12 thoughts to “December 18th Update”

      1. I have two suggestions

        1. At of all of the effects you dont have squirting, you should have squirting
        2. You should also have a lesbian vision of the photographers

  1. You should make a game where you are a family & you can do anything with the family. It would be like a editthis adult family game but a virtual dating game. You would be a 18 year old kid. You are a senior in high school. At the beginning you choose either a boy or a girl. You choose what skin color you are.

  2. Ya that sounds like a great idea, it would also spice up the site a little more and add variety so that your material doesn’t get stale. It’d be good to have different scenarios and such

    1. I think it’s pretty obvious you three are all the same person as you each have an incest fetish. Please, shut up. Chaotic is not just going to randomly pick any of your weird ass ideas… because they suck.

      1. Maddison and Lisette getting together, or Maddison and Maria are all technically incest scenes. I don’t see people complaining about that.
        Something deep hidden where you are the one with your sister or cousin could(but you have to really work at it to unlock it, something super specific and not advertised) be interesting.

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