November 28th Update

More from dsp3000 on Tara Part 3…

‘Tara Part Three: The Assignment’ is now very nearly complete. Just one more week of intensive work should mean that the game will be ready for release by this time next week.

I still have the scene with Maria and her friend Holly to complete and a few other loose ends to tidy up, but that’s about it. The game has now exceeded 1100 images and I think there are probably just another hundred or so to create.

For this last update before the game is released, I thought I’d give you a few more previews from some of the scenes you’ll be able to discover.


tara3_blog15 tara3_blog16 tara3_blog17 tara3_blog18 tara3_blog21 tara3_blog19 tara3_blog20

30 thoughts to “November 28th Update”

  1. Hi dsp3000, the improvements you have made are incredible and that’s from the images!! I just have a quick couple of questions!:

    1) Will there be solo endings with all girls, similar to Tara part2? Call me crazy, but I am not a huge fan of group sex scenes 🙂

    2) Will Zayna be making a return? I am a huge fan of her scenes in Tara part 2 and would love to see her again!!

    Thanks for all of your hard work and can’t wait for your release!! And best of luck on your future work as well!

    1. Thanks. Positive feedback is always good to hear.
      To answer your queries…
      1) There are solo scenes with all the girls as well as group scenes too. They aren’t necessarily all endings though.
      2) Unfortunately Zayna only has a very small role in this game. I may feature her in future games if she is popular enough.

      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply dsp3000, sounds great!! Even if Zayna only has a very small role, the game itself looks incredible, I really can’t wait it’s release!! Thanks again for your hard work and looking forward to many more (including that possible Zayna game!!) in the future! Best wishes to you!

    1. You will be pleased to know that there is some tittyfucking. And you’ll be even more pleased to hear that it’s animated.

  2. dsp3000, i really think a game for natalia would be really fun. you could also make a game like tara&natalia, kind of like erica and crystal

    1. The solo scene with Natalia is like a game within the game. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.

  3. Loving the images DSP, I’m still hoping for a surprise appearence from Lisette for a scene with Maria and Maddison.

    Can’t wait to play this.

    Just wanted to ask a question i’ve asked previously:
    Will you be doing a ‘Tara Complete’ style game, where all the three parts are linked and the points all merge (so you start in the hotel with the points you accumulate with Tara on the road?) I think it would be worthwhile.

    1. As a follow up to my previous comment, a Tara/Natalia road trip game would be a really fun game too.

    2. I’d love to see all three linked as well – I tried my hand and making a fan conversion of the first two as one game for personal use, but it didn’t go so well.

  4. Will the Jennifer game be available to those on mobile devices because I try to play the free demo but it says plug in not supported?

  5. Amazing! Good Job.. Judging by the last picture. Will Maddison get some lesbian sex with Maria this time? =)

  6. Are you going to be doing the Christmas countdown thing you did last year with the pictures? I really liked that.

  7. The game looks amazing! Can’t wait to play it – Tara 2 was my favorite game by far. Is it still going to be released today?

    1. The game is delayed until probably Friday.

      Dsp3000 had a major computer crash and had to spend a few days fixing it instead of finishing the game. I think he might be having one more blog post before the release which may also explain the delay in more detail.

  8. When will Tara Part 3 be available? 🙁 I want to play it so bad, but it is still not released..

  9. Does anyone know a walkthrough for the group scene in the hot tub? I can’t get that scene.

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