maybe maybe LWT 2 end of the year.
    The Storyline are still crap. “Uh hey pretty wann fuck?” “K” wow so much story…..

    hopefully dsp3000 and Chaotic will keep on the great story work and never become like LOP.

    1. EDIT: forgot to tell you.
      Ele 2 was released in beta stat and they start doing it like EA releasing an unfinished game and then put dlc´s in it so it looks like they would care…

  15. dear sir chaotic, guys, and, girls

    With much respect, what is the differences between porn games like LOP and Vdate games my friends? if there were nudities, and sex in games, for me, it is considered a porno game.

    We are all already adults to play vdate games or LOP games here, so if this is porno dating game, who gives a shit about the sex scenes, to include blackmail sex scenes were only a tip from an iceberg my fellow friends and supporters of Vdate games.

    If there were no nudity or sex scenes in Vdate games here, it would never be called adult game. So common, it is common to impose some violent sex scenes here.

    Think about it.

    David Ong.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    1. For the record, I’m not interested in your ideas either David.

      I won’t consider putting any of them into any of my games.

  16. Dear sir, guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,

    Is ok, I will respect the game’s creator decision very much, I will accept that but furthermore I would kindly praise your games, eventhough without such scenes your games were still the best. I just hope you could create another solo games for date with bridgette and Principal Valentines after some of your new game release.

    Thank you for all of your comments guys and girls. We are living in a democratic world, so is fine to accept and listen to other people’s objections, comments, ideas, opinions, and views.

    I am a great fan for japanese Illusion games, it is the best 3D Eroge game in Asia, it has stunning 3D graphics display and great sound effects. Guys and Girls please check this game out, you all would love it.

    Thank you.

    David Ong.
    Kuala Lumpur.

    1. we do what we play these games, we prefer romance and persuasive tactics to get the girl. Violence never. It is seen that different region, different customs. We would hold your violent appetites sent for examination to psychyatry

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