January 7th 2016

I’m finding it a little hard to decide what to do for my next game right now.

To be blunt, the plan was to do Crystal Part 3. Progress is going very well, but it’s one of those games where I can’t resist the temptation to keep adding things. It’s a temptation I could resist, but I feel like the third game in the Crystal trilogy need to be one worthy of it’s title. So, basically, I can keep working on her, but I may not be finished for a while yet. Release may be the end of April or later.

As a result, I think I want to take a break from her and do a smaller game first. But what to do? I’m making this blog post to get some opinions on the matter.

Some of the long term followers of the site might recall me posting an image of Rachel with her sister, Betsy a long time ago. One possibility might be to do a game with her. A possible problem with that though, is I particularly like her, and wonder if she would be wasted on a small game. I spent a lot of time refining her school uniform (school would be the setting). What do you think?


Of course, another possibility would be to make a mini game focusing on another character. There’s plenty of popular ones who haven’t had a game focusing on them yet.

Grace? Tammy? Daisy? I don’t think I have the conviction towards making a large game featuring any of them though.

I’ve added a poll with as many options as I could think of. Vote to have your say, and leave a comment if you want to say something more specific.


EDIT : Here’s an extra couple of images to help you decide.



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60 thoughts to “January 7th 2016”

  1. I’m not voting yet as I’d rather wait and think about it.

    One thing you could do is a small Betsy game like Kelly’s solo game, which could lead into a bigger game for her down the road with Crystal 3 between them.

    Or how about make a few mini games like you did when Rachel 3 was released. This time though develop one, then work on either a large Betsi or Crystal for a while. Then make another mini game before working more on the large game. This way you’ll be able to take a long time developing a big game while breaking up long streaks of focusing on one project with smaller ones, and us players will get some smaller games to tide us over until the big game.

    Just a few quick thoughts.

    1. Yeah, I think alternating between a large game and a small one is what I’m aiming for this year.

      1. What about Ellie or maybe you could add Ellie as a threesome option in the Crystal game, if that was a route you were taking. I really love Crystal, but I really want to know more about Ellie

  2. Annabelle is a very unused character. Natalia and/or Maria and/or Nikki could use dedicated games.

  3. I like the idea of another game like pool party with multiple women. Doesn’t have to be huge.

  4. Personally, I would like a game to feature Leilani as a main character. I think she’s a really interesting character who has been far too underused and it’s been a long time since we saw her. I was thinking something where you can explore the her Asian culture, perhaps have her make you some sushi or take you out to a restaurant. I was also thinking you could take her to a massage parlor and/or a health spa etc. I know you’ve stated earlier that you believe Leilani was a difficult model to render well, but I think this can be overcome with a remodelling or retouching the model to better accommodate your expertise. We have all missed Leilani and if she can’t get her own game, I hope we at least get to see her as a girl in an upcoming game!

    1. I second this suggestion. Leilani is by far my favourite girl from the games and I’d love to see an updated version of her.

  5. I’m happy that you are making another Crystal game and I think it is a good idea to do something smaller to give yourself a break from something of that size. It is also good to see Betsy but I do think you need to give her a full game instead which is why I picked the Grace mini game. I was going to pick Tammy but we haven’t seen Grace for awhile (except for cameos).

    I also like the idea of a new pool party and hopefully Erica will be in the new Crystal game, you can’t have one without the other. Whatever is decided, I am going to be happy with, keep it up Chaotic.

  6. I like the Pool Party idea and I’d like to see Ellie used a bit more though the Betsy and Rachel game sounds good too.

  7. I want to be the teacher of the classroom pictured at the bottom. The shy black girl in the back needs some confidence, the cheerleader could stand to be humbled, the ginger in row 2 would do anything to please me and the hottie in front on the right would be a challenge who needs to find out how much of a slut she really is. 🙂

  8. Ellie, Cassandra or Jess!
    Oh, and Leilani!

    I’d say we already saw a bunch of Rachel/Crystal/Maddison, no need to see them that soon!
    I’d prefer a lot someone that is usually a “background” character.

  9. Leilani seems to be on permanent vacation, so perhaps a “farewell” type of story (which could also be leveraged into a re-birth) could be used. The problem with “Leilani the stripper” is that she was very 1-dimensional and so there isn’t much latitude; making story options limited.

    Maybe the final plot device could be that Leilani’s estranged parents died and left her a small piece of the family fortune as inheritance – enough seed money to turn her life around if she wanted. So the story line unfolds like a series of single scene vignettes over the course of her lifetime from there: first the still young Leilani (20s) goes back to school to learn to run a computer/tech business. Leveraging aochung’s classroom idea sounds like a pretty good approach – player would be the teacher in a room of brief horny encounters. On the side, Leilani interns at a tech company (something just mentioned to the player) and still does a little stripping on the side for her own reasons (mini-scene with player).

    Next scene is an older Leilani (30s) as the boss of her own tech company, player is a horny new hire right out of school. After working on a series of small projects, finally gets to see the loose “work hard/play hard” culture the first night he must work late. Subsequent events make him realize that keeping his boss happy is his primary job.

    Next scene is an older Leilani (40s) selling the company to a large tech company, player is the venture capitalist/buyer rep on whom Leilani uses her life experiences as a guide for how to get “influence” to her the best buyout deal using her life experience as assets.

    Final scene is a MILFish Leilani retired on her small beachfront property in a tropical environment (sunny and warm all year round); pleased with how she was able to use her small inheritance to parlay from life as a stripper into this much better life for herself. Player is a local surfer who knows nothing about her, noticed her, and takes an interest; unaware that he’s only to become yet another in a long line of her “one day boy toys.”


    This story idea could be used with any of the girls really: police officer Rachel, the bookish waitress-bound Kelly, even the secretary in “The Photographer” (can’t remember her name ATM.) The story seems better suited for characters with “lower-class” professions like strippers, and much less effective for characters with more “middle-class” professions like police officers or office managers.

    BTW Kinda appalled by Mike’s concept of “Asian culture” – sushi and a massage parlor? really? no wonder asian chicks like white guys. XD

  10. Hey Bud,

    I am posting my opinion, the Betsy Game, based around school should be a Large Game, making it mini would be a drastic waste. I also think that Crystal Part 3 can take however long it wants, especially if you include Erica (my fav), Releasing some mini games may not be the best idea. However i have another suggestion, either refine an old game like Katie PLZ make this more elaborate and better, or refine “the Office”, with maybe some added bits of Grace. Or work on a full game with Lisette, Daisy, and Tammy, revolving around the band.

    Whatever happens it will be good, Good Luck and were all waiting.

  11. I really like the idea of another pool party game. You could get your Betsy fix by having her as a character in it, perhaps having her and Cassandra as the characters neighbors? It would perhaps be a good way to include characters that we haven’t seen much of too (Tammy, Grace and Daisy?)

  12. Couldn’t you with the game you decide to do, put Betsy in it as a supportive role, then end of the game could tie into the larger Betsy game? In other words Besty does a cameo and is introduced to the Vdate universe, maybe a small sex scene, like a blow job to tease the player. To get to know her more you would play her stand alone game.

    1. I meant do a small game as you described, but at the end of it Introduce Besty, like Rachel solo game, like you did for Kelly. Game of her playing with herself. At the end when she hit’s climax…”Hey sis your front door was unlocked and…Oh my what are you doing?!!” Besty walks in on Rachel. The Besty game could tie from there. I also think that Besty’s demeanor would be much like Kelly’s shy and demure and a tad innocent, so your seduction has to be spot on.

  13. I think, school theme can be very interesting. Especially if all the girls will be together in one game. The player’s task is to seduce one of them and found her approach.
    It would be nice if in this game the most realistic humiliating situations. (Photo casting, drawing model).
    For example, Crystal comes to the school nurse, and she makes procedures (rectal temperature, enema, urine and fecal analyzes, suppository, injection shots, vaginal & anal exam, pulse, sthetoscope).
    Also, the player is a teacher who punishes naughty girls. Excitement and shame you can cause a variety of positions (lying on a bench, sitting/standing on a chair, standing/standing on table) and objects of spank(caning, belt, two belts simultaneously, whipping, padding, birching).

    good luck!

  14. I always liked the trio of the Captain, Josie, and Aletta. I kind of wish there was something else with them in it, especially Josie

  15. Tammy is an underused character, too, I think. I voted for her getting a game.

    But, if a Betsy game would include Cassandra, I’m all for that.

  16. The solo scenes with Tammy and Daisy were two of my favorites from Photographer 2. I’d be perfectly fine with a small solo game for either of them.

    The new pic of Grace looks to me like a huge upgrade, but I’d still rather keep her as a supporting character in a larger game.

    Crystal is one of my absolute favorite characters. She deserves a full game with all the bells and whistles, including and especially a good long sex scene. Take as long as you need with her, but get it right.

    Of all the options presented, I’m voting that Betsy needs her own full game. She’s absolutely gorgeous, she clearly has a ton of personality, the school setting is positively bursting with possibilities, and that isn’t even getting started on what might happen if and when Rachel is added to the mix.

  17. Lisette 2 please!
    Or maybe include Maddison / Lisette into one of those games. I would love to see them like in the advent calendar.

  18. Betsy is pretty hot, and I like Daisy too, but the thing that would excite me most would be seeing Emma (from Zoe) come back, either for a full game of her own (yeah, unlikely, I know, but a man can dream…) or just as a minigame or even just sidequest within the next game. Something about that short hair and tight little body just looks so good.

    Actually, you do have a few background chicks who haven’t been fleshed out yet, like that dark skinned harem girl from the casino. Maybe you could flesh her out while offering more exploration of the casino setting. Or just cycle through some of your older creations while still adding new girls. I don’t know. Either way I love your work.

  19. Hello,
    I did not understand the picture of the class in which the game is based on … well anyway vote that the game will take place with the class

  20. How about a mini-game like the office except this time with Cassandra and somebody else, like Rachel at their workplace for a holiday party like the office, with more then one position at the end.

    Or something like a cougar game with Sophie and Cassandra

    Or a milf game with maddison and grace

  21. I really like the idea of a betsy game and love the idea of a school setting
    However, I feel the school setting would be used best for a game involving a sexy teacher rather than a student.
    You could be the student trying to score on the sexy teacher everybody loves.
    Just a suggestion. Love the work

  22. Question, would it be possible to create a strip poker game? Or would that require making a whole new engine?

    If its possible you could start creating one with a few lesser or more popular characters of yours and add more overtime in between bigger story productions.

  23. I absolutely love the idea of a school setting, but i would want it to be HUGE.

    Like a lot of classic school roles filled with girls from vdategames, an amazing girl academy. Some roles could be:

    Science teacher: Player
    English teacher: Maddison
    School leader: Grace/Sophie
    Nurse: Alex (Miss her)
    Student 1 (Leading Cheerleader): Rachel
    Student 2 (Bookworm): Kelly

    Something like that, i know that there is the whole photographer universe going on with some family bonds, but maybe you could put that aside.

    Probably an extreme amount of work, but tou could work on it partly when you have these moments of not knowing what to make 🙂 Maybe you and dsp could work on it togheter 🙂

    *Sorry for some possibles spellin and grammar errors.

    1. Ooo… I like that idea. Chaotic has sort of done that with Evana, Nelena and Latricia appearing in different roles in different games. Having his various girls make cameos in a school setting might be fun. Also, I think Emma could be great as a gym teacher in that (not usually a sexy role, I know, but I loved Judy Greet in the 2013 remake of Carrie) or maybe a sort of tomboyish student. Kelly would be perfect as the bookworm, and Daisy would be an awesome Goth or Emo chick. Guess Sophie could be a stoner? 😀

      1. Excatly, I think that Crystal could be the doctor and Alex as a nurse, would love a threesome with them.

        I think my personal favourite setup would be:

        Science teacher: Player
        English teacher: Maddison
        School leader: Grace
        History Teacher: Cassandra
        Gym Teacher: Emma
        Swim Teacher: Naria
        Nurse 1 (Leader): Crystal
        Nurse 2 (Intern): Alex
        Student 1 (Leading Cheerleader): Rachel
        Student 2 (Bookworm): Kelly
        Student 3 (Goth Girl): Daisy
        Student 4 (Perfect girl, beauty girl): Jennifer
        Swim Students: Zoe and Miranda
        Other Students: Lisette, Erica, Maria

        Cant find out where to put Leilani

  24. Make another space/future type or mabey even a parody of something like: StarWars, Halo etc… or mabey somthing related to the military

  25. I have to admit I’m being selfish when I say this, but I really want more Rachel. She’s my favourite character. I would love for her to show up in everything. Haha.

  26. I’ll rather have a larger Betsy game including a threesome with Grace, Rachel ,and Betsy or pretty much just giving all three a major role

  27. If you do a full Betsy game, please include lesbian sex with a teacher (or probably even a threesome with the teacher and someone else, such as Grace or Rachel)

  28. I’d like to see an Alex full game. She, like Crystal, is one of those next-door girl types and certainly deserves a game of her own, instead of only doing cameos in other games.

  29. I think Jess deserves either a small to medium size game because she has minor roles in the previous games she’s in.

  30. Ellie throwing a Suprise Birthday Party For Lucy always seemed Like a Good Idea to me.You could use the Pool Party style for that.I’m Found of Sarah and Would like to see more of her. A new Crystal game Sounds Good too.

  31. i clicked other my thinking being maybe it will be easier and faster to write a new character than to do a sequel with an existing one

  32. Well, a mini game with Daisy or Tammy would help us to kill the time till the release of another game…

    I do not really like school settings, as this makes the girls a bit too young. Change it to university and I feel a bit more comfortable.

    By the way: Looking at the girls, Ellie is the one which is most attractive to me. I would like to see here more often – maybe also in her own game?

  33. i want you to make stories on grace she is much more prettier please make more games of hers

  34. I voted “Betsy is too hot for a mini game. . .” I’d really like to see Betsy in something. But here’s what I propose you actually do:

    1. Create a mini game for Betsy/Grace/Tammy/Daisy/whoever just to give yourself a little break from Crystal.
    2. Once that’s done, go back and finish Crystal 3
    3. Then make a full game for Betsy.

  35. Nikki deserves a game to be honest, I believe her character could be much more fleshed out and theres lots of space for intimate depth

  36. I really liked where it went with the Sci-Fi missions, Latricia and Evana. So I think, with a small game try to do something a bit more different and Risque.

  37. And why not a evana part 2 game, or one with the same universe, it makes a long who didn’t use it

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