July 29th Update

The academy : Part 2 has now been released. You can find it in the members section.

Some last words from dsp3000 on the game…

I am very happy to announce that ‘The Academy: Part Two’ is finally completed and is now available in the members area.

This has been my most intensive production so far with the whole game taking about 14 weeks from start to finish. It’s larger than Part One and much larger than originally planned. It’s also technically more complex too. While I have tested the game thoroughly, I would be very surprised if there aren’t a couple of minor bugs that have been missed. Please report any issues and I’ll get them resolved as soon as possible.

In total there are exactly 1500 images in this game, with around another 100 images used for end cards and achievements.

The Academy will become a five part series and while Part One was more of an introduction, this part really starts to develop the plot and the relationships between the characters. I also wanted to pay special attention to building in good replay value.

Just as in Part One you can still get fired, but there are many more paths to choose this time which can reveal much more positive outcomes too. While there are seven ‘bad endings’ there are also 20 ‘achievements’ to collect during the multiple ways to get to a good ending. To help you keep track of what’s in the game, I’ve introduced a new feature which records and shows your achievements at the end of each play through. It’s not possible to get all 20 achievements in one game play because some outcomes conflict with others, but they should all be achievable by playing through in different ways and (crucially) with different entry codes from part one.

Four of the female characters have very erotic scenes to discover in this episode, along with a few other tastes of nudity and teasing from some of the others. And for the first time ever in a VDategame there is an MMF threesome scene to participate in.

To play this game you will need one of the six codes gained at the end of Part One. Rather than just finding the codes online, I would recommend playing Part One to find the codes before you play Part Two so that everything makes more sense.

Enjoy playing the game and no spoilers please!


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294 thoughts to “July 29th Update”

      1. Hey DSP i think i found a bug. When you are with Lola in the shower and you squeeze her ass and you turn her around and she says play with her ass some more i am only able to see like the top half of her i can’t get down to her ass. I am using Firefox and that is the only problem i have when playing

        1. It’s in the members section. It sounds like you are looking at one of the ‘join’ pages.

          Login to the members section, then refresh pages if it’s not there.

    1. So its not just me then? The online pages are not loading, Its taken me a hour to long one page.

  1. I’m tired of it. even though I am a member, by this time I appeared academy part 2. even if I enroll in the members section starts just my old games. part 2 can play only if I pay again, but under a different moniker, because I can not pay under his nickname.
    I’d like to be anyone’s.
    I pay, then I should also have the opportunity to play !!!!!!!!!!!

      1. thanks a lot for that address. when I entered into the browser, so I jumped in the game.
        I have a membership still valid. Recently I paid July 10, 2016

    1. Are you sure your membership is still valid? When did you pay for it?
      What is your main language? Maybe someone can help you using your native language.

    2. I appreciate that english is not your first language, but I have no idea what you are trying to say.

      Could you please rephrase it? I recommend using google translate.

  2. Downloadable version should be available to everyone now.

    Remember to refresh the academy part 2 page if you don’t see it.

      1. There must be something wrong with your subscription or with your browser. I would check browser first. Try to delete all cache, or just use a different browser you haven’t used before. Or run your browser with incognito mode, so it doesn’t use any old temporary files.

      1. You’ll have to play part one to get a code at the end.
        You can use this code at the start of part two.

        Alternatively just have a read through this blog.
        At least one of the access codes for part two has been posted here.

  3. Great job guys, amazing game! Would you kindly share the best codes from the previous episode? Thanks 🙂

    1. There are no ‘best codes’ from the end of Part One as such.
      However the codes set the starting Influence level in the left hand bar as well as the lust levels in the right bar when interacting with the female characters.
      Some of the codes will set all of these variables at a higher level than others at the start of the game. Higher levels at the start generally make things easier to achieve during the game.
      The codes beginning with the letter A are the best to use in this respect.

      Three of the six available start codes will unlock three of the twenty available end achievements. Ie Only with the correct start code can you gain some of achievements.

      1. @dsp3000, about the codes themselves:

        From a purely technical point of view, am I correct in understanding that the door codes are in fact hexadecimal? As a programmer wannabe I am quite interested in the mechanics of the games themselves; I was looking at how you assigned the inf and lust presets to codes, hence the question.

        On a different note, I really like the game, it must be your best so far, and I do hope it becomes the opus magnum you want it to. Thanks a lot!

        1. The codes for the door are just based on very simple cookie values. Each keypad click adds to a cookie value.
          The letters also have a numerical value assigned to them.

          The final value when you click the hashtag is checked and then referred to another page which sets all the other cookie values at the start of the game.

    1. Yes, I intend to pull together walkthroughs for parts one and two and have them ready and online in a week or two.

        1. Full walkthroughs and character guides are now available in the ‘Help’ section of the members site.

  4. I can’t log in to play. I’ve confirmed my info with my payment confirmation, but the site will not authenticate. I’ve tried multiple browsers as well. I love “The Academy” game style, so I hope to play asap. Any help?

    1. I am having this EXACT same problem. But Ive been billed for it. I have contacted Epoch, no response yet tho.

  5. love the game so far dsp, but wanted to let you know that the scene with Genevieve in the shower is repeating between office 71 and office 72. overall, great work man

    1. There is a loop built in at that point which intentionally runs the clock up to 3pm and you are interrupted by either Annie or Bridgette.

      It should only loop two or three times before the game moves on.

      If you do something else after the lunch break, like go to the gym, talk to Annie or work on your report you don’t have as much time to watch lesbians on CCTV.

  6. I get to enter the codes to get in the door and with the 4 that I have, I get ERROR everytime. What am I doing wrong

    1. You may need to clear your browser cache if you are using Google Chrome.
      There is a file which clears the local cache between failed attempts.
      This works fine in Firefox but can be a problem in Chrome.

      In terms of inputting the codes, the sequence is Letter : Number : Number : Number : Hashtag.

  7. There are too many things to juggle. How do you go and see principal valentine? I can’t figure out how to get to her office.

    ****BUG**** Whenever I watch the lesbians on camera it gets caught in a loop of the two gifs on the bench that you can’t get out of

    1. When you say ‘can’t get out of’, do you literally mean you can’t progress past it at all.
      When the clock reaches 3pm you should get a visit from either Bridgette or Annie.

      Please check the clock time and let me know.

      Again, I suspect it could be to do with using Google Chrome.

  8. On the downloadable version of the game, my code (it starts with the letter A) will not be accepted by the keypad; and the playername will remain null. Any fixes?

  9. In the downloadable version, the keypad will not accept my code, my relationship bars remain static, and my playername remains null. Am I missing something?

  10. I have not played it, but I can say only one thing: such a great game I ever played.
    Dsp 3000 huge congratulations. I believe that the other parts will be at least as great.

    1. The codes work fine if you play using Firefox as your browser.

      Chrome gives problems due to the way it handles cookies.

  11. duuuude ! now i m scared that the other episode are less great. i mean , damn… dat great episode.. are you sure to be ready to put the limit up on the next episode ? because lots of peoples are going to expect some great things.

    well, two possibility :

    1 – you didnt realise yet how up you have go with this one and it will be hard for next episode
    2 – you already have planned everything and.. hollly jesus ! .. thats sound like impossible 😀

    1. Thanks for the compliment.
      You don’t know what I have planned for the next episodes, but I’m pretty confident I can go even better.
      This episode should expand upon a few parallel story threads which will need resolving by the end of part five.
      I have a few more surprises up my sleeve too.

  12. Hi,

    I’m having a problem with the game. I just played through Academy 1 again to get a code. I got code A269#. That worked the first time and I was able to play the game. I’m trying to play the game again and now it’s not accepting that code anymore. It just worked a few minutes ago, but now it says ERROR when I put it in and my only option is go meet Maria and get a bad ending. What gives?

        1. I downloaded the game. It won’t accept A769# for me, but it did accept a random code (A741# or A7411… I can’t remember exactly what I hit…). I was trying to get an Error to test another set of selections with Maria and somehow got the code “Correct.”

          Not sure what’s up with that.

          1. my friend try this too. and aparently, it apper that this specific code didnt work well on some browser (Ie and chrome) but work great on other like firefox . maybe a bug

  13. I am stuck. When helping Loula in the gym with a massage she says “Not here” and I can’t get to the shower scene anyone help ?

    1. You need to get her lust level higher.
      Concentrate on the available options with Lola during the studio session before lunch.
      Any chance you have to compliment or involve her during that scene will raise her lust level making her more likely to join you in the shower.

  14. Hi I am stuck. When I help Lola in the gym with a massage she says “Not here” and can’t get to the shower scene. Anyone help ?

    1. Wish I could help, but I haven’t even figured out how to get the gym yet. I’m probably over looking something obvious, but I’ve played the game twice now and never even saw the option to enter the gym.

      1. How you play through the studio session before lunch will determine whether or not Lola, Amy and Laura invite you to work out with them.
        If you reject Annie’s idea in the studio and then intervene when she fights with Holly, you should end up working with Holly, Lola, Amy and Laura.
        That should at least get you an invite to the gym.

    1. Ha!
      By the time you have found all the endings and fulfilled all of the achievements, I reckon Part Three will be getting close to it’s release.
      I start work on the next episode on Monday. This part took 14 weeks to create so I hope to get the next part out around October.

  15. Have found what I’m guessing is an unintended cheat/glitch/whatever.

    After the Principal shows you the storeroom, and you can look around it, if you look to the right, and then down at the boxes, open them up, and look at the notepad, you get 5 influence. And this can be repeated ad nauseam and max out that stat right near start of the game.

    1. Noted, and thanks for that.
      I thought that I had removed it to be honest.
      It’s not that critical to gameplay and influence level won’t effect anything other than the final end code.

      I’ll alter it if and when we need any other updates.

  16. It may have to do with the codes, but am I the only one who never saw Maria? It says, “gotten a blowjob from Maria and given her a facial” but I never saw her to do this. Great game though guessing Bridgette gets it next day hopefully, maybe try to sneak Didi in at the bar too?

    1. You don’t even need any code to see Maria.
      Just approach the keypad at the start of the game and instead of inputting a code, look around.
      Maria will be there to talk to.
      The rest should be pretty straight forward if you go with her.

      In fact the scene with Maria is included in the demo, so you can play it for free even if you aren’t a member.

  17. Hey dsp3000 when is Sebastian going to get fired. He’s obnoxious and tried to get Lola to suck him off, which I would never let happen in real life. Other than him though great game.

    1. Ah never mind that last comment about Sebastian, I guess he is Ok. Still this is a really awesome game you made dsp3000.

      1. Thanks.

        Interesting change of heart about Sebastian.
        I guess you found out how to stop him from interrupting you in the shower…?

        He is obnoxious and you aren’t supposed to like him though.
        Laura sums him up nicely when she calls him a pathetic fucktard.


        1. Yeah when I said he’s ok I meant he’s ok as guy you can talk to. I mean he does show you the ropes and gives out some good advice for you, but I still hate him and I still think of him as an asshole all the same.

          1. And another thing, yeah I did find out how to get him from getting into the shower.

  18. Downloaded the game but my code doesn’t work, stuck in a Maria loop (which isn’t to bad).

    I have cleared internet cache anf restarted but that failed to clear the problem

    1. Seems to be the usual issue with Google Chrome.

      Works fine using Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

      The problem is with the way the Chrome handles cookies. Practically all the functions in the game are cookie based so Chrome is always a problem.
      I’d love to find a way to overcome this.

      In the meantime I’ll make the usual suggestion of playing the game using Mozilla Firefox.

    2. Tried running it on Firefox but the images are resized to point where it is impossible to click on the chat option (images are chopped off at the bottom with no vertical scrolling option).

      Would be easier to explain if i could post a screen shot

  19. Holy fk, really really great job work doing this game and i hope u keep this good shit up, really impressed and love em peace!

  20. Hi !
    I can’t wait to play this game. It seems awesome. But… I can’t log in ! I try again and again. I checked my ID and password many times but it doesn’t work.
    I didn’t find the way to make a request to have some help, so I ask here.
    Can someone help me with that ?
    Thanks !

  21. Is there any Bridgette sex/teasing scenes? I was disappointed with what seemed to be all of it.

    Part 1 had some cool shit with the peaking at her cleavage but this didn’t really have anything outside of asking her out on a date for next episode.

    1. Yeah she’s a tease.
      Have you not found out how to look up her skirt in the studio yet?

  22. Best game! really awesome keep up the great work and i hope u get to f**k every girl cuz that would be awesome especially didi and the principle, peace 🙂

  23. there seems to be a bug to where your name stays null in the downloaded version and the codes don’t work. In the normal version everything i mentioned works its just very laggy.

    1. I’ve checked the download version and it works fine in Firefox.

      Chrome as usual doesn’t allow the game functions to work.

  24. dsp, dont’t be so proud
    good game, but…2 or 3 times it’scool, more it’s boring.
    so,thx, but no achievments and boring. you’re fine, but you’re not youporn.
    maybe see you in another free pass word. be sure i’ll never pay, not as long as it’ll be this.

    1. Are you reporting a glitch…?
      I’m not sure. Try using Firefox.

      You think the game is cool but you are bored because you can’t get any of the achievements?

      The free and instant gratification of youporn is about as far away from RPG games as you can get.
      Maybe these types of games aren’t really your thing.


  25. This is a insanely fun game and all the paths I’ve found so far are insanely fun. Only issue i’ve had is finding a way to not be interrupted during all the “finale” to every scene. Really frustrating lol.

  26. Very amazing game! I didn’t think this series would beat out Tara for me, but I may be mistaken. Character variety gives access to a pretty wide range of kinks, each person’s taste depending. That said, I like the addition of the Sebastian character and what he does for the story, looking forward to more!

    Keep up the great work, and already looking forward to part 3!

  27. Can someone give me a hint as to how get a blowjob from Annie in the studio at 3 PM WITHOUT getting caught?… no matter what I do I still get caught

    1. This is one of the scenes that depends on which code you use at the start of the game.
      One of the codes means you won’t get caught.

      1. So basically it depends on something that needs to be done in the first game, can u give me a hint what that thing is?

  28. Is it possible to get a handjob/blowjob from bridgette? I see it as an achievement but it seems impossible

    1. No on both counts sorry.

      In part one you can ask Bridgette for a blow job but she won’t give you one.
      In part two you can flirt with her to get her to like you more.

      This will be useful in future episodes.

  29. I just finished playing this game for like 6 hours straight (lol I know, no life!) and let me say, this series is the best! Great work dsp3000!

    I managed to get the Annie sex scene, then get caught, but it was epic! Pretty much failed there though!
    Played again, and got to principle valentines office! And let me say, she’s such a bitch lol. I’m not sure if the direction is where I think it is. But sounds like she’s more of a “villain” character , besides wanting to fuck her, lol I felt like shit after she used my character

    Then I ended up failing again after that

    And after countless more tries, I got with Holly and managed to end the game! Holly stole the show! I hope in episode 5 you can wife up one of the girls, and if so, Holly is my wifey! Looking forward to more of her photos in part 3!

    Also, she mentioned talking to Maria to fix things, I couldn’t find that either!

    Overall 10/10 game man!

    1. ^ to edit to my comment above,

      I meant Annie blowjob , couldn’t figure out how not to get caught!

      There’s so many times I failed though, Holly was the only ending I seemed to be able to get straight through, I’ll be playing again next weekend!

      Thanks again dsp and you too chaotic for bringing him on the team. This game has an immersive story, or much more, compared to other previous games, and the multiple paths and endings makes you actually want to keep playing to find all the endings. And the story is actually really good!

      Hope u can get Valentine and Sebastian fired though lol

  30. Hey dsp3000 do you have any news on Chaotic’s next game? Also I wanted to report a bug, In the only version when you go to the meeting in 3pm and when you leave The Principals office and return to your Office it all starts again and bridgette comes and reminds you about the meeting.

    1. I’m sure that Chaotic will be posting an update at some point.

      In terms of the glitch you are describing; can you confirm that the clock is working please?

      It should be impossible for what you are describing to occur unless there is a clock issue.

      I’ll check it all through too.

        1. Still not sure what I’m supposed to be fixing.
          Have you been able to replicate the problem?
          If so can you make a note of the clock time when you leave the meeting and the time when Bridgette reminds you again please.

  31. How do you get the principle HJ in the medical room? And also the MMF? Been trying for ages and cant get them?

    1. MMF scene is when you’re under shower with Lola (after workout) and Sebastian interrupts, you must tell Lola to suck his dick

  32. Dsp 3000.

    Great game as always but I was kinda insatisfied idk,why?

    Mainly due to the fact I couldn’t f*ck some carachters. Yh a Bj is always nice but the protaganist is a p*ssy slayer not an actual p*ssy(should take more risk)

    All at all I give 7.5/10 a lot of potencial and room to go fowerd


    1.Alícia looks like a great adicion to the game I hope she has a slutty personality.And we get to f{ck her in the next episode

    2.I hope we get to be the porn actor in the next episode with annie no more tease pls xD

    3.We also get to f*ck even though she is kinda of a bitch but hey I cant complain

    From a long time member Alejandro

    1. You can have sex with one girl and not get caught. You just need the right code at the start of the game to do it.

        1. I guess it depends on how you define sex. I meant vaginal intercourse. I was still wrong. It looks like there are at least two girls you can fuck and get away with it, although I don’t think it’s possible to do both in a single play through.

          But if you’re just talking about having some kind of sex act with a student and getting away with it, I think there are 4; Maria, Lola, Holly, Annie.

    2. Thanks for the feedback. 7.5 out of 10 isn’t too bad, which is why so far you have had the chance to get anywhere really explicit with five out of the fifteen female characters you’ve met so far.
      That still leaves three more episodes to get with all the rest of the girls and any others who may appear.

      Don’t worry, you will get your chance to prove whether or not you are a ‘pussy slayer’ or not.

  33. oh my god.. i just try another path and… jesus ! .. i was scared as fuck to be fired but it appear that my good relation with valentine save my day.. hahaha.. i seriously didnt expected that to happen.. still sound like sebastian are going to try something up with me next day

    you see i was on shower and…hm hm.. didnt expected that from valentine frankly XD

      1. oh btw (sorry for triple message)… i see in some pics from shower scene that it appear ms valentine didnt wear panty … i m are right ? 😀 (can be see in the screen when she grab your balls…. in hand, can see under her skirt)

        1. Have you worked out whose panties you find in the storeroom?

          That should answer your question.

          1. Briefs are Bridge. if I take the key with the director and she’d come looking for me, it is with me Bridgette and she has panties and director tells her that for the work will have a pleasant reward

    1. Maria isn’t there to talk after/if you see her first thing in the morning.

      Remember that this is only part two of five.

      You’ll see Maria again.

  34. Good stuff dsp….

    I gotta say, Holly is ****ing hot. Good job on Amy and Alicia too

    Storywise, I am somewhat disappointed in the lack of full sex scenes. I hope we don’t get teased in the final release!!! I feel like more scenes with all the other hot characters would be awesome. I also want some longer hardcore scenes too(like with Maria in the first one)

    1. Thanks for the feedback.
      I’m not sure what you mean by full sex scenes and the lack thereof.
      Lola and Holly’s scenes are pretty extensive if you have found all the available options.
      The scenes with Annie, Maria and Principal Valentine don’t have as many options, but the time constraints you have inform those parts of the story.

      I could just make a series of sex scenes with every conceivable option within them and no consequences or connection to a storylines.

      Finding a balance between building up a coherent and engaging storyline, and spending ages animating loads of different sexual positions and cumshots is harder than you might imagine.

      By hardcore I imagine you probably mean more anal.

      Three episodes still to go remember.

      1. Hardcore=seeing them get fucked in a variety of positions. First one had Maria in doggy, missionary, and anal. Also able to finish on face, body, or inside
        Fuller sex scenes=not just a bj/hj but some intercourse.

        However your comment does justify your choices. I guess Maria was more sexually open and you can only do so much with each character to make the storyline interesting. I didn’t know that there are 3 more episodes so I will be looking forward to it!

  35. I’m sorry that you’re from Maria slowly made homeless, which bypasses around the house and smokes birds trespassers to at least have something warm in his mouth.
    in all previous games he acts as a nice (though a bit naive) girl. and now you have it so degraded.
    I hope that in the next part of it as integrate a full figure

    1. i try to translate correctly :

      i feel sorry that you actually make maria more “homeless” and interresting, look like she have been degraded in this episode. we need to do wtf things for put something warm in her mouth (see what i mean lol )

      (i guess you understand the rest of the message)

      maybe not corret, but that s just what i have understand from the message. i also agree that in this episode maria look a bit “on the side” compared to others characters. but.. hey .. 3 more episodes again … and i m sure dsp will probably find a way to implent some great stuff like 3some , 4 some , orgy (well, maybe not lol) where most of characters can be present in function of the progress you make ingame.
      i think… and i hope 😀

      1. Thanks for the feedback. with “warm in the mouth” was a joke. just felt sorry for her that is so neglected. I believe that in other parts of the Maria again fully involved in the plot

      2. I’m afraid I’m not still understanding the message? How did Maria seem homeless?

    1. you mean trio with sebastian ?
      i got it buy total surprise to be honnest, it scare the shit out of me. be sure to have an “good” relation in pocket before try to do this, because that can turn bad quickly

    1. The first monitor?
      Do you mean the code for CCTV feed three?

      If so it’s on the notepad in the storeroom.

      There is only one CCTV code to unlock in this episode.
      You will have unlocked feeds one and two during episode one.

      1. i suggest to take a note about those code, as when you go out of the store room, you cant return in it (well, you can, but it broke the cctv for sure)

  36. Great job. any chance of seeing Ms Valentine nude? She says no in the medical room….

  37. Hey dsp3000 is the rivalry between Annie and Holly going to be explained in the later episodes and is it going to be resolved? I mean I really wish I knew why they hate each other so much. Is there going to be a backstory to this.

    1. its explain on the game dude ….

      they hate each others because annie spread false rumor that destroy relation with maria and holly.
      its explained after the photo shoot session if you take side with holly

      1. Yes I know that. What I mean is why would Annie spread that rumor in the first place.

  38. For the life of me, I can’t get invited into the gym. I have an A codes 769 and 741 and B codes 854 and 148. What am I doing wrong?

    1. To get invited to the gym you need to work with Holly, Lola, Amy and Laura in the studio before lunch.
      To get that you need to reject Annie’s idea about glamour photography and then stop her from hitting Holly when they start fighting.

      It doesn’t matter which code you start with for this element of the game.

    2. You must stop the fight between holy and Annie in the studio en raise enough lust by talking with Lola in the studio. I can add one more A code for you, 595 enjoy it.

  39. yo dsp3000 can you give me any hints on how to make Sebastian not come in the shower room during Lola scene? It’s probably related to Valentine asking you to tell him to go mow the lawn but I can’t seem to find him before the workout to tell him that. Am I missing something? Do I need a special day 1 code to not get caught?

    1. when shooting in the studio you must be dismissed Annie for another shoot, then prevent a feud with Annie to Holly slapped her. They will remain on the shoot 4 girls. I invite you to the gym. then you must first send Sebastian mow the lawn and then go into the locker room to change.

    2. For those variables you need all of the following.
      1: Principal needs to give message about lawns while in storeroom with you.
      2: Get gym invite based on working with Lola, Holly etc in studio.
      3: Talk to Sebastian outside gym.
      4: When dialogue option appears, pass on the message about the gym.
      5: Workout with Lola to further raise her lust level so that she joins you in the shower.

      If all of those requirements are met, then Sebastian won’t interrupt your shower because he is mowing the lawns.

      To prevent a later interruption from the Principal, ie caught having sex, you need to start with one code in particular.

      1. which code is that?
        because i only have 1 a code when played part 1 but with that one me and lola get caught bij the pricipal after making love…. could you please share the code?

  40. How do I get invited into the gym to workout? I have two A codes and two B codes and I am having zero luck.

      1. No specific code required for the Principal hj scene.
        You do need to get caught taking nude photos of Annie though, at which point Principal Valentine reminds you about your meeting.
        This sets a cookie for later on during the meeting.

  41. I don’t understand how Annie is Ms. Valentine’s daughter lmao. She’s 18 and her mom looks in her mid 20s. Idrc tho, hopefully a threesome with them in the future. Can I get a hint for the code which you need to fuck Annie and get away with it?

    1. You need one of the codes that begin with A to not get caught with Annie.

      Principal Valentine uses a special cream to keep her skin looking youthful.

  42. Very nice follow up. Like how everything is leading up and its not some gigantic fuck fest right off the bat. Really think some of the criticism concerning the lack of sex is unwarranted, it’s meant to be a 5 part series fellas with romantic interests and sexual activities building up along the way. Here’s hoping a threesome with Didi and Bridgette could be in the works. Sounds like there could be some after work activities involving alcohol going on. Also had a question about Holly. Is she really interested in the protagonist or is she using him to get back Maria? Didn’t care about her at all in Tara 3 but she grew on me in this episode. Would be a shame if she’s just using me/character.

    1. Fully I agree with you. one has to go through all the games in order to understand the individual links děje.pokud I just wanted instant sex with every girl on sight, so I can let porn

    2. Thanks for the comments.

      Holly is an intriguing character who is very much interested in power and sexual politics.

      If you look at her sexually dominant role in Tara part 3, and the clues so far in this game.

      What is her project about? And look how she is even able to influence Bridgette.

      Holly is a powerful women but she has her weaknesses. The rest of the story should reveal how and why she uses that power.

      1. I had already lost all endings. shame … I’ve got nothing to play, and I just look forward to continuing. dsp 3000, congratulations …. really great job

  43. How do I go to the store room with holly? And please make a walkthrough for Part 1 & 2.

  44. I’ve got 2 errors to report. (I am using Firefox here)

    1) When inputting the door code at the beginning, if you hit a letter or number or two before turning around to see Maria, then after her scene and you go back to typing the code in, nothing will work. All 6 of the codes from day 1 will give an error, and you’re stuck in a loop of getting an error on the keypad, turning around, and then failing at the keypad again.

    2) At the studio, if you choose the choices to take Annie’s picture first (through the face shot convo), she is always chosen again to get her picture taken after Lola’s pic.

    1. Thanks for reporting both of those issues.
      I’ll look into them and get them fixed.

  45. Also, what happened with Megan in this episode? She’s definitely absent in it. I had even forgotten her name, but had remembered someone from the first game sitting by herself in the lunchroom, and went back to play it just for her name.

    1. Nevermind. I found a few pics she’s in while going through the files. Haven’t found how to actually see the scene in-game. Still though, why was she absent for the photo session?

  46. Hi DSP3000

    This game the academy is amazing and it’s just the part 2 ^^.

    I have a question when you are in the storeroom.

    The panties of Principal Valentine is important ? because I found the achievement 15 but when I visited the storeroom at the beginning of the game I take it in my pocket but when I can use this item in this game.

    Thank you again dsp3000 GOD OF SEX GAME ^^

      1. its valentine panty. it maybe be usefull in futur part, but for now its useless. it only allow an “reaction” of ms valentine with sebastian if you catch them on the storeroom via the camera.
        i didnt have notice anything else from this

        1. ok in this part the panties of Principal Valentine aren’t important but in the next part probably.

          Didi can use this item as proof ( medical room conversation) ^^

          i found all achievements and i write a walkthrough ^^.

          Just DSP3000 I think you like femdom.

          The Photograph part 2 Carol
          Tara Part 3 Holly
          Academy Part 1 and 2 Principal Valentine

          1. Photographer part two and the Carole character are Chaotic’s creations.
            The rest of the ones you refer to are mine.

            And yes I do find strong powerful women pretty attractive.

          2. i doubt lili will use it as proof. as you have see in the medical room. miss valentine is not scared to openly show about her “technic” to everybody (except the students). i doubt valentine will be an woman that can easily bend over for such a proof like that.

            i more think it can be very usefull for counter sebastian. he get caught and bad with valentine when she figure he drop her panty in the store room. i bet its possible to use the panty as an sort of money for make sebastian sftu or do something for us that are too risky. we know valentine is pretty bad with sebastian (after shower scene and some other scenes where she clearly show that she not like sebastian)
            also.. miss valentine clearly mention that she “give” her panty to sebastian .. maybe next time she give it to us, maybe as an sort of challenge or proof of something

            still…. i wonder if bridgette is same , as she didnt wear panty too..

      1. Yeah. I don’t think you can do it on the first try, though. I think you have to look away and come back once or twice before it gives you the option. The option to keep them is the left half of the screen while the “Put down and look around” option is the right half of the screen.

  47. I feel pretty dumb for asking this, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get Annie to invite me back to the studio later. That’s the only path left that I haven’t seen. A little help?

    1. Work with Annie in the studio and don’t go too far and get fired. Then, crucially, turn left as you leave the canteen to find Annie.
      Talk to her and she will most likely invite you for more studio work later on.

    1. Click on the achievements link on the ‘begin.html’ page right before you start the game by clicking the ‘Start’ button.

  48. oh btw dsp3000

    who is this black guy ? the security men ? where did he come from ? did he will get more implented in futur ? (like for kick ass of sebastian 😀 )

      1. i cant believe this guy probably fuck valentine too , what a b*** XD

        is that the game that have actually the most character interaction ? chaotic games didnt have that much of different characters that we can interact with player in 1 game right ?
        annie, holly, maria, valentine, sebastian, darrell, lola, didi, laura, bridgette, genevieve, etc..
        they are tons of possibility and probably tons of story behind all of this.
        that kind of game that i have absolutly not a single clue about how it going to finish … epic ! i love that .

  49. Are there gonna be any teachers added to the academy? Also, will we be able to play the part where we get a drink with Bridgette later in the series?

      1. Great! Roughly how many additional members are we looking at here? Also, what do u plan on being the next game added to your website? And, (just an idea) maybe you could add some things out of the academy such as a trail behind the school or something. And it could be private so you could work on that project with holly surrounded by nature. Remember, just an idea lol

        1. heh i guess that drink with bridgette will “maybe” happen on the bar where they are holly.. 😀

          i also think its an good idea to get some “outside” activity on the academy, maybe an sport challenge (that start inside and finish outside with race or whatever)

          i m also very surprise that they are no girls that try to smoke hidden (thats is pretty common on academy, and illegal (depending of what you smoke ))

          damn, they are too much ideas that can be implent on an academy story ^^

          1. Aryn I have the same idea with the bar.

            We could meet Holly and her friends.

            I remember the toilet room maybe we can have a gloryhole scene…
            (I think that this scene was never create.)

            And the meeting with Bridgette can offer lots possibilities as visit stores with Bridgette (We can meet in stores Lola Alicia Didi Jodie Principal Valentine… they could try sexy dresses,underwear…).

            As you say I have too many ideas and I want to discover the new members of the staff.

  50. Great work DSP! .. You’re getting better with every game. Quick ?.. how can I see principal Valentines TATAS… she shuts me down during hand job

  51. Great game!

    I’ve tried to several times to download the game because some picture takes time to load, but each time the download took two hours and then failed.

    Is there a faster way to be able to download the game so it doesn’t fail?

  52. dsp 3000, please, how many keys are out in part 2 part 3? I have two so far and others are not, even if I combine the game as they can. Thank you

  53. part 2 is really good well done , i cannot seem to get the handjob from the principle anytips on how to trigger that plz

    1. you need to get caught with her daughter. then on the meeting in her desk you need answer the good one and she will “have an idea” about your stress and hop!
      they are also some others things to do, but i think part1 have effect too on valentine (not sure, but i think)

  54. Great game, I like the replayability, I keep getting caught but that’s ok, awesome work. Thanks

  55. I’ve noticed two bugs. I don’t think either truly impact the outcome of the game, though. The first one has already been reported–starting with Annie’s face pic in the studio (Lola is next, and then it goes back to Annie). This happens when you choose the “face shot” dialog option.

    The second bug is in the storeroom with Holly. When you choose to take photos of her first, the only close up you can take is of her lips. I could not find another hot spot when she is facing you. I also could not find a hot spot after you tell her to turn around. After several shots of her lips, though, the scene advances.. I’m using Firefox.

      1. Thank you. Firefox doesn’t scroll on MacBook for some strange reason (downloaded version). Played the online version on Chrome, and it worked.

      1. dsp 3000, is a really great game and I’m looking forward to the next episode
        I’m just 70 years old and in my life I’ve had a lot of experience with women, and it is only in these games I apply. ha ha

        1. Me too I’m looking forward to the next episode ^^.

          The next part will be not before the end of October.

          I look forward to going have a drink with Bridgette in the bar the Hot Mouthful ^^.

          1. Yes, you should meet with Brigitte and Didi to drink. We must hold out until October. maybe there will be some action with Laura and her sister. It will also be very nice

  56. Hey dsp3000. First: Great series! Love that game and cant stop playing it the whole time (until i find every ending- quite taff for me. Only Holly left, and im looking forward to the storeroom action 😉 ).
    I think i found also a little bug, maybe somebody wrote it before.
    When u enter the studio and got the last conversation with bridgette u can pick the answer “i like face shoots..” or smth like this. Afterwards annie gonna start the session, then lola and afterwards annie again. Maybe theres no big deal, just mention it.
    Thanks for the great work and keep it up!
    And i cant choose which of them are my fav. Theyre all damn sexy.

  57. Hey dsp3000 can you at least tell us a little about part3 for example will there be any sex scenes involving Laura or maybe her sister, Etc,

  58. So, we won’t get another game from DSP til October(ish)….

    Does that mean 2 months with no game or will Chaotic have something for us before that time? Not that I don’t appreciate the effort and time you put into these games. Just checking.

  59. Hey dsp3000, I had a situation come up that seems strange to me, but I’m not entirely sure it is a bug. At the end of part 2, I got the same code in one playthrough where I got Holly’s scene, and another playthrough where I did Lola’s scene. I don’t know if it is intentional that this could happen, but since this means the next parts of the game won’t be affected in any way by which of these two things you do, it seems possibly unintended. (The code I got was A684#, fwiw).

    1. I played all the endings with all the girls and I always got the code # A684. just when I got my first completion code # B148. I do not remember exactly, but I think I’m not the girls had nothing. ha ha

      1. I played all the endings with all the girls too.

        There are 6 codes in all but I think that for the part 3 there are 2 important codes.
        A684# and the other code begins by A..#

        As for the part 2 if we did not play the part 1 the codes are very important (Because we need several codes one two or three .)

          1. Yes for the part 2
            3 codes are important.

            For the part 3 maybe as the Part 2 3 codes….

  60. Hi!

    Nice game dsp!

    ..but i seem to have found some small bug:
    In shower155 the scrollbars for the pic are missing, which causes the map area to be unreachable without resizing the window.

    Reason seems to be a missing div class called “portrait” for the img. At least adding this made the pic scrollable. So maybe you like to add this too… 😉

    1. Thanks for reporting that.
      I’m just working on an updated version with the few errors there are resolved.

  61. if you type in four stars and then number sign on the keypad at the start all the girls bars are completely full

    1. That’ll be my test code. How the hell did you even find that?
      It’ll be removed from an updated version so make the most of it while you can.

  62. Is there any significance to putting the panties in your pocket. There doesn’t seem to be a use for them (for example, showing them to anyone). Maybe the scene in the storeroom between Valentine and Sebastian is slightly different depending on whether the panties are in there or not.

      1. I’ve also talked to Valentine after watching her and Sebastian in the storeroom. Didn’t get a code different from ones I had already collected, though. And the topic of her underwear never came up.

        1. I picked up the panties, photographed naked Annie Valentine jerk my dick, I watched Valentine and Sebastian spoke with Valentine and she promised me that the next day it will be better. I got a third code

          1. I’ll try that. I have three codes already. I’ll see if that gives me a fourth code. Still doesn’t explain the need to take the panties, though.

    1. Putting the panties in your pocket is a redundant plot point.
      I should have removed the option.

      You guys find everything!

      1. Well, I’m not sure I’ve found EVERYTHING yet. You’ve done a very good job with even slight variations in character dialog based on the dialog choices the player makes. That’s very clever attention to detail. It encourages replaying the game to explore all of the nuances.

        Another question. I don’t think I’ve seen an answer to it in any of the comments here: How many access codes are there for the end of Day 2 (to get you into the academy on Day 3)? There were six for Day 1 (although I only found five of them). I’ve found three so far for Day 2.

        1. Six codes again at the end of part two.

          Attention to detail is my thing I guess.
          If I had unlimited time there would be even more dialogue variables.
          It’s quite good fun subtly hiding things within words and images for you all to found.
          There are quite alot of details you will have already discovered, but their significance has yet to be revealed.

  63. A little piece of personal plot-opinion from me too:

    Maybe it’s just me, but i found it very difficult to get to the Maria-scene. In fact, if i wouldn’t have cheatet a bit by lokking into the files i would have never gotten there.

    I think it would have been a little more consistent to put this somewhere after the canteen-dialogue with Holly. At least, knowing there is such scene from the achievements-table at the end, i was trying like hell to find what i did wrong before saying “yes, i can talk to her” to Holly for not getting to see her after that. While, on the other hand, would never have looked for her before entering the academy (thinking an intro is just an intro and all the action starts after that).

    …but, as i said: just my 2c. ;o)

    1. 100 people, 100 different opinions. This game is made dsp3000 (and, incidentally, very good) with some of its intention and vision to which I still do not see. so let him create and we look forward to more surprises.

      1. This perfectly true!

        The only thing i wanted to say is, that, after the game-experience of the other games, i somehow “expected” Maria to appear AFTER she had been kind of “announced” in some chat…and not before.

  64. Exactly

    When a person creates a movie a music or a game
    there will be always critics ( I would have liked , I would have made that with…)

    dsp3000 for me your game is really excellent the graphics the characters (The only character who I do not love it is Genevieve ^^) the scenario the surprises .

    I like so much this game because it offers us several possibilities and especially the return of guest characters like Maddison Nathalia Tara and others..
    But also dsp3000 be going to create other Female sexy characters ^^.

    An easy game without difficulties would quickly be finished and without interest.

    Let us dsp3000 work on the part 3.

  65. I got three endings from part one. The codes are B148#, B854# and A769#.
    Now i read other comments and heard that you need other codes for dont getting caught with Annie in the studio or with Lola in the shower. I would be really glad if someone can say with which code i have to start to get this scenes.
    I really want to see these two scenes. So please tell me other codes or say with which codes i found out can i reach these scenes.
    For a help i would be really glad.

    1. Hi fan!

      One hint could be that you can see it from the pic shown with the splashscreen at the end of part 1: If you see Annie’s pic, than the code you get lets you get away with the faceshot in the studio. If it’s Lola’s pic you see, than you should be able to fuck her without beeing caught.

      So i.e. B148 SHOULD work for Lola. At least it sets the cookie to the needed value. Strange thing if it didn’t work for you. Maybe you can give the Lola-route another try using this code to enter.

        1. Yes, you are right!

          A741 also stes the “cookieset” value to 3, which is needed to get the Lola-finish.


  66. Hi dps3000, wondering if you could lend me a hand here, I start the game up in on my FireFox browser and it scales it up so that it is bigger than my monitor can take, added that there is no scroll down bar to the right of the new page when starting the game.

    Any advice?

    oh, I did play it on chrome (by cheating) but wish to play it honestly using FireFox

    game rating 9/10 up from 7/10 on academy 1 imo.

    1. Walkthroughs are in hand.
      I’ll be sending them through along with a few extras tomorrow.
      Expect to see them in the next day or two.

    Here are all the codes of part one and two for those who are unable to find all
    Part One

    Part Two


    Phew took a long time to find all

    BTW great game dsp3000 i still can’t believe Valentines facial.And way did they go to the store room for a facial.They can do that in the medical room also and was also valentines panties in the store room. So did Sebastian used the panties to masturbate or he have fucked her.Hmm I wish he had not fucked otherwise it will ruin the fun for me

    1. i still can’t believe Valentines facial.And why did they go to the store room for a facial.They can do that in the medical room and why valentine’s panties are in the store room. Did Sebastian used the panties to masturbate or he have fucked her.Hmm I wish he had not fucked otherwise it will ruin the game for me

  68. hi dsp3000
    I was surprised by one thing: in the first part, while the girls talked about me in the locker room, so I claimed Emy and in the second part with me Emy neither tired and goes to fuck me Lola. (Ha-Ha)

  69. I read through the walkthroughs that have been posted. Thanks for doing that. A couple of additions.

    Handjob from Principal Valentine: You can also get the HJ by taking the Lola path. Have Sebastian catch you in the shower, tell him to leave, cover for Lola, deny everything. Then at 3:00 you can tell Valentine that you are still feeling tense, and she’ll have an idea about how to resolve that.

    Talking to Valentine after spying on her and Sebastian: I’m not 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure that I was able to have this conversation even though I never got the handjob from her. I think what is needed is code B854# to have this conversation. Again, I’m not 100% positive.

    1. You are right about the Lola path in relation to the Principal hj scene.
      When I wrote the walkthrough it was clear in my production notes that I’d put that option in there.
      But I do remember doing so now. If you get caught by Sebastian, then Lola leaves and the Principal enters the changing room looking for her, then yes it can open up the extra scene.

      The other later scene you mention isn’t code dependant and should only be available if you got the hj scene and then spied on the storeroom CCTV scene near the end of the game.

  70. Hi dsp!

    Thanks for the walkthrough…

    …but isn’t there one mistake?

    “If only Annie is naked the Principal will remind you about the 3pm meeting. This outcome will allow the option to continue with Annie later in the day and also unlocks the extended meeting scene with the Principal.”

    Doesn’t Annie have to keep her clothes on too to proceed with her later? As otherwise her mom Principal Valentine will “punish” her by sending her home for catching her nude. At least, by “turning left” after lunch-break, i get to see no Annie if she has been nude before.

    1. Thanks for that.
      You are correct.

      I have sent an updated walkthrough over to Chaotic to replace the current version.

      You guys know my games better than I do.

  71. Yo I spent a lot of time on the game but how do I ask hollow if I can help her with her project??

  72. what a fantastic game and series this is,personally the best and my new favourite game
    i like the graphic improvements,everything looks great,especially maria,she is your best model in my opinon,i’d love to see her even more
    keep up with fantastic work

  73. Part 2 was amazing! Having different codes unlock different options makes this game a sort of choose your own adventure style game. Not sure what your plans are as far as erotic encounter options for Part 3, but personally I think it would be great to have it be with Jodi, Amy, and a more than blowjob option with Annie. Of course there are some great threesome possibilities such as a Maria/Holly reunion, helping Laura and Alicia with their project, and maybe even a Prinicipal/Annie combo near the end (part 4 or 5). I don’t know how you’ll keep increasing the quality of each part, but I know you’ll manage it somehow and no matter how difficult/long of a wait it ends up being it’ll be more than worth it.

  74. My fav game so far 😀 It made me love Lola. I would love to see Xscene with Lola and Maria. Also waiting for part 3 ! Oh and also twins!

    I hope there will be a game with Maddison, Lisette and Maria 😀

    1. There are walkthroughs in the members section. Click on the ‘help’ section once you have logged in.

    1. Hello jurasek454.
      Once mrstomper has released his game then there should be some updates regarding my current project.
      I’m still hard at work producing part three and I’m very happy with what I’ve created so far.

      I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.

  75. BTW dsp3000, the cumshots with Maddison in tara part 3 were so awesome. I hope we can eventually hope to see a similar design in the academy series 😀

    Of course that’s just my opinion and I want to leave the game to your creative vision.

  76. Do anyone know which code is for getting the part with Holy I tried several codes and I’m stuck and the walkthrough don’t mention about Holy.

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