December 24th Update

Hi everyone.

First, if case you haven’t noticed it, Jennifer is now available as a free game. You can find her in the gamesย section.

Second, I’ve been doing the advent calendar for a few years now, but haven’t posted up the old images anywhere. So, as an extra Christmas present, here are all the previous images in one big zip file for those who are newer to the site, or those who didn’t save them in previous years :ย

Finally, Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you all next week.


28 thoughts to “December 24th Update”

  1. You know, I was actually looking for the old ones just yesterday but could not find more than one of them.
    And now when I thought I would check out this update because it might have some good art I see that you have posted a link to a file containing all of them.
    It’s a christmas miracle!

  2. I know what’s entitled in the development of these games, however I do have a suggestion. Is it possible with your work load to add a feature, which I coined as “Fuck of the month” Females already created each month to play with. Juan a quick couple scenes, maybe easy choices to woo her and a quick lay. Maybe have a pole which girl it will be for that month. Maybe some of the supportingredients cast in your games can be used, like that short hair girl in the demo of Zoe. She was hot. Just a thought if you can’t do it I understand. Also like to see more fantasty, past time lines in history, like a guy going back in time and fucking girls would be cool and sci fi games. Anyway Happy Holidays!

  3. Merry Christmas and enjoy yourselves after Tara P3, you surely deserved it.

    Though a little comment on your advent calendar, I really love it and I’m grateful you take your time to sweeten our time until Christmas, so please don’t get me wrong, but after going through the images I noticed you uploaded the same image for December 7th last year and this year.

    But anyways, have a fun New Years Eve and I’m looking forward to your next games.

    PS. I don’t know how your other fans think about it but what would you say about a MMF threesome in one of your next games ? Maybe have a double date and screw it up with your partner but not with the couple ? Just a thought. If you don’t like it, just forget what I said ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Whooa! Maddison and Lisette scissoring, that’s my dream to have that in a future game! love the gif so much. Closed advent calendar with a golden key.

    1. That said I think it would be cool to introduce their mother as well? I believe they’ve mentioned it on the lisette game

  5. Just wanted to chime in that I was very happily surprised with the final picture, and to cast another vote behind more Maddison and Lissette action in a future game ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Good work again !! please can you tell me wich motor you use for the game ( or simply witch software you use for thouse beautifull 3d picture ) thank you anyway!

    ps : happy new years every one and i wish a lot of game with Maddisson ( the best on my mind)

    1. I use Daz3D for the rendering, Dreamweaver for the web stuff, and Photoshop for post work and animations.
      Pixel pushing is thirsty work so I drink coffee to keep me awake and beer to help me sleep. In fact I’ve just been working out some fairly complicated logic coding for my next series of games.
      It seems to be working, so to celebrate I’ve just been sipping a nice cold beer.

      I think Chaotic mostly uses Poser for his renders.

      I’m not sure what his beverage of choice is.

  7. The game Photographer 2 I got all the endings, except Lisette. It seems no many how many times I retried the different responses at the photo shoot, I can’t get her lust all the way up. I get it almost there, 2-3 shy. When I ask her back to my room, we go to the bed, kiss her back, thigh and ass and then she wants to go back to the party. Anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong?, thanks

    The two threesome scenes were very hot, well done.

  8. Do you think you can just add all the pics to the main site and a complete section for it?

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