August 5th Update – Experiments and my next game

Now, that The Academy : Part 2 has been released, It’s time for a quick summary of what I’ve been doing over the past month.

First though, since the last blog post had a lot people dicussing hints and tips for Academy Part 2, it seems prudent to mention the new lagoon for those who aren’t aware. It’s a forum that specializes in erotic games, and it has a thread discussing dsp3000s game already :

EDIT : Walkthroughs for The Academy Part 1 & 2 now added to the members area, under the ‘help’ section.

Feel free to continue discussing the game on this blog if you wish, but I find reading a forum thread much easier that wading through blog comments. It should be fairly easy to find hints and door codes there if you need them.

So, what have I been up to?

Well, first of all, I’ve been experimenting with some new base models. Most of my characters use something called the “Victoria 4” base, but there has been newer base models released over the last few years, most notably the “Genesis”. These new bases produce characters with more realistic body shapes and higher resolution skins. The new versions of Daz studio also come with something called a IRAY render, which can also produce much more details images.

I’ve also been trying to decide what my next game should be. Here’s the options I’ve been considering…

Option 1 : Crystal

I’m still considering Crystal Part 3. I have a story and premise I’m very happy with, but I’m kinda feeling like I want to work with something new. I love Crystal, but it’s not like I haven’t done anything with her before.

Option 2 : Mia

A character I created a while ago, but have yet to use is Mia. I seem to be really into her right now, so I have more enthusiasm toward the idea of a game with her. It would also balance out the ethnicities of the characters in my games a bit more.

Option 3 : A set of new characters all with Genesis and iRAY.

A third option I like is something a bit more story driven and with a selection of characters all made with Genesis and rendered in Daz Studio for maximum quality. This could be another pool party game or something similar. So, not really a date game, but four or five characters in one situation, all of which have naughty scenarios to unlock.

Here’s a poll to have your say (also feel free to comment below as well, of course). I’m not guaranteeing that whichever option is most popular will be what happens, but I’m hoping for something to help me make up my mind.

Before you vote, I encourage everyone to look through the images below first so you can see what all of the characters will potentially look like.

It is also worth noting that, I will probably end up doing Crystal Part 3 no matter what, so you would just be voting on whether or not I do another game first.

Would you prefer the Marianna game in this fantasy setting, or in a modern, normal setting?

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There’s also one more brief thing I wanted to discuss.

For a few years now, I’ve always had the option of choosing your gender and ethnicity. Are people really bothered about having this choice though? I was looking through the site statistics and a majority of players just play as a white male.

If I didn’t have to render four sets of animations for all of the gender and ethnicity combinations (plus anything else I have to do for them), I could probably produce even bigger games, or at the very least more games per year.

So, keeping that in mind, do you think I should just have the player character being a white male, or do you think it’s important to have the other options?

Do you think Leanna : Breaking the Facade was too long?

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Here are the preview images for each possible game for your consideration…


I’ve subtly upgraded Crystal for her part 3 appearance, giving her a bit more muscle tone. This makes more sense with the plot I’ve developed as she is now competing professionally as a swimmer.

promo3 promo4 promo5


promo1 promo2 promo3 promo4


Random characters I put together using Genesis 2 and iRAY. I probably won’t be using these exact characters for a ‘pool part 2’, or whatever I make, but you can see examples of the body shapes and skin details from these images.

karina1 lorna1 p3deva silver_jade

helena helena2

71 thoughts to “August 5th Update – Experiments and my next game”

  1. Perhaps instead of offering the gender/ethnicity options for every POV game, you could have the main character be of a different gender/ethnicity occasionally. You’ve already had games where the main character was a woman, or at least you controlled a woman’s actions/decisions in 3rd person, so I don’t see why the same couldn’t be done with the POV main character games. I think it’d be a win/win for everyone.

    1. I like this idea better than the yes/no option. I’m up for having more and/or bigger games but I think the diversity is important. If you were to balance it out on your end, I think everyone would be happy since the vote seems split.

    2. Uh, no. The OPTION is a win win for everyone. How could you possible think more people would like exclusively using a female over having the choice? Besides, I think I’m not wrong in assuming most people who play these games are male.

  2. Hi Chaotic

    dsp3000 send us this message yesterday .
    August 4, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Walkthroughs are in hand.
    I’ll be sending them through along with a few extras tomorrow.
    Expect to see them in the next day or two.

    Can you give us some news ?

    1. I believe he’s intending to send them later today.

      I’ll update the blog and site when he does.

      1. Thank you for your answer Chaotic

        Why for your next game I voted for pool party 2 ?

        It is simple several female characters several opportunities more surprises ^^.

        Have a nice day.

      2. I thought of an idea…
        What about like a day-care?
        Daddy drops kid off at day care. You got the Director of the daycare, the receptionist, can have several teachers, a bus driver, the lunchroom lady. All of these people daddy would interact with from time to time, could build a story where he could be bangin’ any number of them….

        Just a thought.

  3. i see some screens from Iray from Mortze. it apper that Iray use absolutly epic shadow/light system.
    also love the genesis models, come with more customizatons.

    i bet the futur games will be crazy 😀

    1. btw, in my own opinion. (i have voted) , i think its better to have choice on ethnicity and sex.. play as male or female allow more replayability to the games and can offer variant way to seduce the characters . but well.. just my opinion 😛

  4. Hey, I think you have been doing a lot of similar games for few years now and it has become a little bit predictable and stale, especially considering lot of girls are the same. Thats why academy was a bit of breath of fresh air since it has offered something a little bit different. Traditionally, your dating games follow the same locations (most of them at least) and configurations of girls. Sex scenes could have been more diverse as well.
    As far as diversity of protagonist character goes, i would stick to predefined character. That way you could create a lot more detailed story. So for example, looking at characters for game ideas you are thinking right now, i would change it a little bit and maybe have Mia (who looks really nice) as a protagonist with a more of a story driven gameplay, not focused on dating per say. A little bit similar to Tara games where you had a guy on a photo shots assignment. Quick example, maybe she is on a business trip in order to close down a important deal for the company she work for. So, game starts on a train with her boss, follows her to hotels, maybe other locations, with opportunities along the way to participate in sexual activities with multiple character. You know the drill, something along those lines.

  5. It should be give a extra game from Holly.She is awesome.But the idea with the Pool party is great.

  6. Please keep the gender options, at least. If there’s a choice to play as a female, I play it. Every time.

  7. Personally the gender and ethnicity choice is not one I use much. I’d be happy to play whatever sex/colour suited the story line best, and I’d much prefer having no choice but to have you spend the time producing more games with larger plots and more charactors.

    Finally congratulations on both Betsy and to dsp3000 on Academy 2, I found both games excellent.

  8. I know I voted for keep them, but I only care about the extra options for white female and male. You can drop the African american option.

    1. Like most of the time when I play, I choose the white female option to start off with. So it would be great if you kept that.

      By the way I really like Mia. I actually thought she wouldn’t be all that hot until I saw her. I hope she wins the vote.

  9. Chaotic:

    Their is no need to change gender(femin) but I would mind the dark colour as the male character.

    I want more endings and depth on the pool part 2 or somthing similiar…
    I would like more charcaters than ever more images and other stuff due to the removel of gender characters

  10. Wow the poll is going almost 50/50

    Hmm instead of black and white female and black and white male. You can just set ONE light brown or pale Female Male.It can reduce the No. of final renders and will satisfy all your fans and will also make your game more diverse

  11. dear sir/madam,

    I have some suggestions for you sir or madam, could I kindly suggest with much respect that you create a vdate game with more asian girls character, just pick up any models from japanese adult videos websites actress.

    Please also include some force sex rape scenes, just some minor ones would do sir/madam.

    By having this scenes, all your new vdate games would be selling like hot cakes.

    Thank you.

    David Ong.

    1. More asian characters is certainly a possibility, but will never be doing anything with rape, even mild rape.

      1. And this is why your games are fantastic because they avoid sicko violence. Keep up the respectful story lines with empowered females characters.

        My two cents: I’m more attracted to non-White women, so Mia excites me. A detailed , gradual story-based Pool Party would be really exciting.

        A scenario that I like is the protagonist being a foreigner in a new country and his/her struggles to adapt to a new lifestyle, but at the same time having an endearing charm due to his/her accent or “exotic”. Like an exchange uni student or someone on business.

        Just my thoughts. Love your work.

  12. Wow, Mia looks amazing! Looking forward to a game with her. A game with just Natalia would be great too, seeing as she’s one of our favorites and one of your best works. Maybe add some Tara in there too. A game in the future like Betsy would be great too. Dating games at school are great.

  13. Personally i would like more diversity of girls. African and Asian girls, fat girls, and things like that. Of course i love blonde/brunette/red hair white and skinny girls (Crystal is my favorite, btw) , but different girls could be nice.
    Thank you for attention and all the games Chaotic

  14. Mia might be one of the best character models you’ve made. Definitely gets my vote.

    As for the gender/ethnicity, I occasionally choose white female in your games even though I’m a white male. It’s a nice variation every so often.

  15. Vote no on the gender/ethnicity selection. C’mon people, if it means more games per year or longer games with more scenes why wouldn’t you want to get rid of it. Mortze, tlaero, and dsp don’t do it and look at how epic those games are. Appreciate Chaotic being all inclusive but it’s obviously not something that’s being utilized by majority of players, me included.

    Oh and Pool Party 2 looks great. That would be the one to make.

  16. I am inclined to vote for Mia, nice model, a nice dress that wouldn’t look out of place in a casino. Seems light on details other than to balance out ethnicities, but I am hopeful that her character is fleshed out, unique and is not left behind. Pool party 2 seems vague with no real info, but I understand the need to practice and gauge fan reaction of new characters with Genesis. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’d like Crystal 3 to grand and intimate, a large scale affair where we get to learn more about her and to have more fun and adventures with her than before. I’d rather see Crystal 3 be awesome than be early, Mia seems like a brilliant fresh addition to the pool of girls and pool party 2 seems like a nice experiment to do between Academy releases.

    I pretty much stick to male of either skin tone though I guess it might actually matter to some. Whilst gender and ethnicity selection might seem great to have, this isn’t Mass effect or Dragon Age, each image is rendered individually and I might prefer more/bigger games. In my opinion give the predate choices more impact or scrap them.

  17. No LIsette 2? aww man.. Still waiting for that. In this case I’ll stick to pool party 2.

  18. Stop making games with choosing to be a male or female, please!
    Just make a strong male protagonist character for your all games, where we can see our’s character from 3rd person perspective, give personality to that character, do something that will make us to sympathize with that character.
    For example, back 10 years ago there was a mobile erotic game called Dirty Jack, and Jack was the protagonist of that game series, it was always interesting to play as him and pick up a girl in every episode of that game.
    Make a 1 but interesting male character for your all games, and make a 3rd person sex scenes, or ability to change the camera view during the sex.

    1. I disagree, I like seeing lesbian scenes, having a female protagonist is something a lot of people like me enjoy.

  19. Hello Chaotic. I like de option “Pool Party 2 (or something similar)”, but more for the words into de brackets.
    What about a “thruth or dare” game with a group of friends?

  20. I also was for the third option. You hae many interesting but in my opinion underused charakters…so why create new ones? Expand on the one you’ve already have.
    I really like Jess and Lucy and havn’t seen them in a long time. =)

    1. Full walkthroughs and character guides are now available in the ‘Help’ section of the members site.

  21. hi Chaotic. The more space you give people to all the discussions, the less time and space will be left for your creation.
      thus forming both myself and think fans always find.
    One game will be better, the other less, but it will always be your job to which you can be proud of.

  22. Here’s my two cents:

    – I generally always pick a black male, but honestly, it’s not that much of a big deal what color my characters skin is seeing how it never directly impacts the direction of the game. So if it means more content to just have one skin tone, then I’m all for it! One thing to consider however, would be to make different protagonist , that way you can impliment other races every now and then that are story driven . I do like how the games all seem to center around us playing as the same guy (or that’s what I get from it), but other protagonist with a forced linear story can help you implement other races as the main character that we’re forced to use

    – as much as I like Crystal, and have been dying for another crystal game. I think story driven games are your best bet. As someone said, your date games have been out for a few years now, and follow a pattern. Go on date, get points, fuck. Lol. The academy is a breath of fresh air because of the story it has going. Same for your work with Betsy, it’s your best game (IMO) because it actually had a story to it (her overcoming her shyness).

    – so I’m going with option 3, and you could consider it as a “reboot” / new start to your games. Or the direction of your games anyhow. Making them more story driven than anything

    Hopefully my feedback helps! Tried to keep it short!

    1. Also to add to what I said about considering it a “reboot” cuz it’s an all new engine

      – from my understanding, again, this is what I’m getting from it, a lot of your characters seem to be connected in one way or another. Rachel , Maddison and etc all know eachother or what not. With this new engine/ rendering software and all new characters

      It could be that our protagonist , IF you do decide to keep it connected. Well our protagonist goes to a different state or something. Or even a new country. And that’s why there’s new girls. And if you ever wanna use the old girls again, Maddison, Rachel, etc, our main character comes back to his home town where it seems all of these chicks are at lol

      You should make a blog dedicated toward people pitching ideas lol, I have a ton of story based ideas that could work for your games! Incase you ever get writers block!

  23. Mayby you should put Mia as new character into The Academy: Part 3 or similiar like Betsy.

    1. The academy is DSP3000’s work, not chaotics. Besides Maddison appearing in DSP’s second game, I think they want to separate their stuff and have their own unique characters

      Plus, that’s the good part about having DSP on board with him, they both can create their own girls and deliver a game while the other one is working on one an vice versa

  24. Do your thing!

    You adapted and you got great!

    Hold on to this, alter your payment and profit!!!

  25. Dear Mr. Chaotic,

    With much respect, I understand that in the united states or in the other western countries, force sex or minor rape games are not favourite by most people, unlike in Japan whereby games such as rape, force sex, molestation, chikan are the most supported games in the country of the rising sun, Japan.

    I can accept that sir, I do respect every countries cultures and likes, anyway my favourite female character in your vdate games so far would be Maddison, Bridgette and Principal Valentine from The Academy game.

    I just hope that you could create a solo game for date with Bridgette and also another one with Principal Valentine as these 2 ladies are absolutely sexy, stunning, hot and with huge hooters or boobs. I really love them. Is it also possible to have another game of vdate whereby Maddison would be returning for another new game with her in the picture. Maybe this new game title would be the studio, the models, or the female celebrities. To have Maddison return back for some new games of Vdate would be fantastic, she is indeed absolutely beautiful with big breasts.

    So far at the moment, these are all of my comments and opinions, I hope so of my ideas would inpire you, but please have more asian girls characters first in your new up coming games, I cannot wait to see them soon.

    Thank you.

    David Ong.

  26. Dear Mr. Chaotic

    You could also include this Eleanor character in your next vdate game, date with eleanor from LOP game, Lesson Of Passion game, this female character is hot with perfect sexy body shape.

    So with all these ideas of mine, I hope your next games would be better than all the ones before, some of these ideas of mine would inspire you, including the ones I mention above.

    Thank you.

    David Ong.

  27. on the topic of choice of gender and such I really do like this, I will usually play through all the scenes with both genders, however while I did vote to keep it I also don’t mind the “forced into a role” type game like Betsy, maybe step back and do less of the gender option type games but still keep them maybe 50/50?

  28. I definitely think you should keep the options for gender and ethnicity! That is actually one of my favorite aspects of the Virtual Date games and what makes them so unique! The fact that you can dyke it out or flash a BBC creates an extra level of immersion and fantasy that caters to a wider array of people. The fact that 99.9999% of all other adult games only feature a white dick makes the Vdate series stand out in the crowd, so please, I cannot implore you enough to keep these options even if it means a somewhat longer development cycle! Thanks!

  29. Hey Chaotic could you please answer this question? What do people play as most after white male? Do they use the white female or the black male? Btw I really like your games.

    1. I think you should keep the white female, just her (if you really have to drop the African American roles.

  30. What should my next game be?
    Pool Party, test out some new characters or give yourself opportunities to set up new storylines.

    Should I keep adding the extra options for gender and ethnicity?
    No, practically everyone plays as white male, you can leave black girl as a lesbian option, that way you can save yourself time on rending stuff that vast majority of people would play as and actually see. Don’t cater to BBC cuckold fetishists.

  31. An issue that You might run into is that some people myself included don’t like to play games with a female character as the lead. I feel wierd trying to chase guys around playing as a female. I wouldnt pay for a subscription if that was my only choice. Sorry just my two cents

    1. if you are heterosexual and are comfortable with this style cher, so you’ll probably have to find other games that match your nature together

  32. Could we get Alex as Crystal’s little sister whenever you do get around to making Crystal 3? <3

  33. I have an idea for a game:

    Have a wedding where some (possibly new) female character is getting married to someone (male or female) and the player is invited, along with various other ladies from the series. You can explore storylines and interactions between characters, especially ones that have competed for the player’s affection and make choices on who to pursue. Maybe a bad ending is seducing the bride and a good ending is hooking up with the bridesmaids or the bride’s sister. Perhaps another MMF threesome with the groom or the best man?

    I like the idea of a large scale game with many different characters to choose from.

  34. My vote would to be remove all the bad endings. I would rather just play the academy the full week where you had a chance with all the girls and principal. I really don’t care one way or the other about what character I play as.
    I have purchased over a 100 games from a Japanese site that I didn’t know a word that was being said.I like games but I hate game overs or games that is so stressful it makes you want to throw your pc out the window. Games or suppose to be fun and enjoyable.
    I really like your games and really appreciate all the time and effort you put into them. I think the new Gineses models and rendering look great Thanks ! and keep up the great work.

  35. Sure, being allowed to choose is great, but I think everyone would rather get 2 games without gender/skin choices than a single game where you can choose

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