July 22nd Update

From dsp3000 on his upcoming game, The Academy : Part 2.

This should be the last update before the next episode of The Academy is released next Friday. I have a few bits to finish off still, and some more testing to run through, but overall I’m very happy with the way this game is looking. From the perspective of image quality, storyline development and variety of playthrough options, it’s definitely my best work so far.

I’ve included a few images which will give you some more clues as to where the action takes place in this episode. You will be able to have erotic encounters with five of the characters in this game plus a few other nice little extras with a couple of others.n The last image this week also hints at the appearance of another new character.

Next week will be all about the game release, but I might throw in a bit more nudity for the final blog update images too.


sample16 sample17 sample18 sample19 sample20 sample21 sample23 sample24 sample25 sample26

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  1. Screenshots definitely looking good. Can’t wait ’til its release next week. Backside of the new character is looking good. Am liking the hair you gave her.

  2. Looks great! I like the cleavage u give the girls. I hope there are more opportunities to look down shirts like u had with Bridgette in the first episode. Can’t wait. Thanks

    1. Yes. There are a few opportunities in this episode to look down tops and look up skirts.

        1. Part two of the Tara trilogy had about 2000 images in total so still counts as the most images I’ve made for one game.
          That was only my second game and took a long time to make due to a number of reasons including that I was still very much learning, I had a far less powerful computer than I’m now using and I didn’t work off a script or production notes.

          The Academy games feel much bigger and better because the storylines is more complex and engaging and there are more options to explore.

          Chaotic referred to it as my ‘five part opus’.
          On completion it will have over 8000 images and take several hours of gameplay to find everything in there.

          Thanks for all the positive feedback.
          I’m just preparing myself for an intensive stint working on the game so I’m happy and flattered by the appreciative comments.

          1. How many endings are we looking for in this one? Also, is it possible the game will be released before July 29th?

            Annie is fucking hot <3

      1. did that mean the full game will turn around 8K images ? (around 1300-1500 per episode)

        damn XD

  3. THANK YOU SINCERELY!!! I definitely appreciate all the updates and preview pics. You are talented… keep doing your thing! I can only hope for an early release!?? U ROCK

  4. Encounters with 5 girls, that’s awesome! You definitely know how to make your games well worth the wait with the quality and amount of content you manage to fit into them. The addition of a new character will make this game even better than I was expecting it to be. Thank you for creating such amazing games.

  5. Sweet. Can’t wait for next week!

    Is the new character totally new or would we have encountered her before in another game (yours or Chaotic’s)?

  6. My only real goal is to make it with Lola, hoping that’s sooner rather than later.

  7. I can’t wait ^^

    The picture 6 with Mrs Valentine shows the infirmary… ( maybe a new character in the future Sexy Nurse.)

    dsp3000 another great job maybe the best game with this various part.

    Let us not forget the code of the part 1 to be able to play the part 2 ^^

    1. That is the medical examination room that Principal Valentine is inviting you into.

      I have thought about a nurse character, but I’m not sure if that would be too much of a cliché… We shall see.

      And yes, you will need one of the six access codes you earn at the end of part one to get past the first couple of scenes in part two.

      1. i agree about the nurse or doctor. maybe its a little cliché, but its an academy and as for now, all the academy i know have their own doctor or nurse in it (just in case)

        an doctor/nurse can be an good addon on the story i think.

        hope you think alots about that and possibility , and also about the work that mean : /

        keep up , this game sound very promissing and it will be crazy when finished 😀

        1. thank you for your response dsp3000

          I also agree with aryn this game can offer us full of opportunities.

          I love this game because it is a spy game.(camera spy female bathroom …)

          When I played with the part 1 the academy at the end of the game I said to myself that a scene gloryhole could be possible ^^.

  8. LOVE this series!! Honestly, great work! I hope you can surprise everyone with an early release

  9. Looks great!! Any info about Jodie? Was my favorite from the 1st episode! Thanks dsp3000

  10. So what I’m getting is next week we get our highly anticipated game ?

  11. at the very end of the game could be a group photo of all participants and of course naked and I’m naked in the middle of all.

  12. so you can get in relation with 5 girls, hm following the clues i would say that: Annie, Holly, Lola, “the blonde” and mrs valentine

  13. Dsp3000 i hate you U put really good screenshots and now the suspense of they story behind is going to kill me.Friday better come quick.Good job dps3000 really like to see everything coming together!

  14. I really like your work and I would like to help you.
    I have been eager to learn.

    Academy and Tara are outstanding works.

  15. I am curious. I played the first installment and kept the code by emailing it to myself. Since I did unlock the sex scene with out getting caught and all the scenes with the camera, will that affect my gameplay?

    1. If you played the first episode and successfully got to the end without getting fired, then you should have got one of six codes at the game end. These codes start with a letter, followed by three numbers and end with a hashtag.

      Any one of these six codes will need to be inputted at the appropriate moment near to the start of the soon to be released episode two.

      The different codes unlock certain scenes. I won’t tell you which codes unlock which scenes because the whole point of these games is to discover all the outcomes for yourself.

        1. If today is Friday 29th July wherever and whenever you are in the world, then Part Two will be released some time today.

      1. Without the ability to hide spoilers on this blog, I’d prefer if codes were not shared openly if possible.

  16. I have 4 keys, but those remaining two can not come. no matter what I’m doing, overcomes everything, I still there jumping key that I already have.

  17. I can’t wait for part 2!! The code that I get is A769#. But that’s me flirting but not taking much of a risk. Every time I risk it I get caught.

  18. I know all the codes, but I don’t know if it’s alright with the author if I can tell them. Is it?

    1. imho its better for players to discover themself.. playing part 1 to get codes and see effect, or played parts2 directly without code.
      it will be pretty weird for a new player to go directly in part 2 with only the code from part 1 , as he will not understand what he just should have doing on part 1 (that probably affect part 2 for sure) so its a big lose in story.

      just my own opinion

  19. Just wanted to say this is pretty near the top of my favourite erotic games, and I think it has the potential to be one of the most well made games in terms of production and the organic feel of the gameplay. Even though it was just an introduction, episode one was already so good. I loved all the “teaser” scenes of what’s to come, and all the girls look fantastic.

    Great work so far! I hope the game is on track to get released on the 29th 🙂

    1. Thanks very much for your kind words.

      All the images are complete, all the files are complete, all the endings are complete and all the end codes have been worked out.

      Just doing the final testing still.
      The game is complex, so I need to ensure that it all works perfectly before it’s released.

  20. Hey does anybody have the code that had the Annie end card? I remember focusing on her and having the best ending with Maria but it’s been so long I forgot the code lol. I just remember Annie was on the end card! Much appreciated thanks!

      1. dsp3000
        July 29, 2016 at 2:14 am

        Without the ability to hide spoilers on this blog, I’d prefer if codes were not shared openly if possible.

        the BOSS have talked 😛

  21. more seriously.. if someone absolutly want codes… then just look in the game (part 1) folder and you will find the “end” screen with codes on them …

    but its a big waste of pleasure and story to get them like that imho. its way better to play part 1 again to try get another code and continu it to part2

    1. if you dont have part1 .. then dont cheat and enjoy part 2 only.. you will miss alots of story by using part1 code on part2 if you never have play part 1.

      like : why did this girl talk to me like that ? who is her ? what is this ? etc..

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