January 9th Update

I’m finally getting around to doing the photoshoots this week.

That might seem like I still have a lot to do, but photoshoots are actually super easy and quick to do. First up is Lisette.

As you can see, like the the first photographer game, there is a brief interview with the character, followed by the main photoshoot with them.

lisp3 lisp9

2 thoughts to “January 9th Update”

  1. Looking good as always.

    A small request. Next week please vary the girls shown. While Lisette is one of my favorites, she’s been in a lot of the recent updates. So please maybe show some of the girls we’ve not seen in a while, unless you’re keeping their stuff a secret that is.

  2. Could you add a scene where in the character says she wants to pee and the photographer has the option to watch her(and perhaps photograph her) peeing? It could be pulled off with a nice animation of the nude model squatting and peeing.

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