December 6th Update


More from dsp3000 on Tara Part 3…

Many of you have probably been wondering what has happened to the imminent release of Tara Part Three. Some of you may have been disappointed that it wasn’t released last Friday as predicted.

Well I can tell you that there’s none more disappointed than me.

Let me explain…

Last week was meant to be the big final push to complete everything. After a productive weekend, and a successful Monday, my computer suddenly crashed. It was a proper blue screen of death moment followed by several unsuccessful reboots. Fortunately, experience means that I am very disciplined with backing up work so I was lucky to lose very little of the Tara game.

I did however lose a lot of valuable production time.

The following two days were spent rebuilding a computer with a burnt out processor, recovering files, reinstalling software and files, followed by some tentative testing to eliminate causes. I had another less serious crash a couple of days later so I’m now using a completely new set up.

Today (Sunday) has been the first time I’ve had a full day back on the project and things seem to be pretty stable.

In terms of progress, the game is so achingly close to being finished. I’m up to 1237 images with just a handful left to create. I could theoretically have the game completed by the end of tomorrow, but I don’t want to promise anything until it’s been delivered safely to Chaotic.

Here are a few images from the scene with Maria and Holly (which is so hot it killed a computer), plus an image with Amy and Lola who you do get to meet in the game.

The next time you here from me should be an announcement about the final release date.

Wish me luck!


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17 thoughts to “December 6th Update”

  1. Damn shame about the crashes but it’s good to know it hasn’t dampened your enthusiasm, looking forward to the release whenever that may be. Good luck!

  2. I’ve been there before, dsp. Good on you for backing things up. If electronic information is not in at least 2 places, it doesn’t actually exist! 🙂

  3. Holly just might be my favorite girl of yours. She looks fantastic!

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a threesome with her and Natalia in your future games 😀

  4. Glad you were able to recover so quickly from the crashes. The game looks great, can’t wait to play it and experience all the awesome content you’ve created!

  5. Whenever it comes out, looking forwards to playing it. Those images look great! Sympathies on the crash!

  6. Love all your work, but I”m a free player. I was wondering when your next free game was going to be released and what game it would be?

    1. Almost every post someone asks the same question instead of actually finding out by looking at the last updates. Jennifer will be the next free game and shall be released one or two weeks before Christmas.

  7. To dsp3000, I say good luck, I’m looking forward, as always. And to Chaotic, I have question (more of a request, actually): Can you put a section in this wordpress, where you post walkthroughs to your games, or at least Rachel Part 3? No matter what I do, I get the fuckbuddies ending…

  8. I’m guessing there will be an announcement tomorrow… or better yet, the game could be released by then!

  9. Sorry to hear about the computer troubles – I can certainly relate in terms of the amount of headache it causes.

    Looking forward to the imminent release! :o)

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