January 2nd 2015 Update

While I will be finishing this post with an Update on Photographer Part 2, I’d like to talk about something else today.

Over the past year, I’ve been doing various experiments with the Unity3d engine. You see, companies like daz3d and renderosity have recently been emphasizing that you can use their models as part of your 3d games. This means that I can add my characters to a 3d environment and you can interact with them like a ‘normal’ game.

The initial tests have been very good to the point where I would be very confident making a ‘3d date game’. Also, just to be clear, when I say 3d, I don’t mean you need 3d glasses or anything like that. I’m just talking about a game where you can move freely around the environment like in the Grand Theft Auto games, rather then just displaying a series of images. I’ve put together a quick demonstration on youtube so you can see what I mean – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b161NqARfx0

So, to finally get to my point, is this something you all would be interested in seeing and playing? A VDG3D game where you can roam around the city, visit different locations and interact with various different women.

I know a part of why my games are popular is that you don’t really need a gaming computer to use them, so I’m worried that not everyone here would be able to play it. At the same time though, you wouldn’t need a very powerful PC to play it. It won’t be a massive sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto, so most of you would be able to play it. I have a very old Windows XP laptop, and it runs on that!

I’m interested in hearing as many thoughts as possible on this, so go ahead and post any comments you have.

Photographer Part 2

Here’s this weeks two preview images for Photographer Part 2.


The current number of images is 769 and still growing!


21 thoughts to “January 2nd 2015 Update”

  1. Yes this sounds great! Also, from checking out the video, it looks amazing!
    As a loyal fan, I think you should
    1) Take your absolute time on this game, whether it’s a year or longer to make, cuz it’ll be worth it.
    2) And maybe sell this separatly since it could possibly be a huge game.
    But the thought of it sounds great, as long as it just doesn’t consist of walking up, clicking the girl, and fucking them lol.
    like actual dates with them/quests would be pretty cool with rewards like blowjobs and stuff as bonuses. That would probably take long but I think it would be worth it if you put the time into it! I would definitely pay for it! (sorry for the long post!)

  2. I think it would be really awesome to see how one of your full scale games would turn out in 3d. So i say you should try it, if it doesn’t get the response you were hoping for or takes too long to develop, in which case you just say that it was an experiment to improve the quality of the fantastic work you already do, and decide if doing another is worth it.

  3. Interesting to make the games more immersive with that environment. But what about OS compatibility? Your games right now works for everyone, but would the 3d games for with say Mac and linux or just Windows?

    1. Unity3d has the option to export for Mac and linux operating systems, so I assume everyone would be able to play a version of it.

  4. While I certainly think it would be interesting, as I’m sure you’re aware, a 3d world would be a lot more effort to fill. With your current design, you control where we look and only need to fill that view, with a world we can freely explore you need a lot more assets. I think the best way to go, at least to start would be to have certain scenes that are more interactive and then if that proves successful expand from there. Not sure how to give better suggestions without seeing how you plan to implement interactions with the characters.

    1. Surprisingly, that might not be too much of a problem. Most of the area models I use are already complete sets. Even though I normally just show one angle at a time, if I was a player inside of one I could easily face another way not just be looking into an empty void.

  5. Absolutely interested. I agree with Aetrun that it might be better to start smaller than a fully-explorable world, and instead simply cut to different scenes, such as a nightclub, your apartment, a restaurant, etc. Have limits to where the player can explore, so you don’t need to design and fill huge amounts of space that will end up basically ignored as people rush past them to get to the next “interesting” part.

    A good example of a scene you’ve already done that would be great extended to a full 3D engine is the pool party game. That’s one where you get to explore your own home and interact with the environment to a degree – it’d be great to be able to play that one in a full 3D engine.

  6. Well, that would be cool. Would be a lot more difficult to make though. like I make games like vdate games too (check my website) and it is a lot easier to make static images.

    Also, what benefits would doing it have? Walking around a 3d environment may be cool, but if it basically amounts to a harder to program version of your html games in not sure it’s worth it

    Maybe you should try and describe what would be new? I’ve always wanted a game like harvest moon or runs factory but sexual… So if you could try imitating the social aspect that’d be cool. So basically, if you do this, it’d need to be something a lot bigger than your current games to justify it. You may actually need a budget and a team. Could be the best though if done right

  7. While I would love a full 3D game, I’m not sure that this genre really would work without a very long development time. Point and click games (which id what I would consider these games) benefit a lot from a fixed perspective. I think that if you do go through with the idea, and I hope you at least try it to see how it goes, you should start with a small game maybe restricted to your, or the date’s, apartment.

    Also, The Photographer 2 is looking good. Any possibility of a release window?

  8. While I would never think to stifle an artist such as yourself, the main thing to consider here is your fans. At your current pace, even with HD images, you release approximately what like 2 games a year? If you think this is something you can do in a reasonable time frame then by all means go for it. Otherwise, you have people paying for a known product with an established time frame.

    Personally I think a 3D game would be great, but you still have fans waiting for a Miranda and/or Betsy game.

    As a programmer myself, I know what it’s like to have to work on something you don’t feel passionately about. It’s a tedious and annoying process and if you don’t have a love for it then it’s going to take (at best) twice as long. If you still believe in this medium (and as a fan I hope you do) then continue with your plan and find time for your passion project on the side. If making the games as they currently are is no longer fun for you then start something new. Life’s too short to do something you no longer enjoy.

  9. Good choice for the song in the video man lol. But I’m curious what other things you would add into the world. Multiple women, I’m assuming? And maybe the possibility of bringing them into a different part of the world or area to bed them. For example go to the post office and be able to take the mail lady into the back room or something.. Idk, could be pretty awesome.

  10. I think I have mixed feelings about it. putting a 3D world would completely change the kind of gameplay I’m used to. I’m not saying it is a bad thing, but it would drastically increase development time, and I feel the game would have another atmosphere and perspective.

    Since you’re working on your own, I think you might keep on doing what the point-and-click games people are expecting, and explore this kind of game slowly (maybe as short games for beginning) as side-games.

    And last, but not least: the reason I love your games is that they are unique on their own. But I feel if your change your games too much, I (and maybe other people ) might lose interest in them. They could lose their uniqueness and become just generic 3D sex games I can find everywhere on the internet.

  11. Hey there. Never posted before, so let me first say- love your games, but they have too much trial and error. Also you would benefit a lot if you would write better characters.

    That said, you need to tell us what sort of game-play mechanics are you going to add into this 3d world and why would your games benefit from it? I mean, if you look at some other 3d games out there, you’ll see that there is not a lot of good about them. Lets look at some of them: “Bone town”, “porn craft” or whatever- that game is just plain stupid and has no reason to exist. “3d sex willa, 3d porn simulator thing” and 10+ games that are similar to that? It’s fun for a while to create your perfect character, dress her up and watch her have sex, but that gets old pretty quick with no real story or game-play. Those games look old, feel old an ARE old. The only good thing about those games, that it provides a fairly good environment for modders to play around and create content. “x story player”- good physics engine, and thats about it. That game has a looong way to go to get anywhere. Maybe some Japanese illusion games? They have potential, but they put too much emphasis on sex, rape and sex and rape with minimal story and game-play. And I don’t know about other people but this whole rape and trying to have sex with underage girls is a huge turn-off for me. So… there not a lot of good out there, is there? It would be awesome if someone like you would create a 3d game thats actually worth paying for. But then again, what sort of game-play mechanics are you going add that your particular games that would benefit from 3d environment? You’ve got a good medium going for you so why 3d? And as someone said before, it would take a lot more time and effort to make a game in 3d. If you are actually going to do it, consider hiring a few more people to help out.

  12. Hi Chaotic.
    I don’t want to disappoint at my first message, but are you absolutely sure that “companies like daz3d and renderosity have recently been emphasizing that you can use their models as part of your 3d games”?
    Because the last time I checked, that’s not the case! If you want to use their models in a 3d game, you should buy from them a (indie) game developer licence for any vendor you’d want to use (daz3d) or extended licence for any item (renderosity). And that’s quite expensive.
    Since programming a game is quite time-consuming, I think it’s worth checking these details better, before starting 🙂
    An alternative you may want to consider, is doing a true point-and-click adventure: in that case, i think you can use their models and stuff, since they are 2d.

    1. Yes, I am aware of both companies current policies!

      I have the daz3d indies developer licence, and many products from renderosity with the extended licence.

      1. Oh, ok, I misunderstood your sentence then, my bad. Apologies! I still think that for this kind of game a point-and-click approach would be more interesting tho (perhaps with a bit of rpg mechanics in the development of the relationships thrown in the mix)…

  13. Great idea!! But creating a whole world implies a world of problems! Do you know the game “7 sins”? I think that would be a good approach.

  14. What’s the market like for quality VD gaming? I think an open world gaming concept with the characters and stories you create would be amazing. My only concern would be the time to create. Hell I would even pay premium for it since the stuff out right now as another poster mentioned is just trash.

  15. This is exactly something that I would be interested in. I love the thought of free will and roaming around. Plus I think it would be a great way to test out new areas.

  16. I think a 3d game would be great. You already have the greatest virtual girls out there. I haven’t seen anything close yet. With the exception of Tara but he’s close but not quite there yet.

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