December 11th Update

Today I’m very pleased to announce that “Tara Part Three: The Assignment” is finished and ready for release.ย Overall I’m really happy with how it has turned out. It’s been lots of work, and exceeded my initial plans in terms of game size and complexity.

There are a total of 1291 images in the game plus a few other associated images taking the total over 1300. I should also mention that 286 of them are high quality animated gifs. Most of these are in the extensive sex scenes.ย There are seven main endings to find, and plenty of the usual options and variations within the scenes.

Of course, what you can discover and experience whilst playing the game depends entirely on the choices you make. It’ll be well worth spending a little time playing the game and figuring out what actions lead to what outcomes.

This game concludes the Tara Trilogy and will be found in the members section alongside parts one and two.

Don’t miss out!

Have fun playing and I look forward to your feedback.




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  1. i don’t see tara 3 showing between tara 1 and tara 2 i am member i guess its not on there yet

  2. Absolutely worth the wait. I’m amazed you actually took so many requests and included them in the game.
    The game caters to many tastes, and I personally love it!


  3. I’m not sure why people are always whining about free games. I for one will be happy to re-up my subscription to play Tara part 3 shorty. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks!

  4. I’m reporting a glitch. on the hide and seek with tara on the forest, I get stuck because I can’t do anything other than search behind the rock. had to restart the game.

  5. Thank you for your effort. And Chaotic, will consider releasing some walkthroughs for your games?

  6. I’ve played for a while now and I must say that it is another improvement. You have three games so far and the next one is always better in every aspect from graphics, story and characters. I liked Holly in this and the introduction of both Amy and Lola has made me excited for the next game.

    A couple of things that I didn’t like was some of the multiple choices, it seems like you have three options but the same outcome, for example when you ask them to strip, you have three options but it doesn’t matter which you pick. I could be wrong and they do affect it in someway but it seems like they are the same.

    I haven’t gotten the ending with all four of them yet because I don’t understand how to do it. I don’t know if you are meant to get the lust up for the girls but don’t have sex with them on the photo shoot or get the lust up and sleep with them but then Maddison gets annoyed. I know it isn’t a bug, I just need to figure it out. You can also get the lust up for the models and decide not to sleep with them except with Maria, I would of liked an option to turn down her offer in the car instead of accepting it no matter what.

    Overall though it was worth the wait and I’m happy that you finished it fast after you computer crashes. I’m looking forward to the next game with the college girls and whatever Chaotic is up to.

    Good job dsp3000! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wow, another great game DSP. Well worth the wait. I think it’s great how every game you makes a notable improvement on the last.

    I really do think this game is great, it’s well written and looks incredible and is really hot. The only thing which I think was lacking was an MMF scene involving Eric (probably with Maddison) I think this has been hinted at in part 2 and 3 and never really come to fruition.
    That said, I may have just missed it, I’ll go play again ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh and the absence of Natalia’s phone & Amateur photography was a little disappointing, definitely one of the hotter parts of part 2 which didn’t resurface.

    All in all I give this game a solid 10/12.
    Hoping for a Tara and Natalia adventures prequel trilogy.

    1. Thanks Droopy. With regards to an MMF scene, it is something that I’ve been considering. It wouldn’t be with Eric though. I introduced him as a bit of a douchbag loser who nobody likes. The idea of him and Maddison doing anything would be ridiculous.
      Some MMF action is however planned for part of my next series… So stay tuned for more.

      I retrospect, perhaps the inclusion of Natalia’s phone would’ve been a good idea. I may be tempted to create an expanded version which includes that and a few other additions. It won’t be for some time though.

      Nice Tumblr blog by the way. I give it a sturdy 11.5 out of 13 and three quarters. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Haha, thanks dsp3000.

        It was probably just me reading the situation wrong,
        My headcanon was that if you rejected Maddison in part 2 then she would hook up with Eric, and I thought that if you failed and saw Eric Zayana (I can’t remember if that’s her name or not :S) and Maddison together in Part 3 they were going to hook up for some fun.

        I’ve said before that I think it would be good to do a Tara: Definitive Edition with all three parts merged and your scores being cumulative, adding a handful of new scenes (such as extra phone scenes) to this would be good.

        Anyway. Keep up the good work. I hope Chaotic’s giving you a (short) break over christmas and I look forward to your next game.

      2. You are amazing dsp. I admit I wasn’t that impressed with Tara 1, but if you consider all 3 episodes as part of a whole, the buildup was amazing! (Yes, I played 1 to 3 straight and strongly urge everyone to do so. Story feels deeper. ^_^)

        Please keep doing what you do best and making us all happy. ^_^

        An expansion to 3 would be very much welcome! A triple-A title like deserves to have an expansion.It would be a sin not to. ๐Ÿ˜› What can be done to tempt you into doing so? ^_^

        If you do decide to pursue an expansion may I make a few suggestions? *spoiler alert*

        1. Maria-Maddison interaction during the 5some felt a little rushed/lacking. Perhaps more intense (ie. torrid kissing scenes) scenes?
        2. Anal with Natalia and Maria? The scenes in part 2 were amazing. Heck, that ass-to-mouth scene of Maria and Maddison gave me a mini heart attack! More of this please! ^_^
        3. Dialogue references to past encounters? I have been an avid fan of both you and chaotic for years now and having Maddison reference the Lisette game was just amazing! ^_^ Perhaps some references to the events of the night prior (ie. part 2)?
        4. As a segue with Lisette… Well, not a suggestion but more of a heartfelt plea to Chaotic, is there any chance, any chance at all, of Lisette and Maddison having more coverage?! ๐Ÿ˜› Guest starring Maria of course! ^_^ Maddison is by far my favorite character in any adult game I’ve played. There’s just something about her that never gets old. ^_^ Lol, so yeah a more intense Lisette-Maddison game with complete lesbian interaction would just be awesome! ^_^
        5. Rough sex with Maddison, similar to the scene with Natalia, as I don’t believe I’ve seen her do this yet throughout all her iterations in other games.

        Lol, I think I went from suggestions to requests there, sorry about that. Anyway, congratulations again for a job very excellently done, and thank you for making such an amazing game, dsp and chaotic! ^_^

        1. Wow! Thanks for the positive comments and all the suggestions.
          I am tempted to pull the three parts of the story together and add in a few additional scenes.
          Parts one and two were originally intended to be one game after all.

          I’m trying to figure out the best way to link the games up from a purely technical standpoint. I need to test a few ways of carrying over end points from one part to have an effect on the next.

          I do follow this blog and I do try to pay attention to any suggestions, so please keep them coming.

  8. Incredible game!

    Have found the individual sex “endings” with all the girls, including Maddison being the only one in the hot tub. I have also manages to get all four girls in the hot tub, which was great!

    However, I’m not sure if I’ve fond all the seven endings – does the “Maddison mad because you slept with 1, 2 or 3 of the girls” count as three different endings?

    1. No the ending where Maddison is pissed counts as one ending whether you have slept with one, two or three girls.

  9. Great work! this is an amazing improvement!
    I’m still working on the foursome, but I can’t get it no matter what. apparently you have to raise up you lust on the three girls without sleeping with them. ๐Ÿ˜› tried to do all combinations, any hints? hehe

  10. I got the female’s lust to full and had fun with Maria and Holly. But, Madison always gets mad and I can’t progress any further. Any tips to handle Madison?

  11. On the last scenes, there is an option to have Maddison watch you fuck Maria,and I can’t get that to happen. Anyways, great game.

  12. On the last part of the game, there is an option to make Maddison watch you fuck Maria;however, I don’t think that is implemented.Anyways,great game.

  13. Okay thanks for the feedback so far. It sounds like there aren’t any real glitches which is good.
    Here are a few tips for finding all those outcomes and endings…

    Where there are three dialogue choices, sometimes they all have the same outcome, sometimes they get a unique response and sometimes they add or subtract from lust levels.
    You can’t see which is which unless you cheat by looking at the coding.

    The combination of girl, location and time will determine to some extent what happens during each photoshoot. Your dialogue responses will be a factor in raising lust levels.
    There are normally one of four outcomes.
    1) Successful shoot. (This will keep Maddison happy)
    2) Successful shoot where you kiss the girl and get an invite for later. (Girl happy and Maddison happy)
    3) Successful shoot which leads to sex – these aren’t game endings. (Girl happy)
    4) Failed shoot due to an external factor – snakes, insects, other people etc. (Nobody happy)

    If you fail any shoot, you will fail the assignment.
    If you sleep with any or all of the girls during the day, you will annoy Maddison for wasting company time.
    To get the foursome, you need all three invites and enough Maddison lust.
    To get the Maddison ending, don’t sleep with the girls and keep Maddison happy.
    The maximum amount of girls you can sleep with in any one game is four.

    The only other way to get the foursome ending, even if you have slept with girls, got no invites and/or failed photoshoots, is to defeat the mugger. This over rides everything and gets you all into the hot tub.

    Of the seven endings, three are definite fails and two are definite wins. The other two are somewhere in between.
    If you see Eric, then you have definitely failed.

    Good luck

  14. Finally got the fivesome which was great, it was more difficult to get than the other games so I appreciate that and thanks for the tips, it helped a lot. It’s been a pretty good year with this site, I think all four games were great. Looking forward to the new games next year!

  15. Great game! possibly one of the best on the site for sure. I love the fact the sex scenes have so many different options not just one or two views and done. The pictures are great and I’m happy with the fact it has good replay value. Well done

  16. Can I get any hints on the mugger? I’m thinking its at the industrial site in the later time of day but don’t know if I’m on the right track or not

  17. Just a quick question regarding Holly.
    In her scene Holly has a very distinct personality, would this scene have played out the same regardless of which girl won the vote, or would there have been a different scene if a different girl won. Holly’s personality seemed to fit her look so well I’m inclined to think the latter.

    1. Good question.
      It would have been very different for Amy and for Lola.
      I had a rough plot sketched out for each of the girls, which will be adapted and used in future games.

  18. Anyone else have this problem?

    I started with Maria in the morning at the beach, did *not* get advanced upon by her in the car, and got invited to the Jacuzzi later… Then, I went to Natalia, but… I had the option for the beach again but no Urban Ruins…?

    1. I have the same question. Why is the urban ruins not an option for Natalia if you take Maria to the beach first?

    2. Okay I’ve had a look and discovered a small glitch on 3 files which link out to the wrong check file.
      I’ve sent replacement files to Chaotic so he’ll be able to update the online and downloadable versions.

      All three files are avoidable if you don’t click the following responses whilst in car after just choosing your second girl.
      Maria: “You are the hottest thing I’ve seen.”
      Natalia: “Yeah you have a very hot body.”
      Tara: “Your tits look incredible in that top.”

      Unfortunately each of these responses also raises the girls lust a little. Not critical though.

      It will be fixed though.

  19. Hey DPS, Great series man, just wanted to let you know on a minor bug, Taking Tara First to the Beach and Maria Second give maria the choice of Beach or Forest which beach should be impossible.

    1. Thanks. See my reply above.
      3 files with minor errors out of over 1500 isn’t too bad, all things considered.
      I’ll try harder next time though.

  20. Hey Chaotic, I hope you include Nikki or Grace in your next game since they are some of the hottest girls on the page.

  21. I can’t seem to get an anal scene with Natalia no matter what I do. It’s listed in the achievements so it must be possible but I’m just not figuring out how. Really a shame since her anal scene in 2 was really hot.

  22. Dsp3000 I know I’m extremely late with this comment and I’m not sure if you’ll read it or not. But the Tara trilogy was fantastic. My favourite was Natalia. I hope you do more games in the future. Hopefully one based around Natalia.

    Also, if Chaotic allows you free rein of his characters, you should add in Rachel. I feel like Rachel and Natalia would have a lot of fun together.

    Hope you feel the same way! Anything you do would be good. Hope you do more. Thanks for the games!

  23. I can get Natalia to kiss me but cant seem to get her lust all the way full without going into the building. Is this possible? Can you get any of the girls to join you in the hot tub other than Madison?

    Any hints appreciated.

    Great game.

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