December 19th Update

Two preview images from the Rachel ending this week.

I’m particularly proud of the one with the mirror as I only learned recently how make a reflected image like that. I stared playing with reflections when making Miranda, but this will be the first time I release something with them.



There probably won’t be a blog update next week as it’s Christmas. Hopefully you’ll all hear from me the week after that.

6 thoughts to “December 19th Update”

  1. Hey Chaotic,
    As a suggestion for a future game, have another one styled like Sarah or Lucy where you control the female, and you can finish with several people, one being a threesome with two guys 🙂

  2. Hi Chaotic, I was just wondering if you ever had the idea of having a incest ending between siblings (girl boy, girl girl) or would you say that it was off limits?

    if you decide to do a Lisette 2 could you make her and Maddison do a Tribalism (scissoring) Scene, kind of wrong for a request I know, but it is a game and lets not forget Wincest

    next game looks amazing btw….

    1. I totally agree with that. I’ve wanted to see Lisette and Maddison doing everything, (kissing, scissoring, pussy eating, fingering, even analingus). I hope you consider it in the future Chaotic. Now that you did mother-daughter sex. I hope things warm up between sisters too. :).

      1. yeh, I was mainly going for the main characters relation, imagine an orgy with Maddison, Lisette, your character and your characters sibling/parent, now to me that sort of end would be pushing it but I think it would be great to see something like it in the near future

        1. yeah, that’s pretty good too. incest-related games. with seducting your own mother / siblings. It depends on how far Chaotic would like to go on his games. I think a lot of people would love it. (Including me).

          Still, the Lisette/Maddison combo has to happen :D.

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