June 28th update

Thank you to everyone who added something to the previous blog post. Taking everything into account, I seem to have made a decision.

There is clearly a desire for the Betsy game I was intending, so I think I’ll try to get things right. I’ve advanced April a little this week, though she’s still not something I’m happy with. No guarantee the characters will work, but I can at least try for a while longer.

In the meantime, I think I need to get another game done. No expectations on it being my last game or anything, let’s just get something finished and released.

So, introducing…Yessenia Vacarescu!

I have a game plan which I’m happy with. Something that combines a strong narrative with bit of a traditional date feel.

I need 2 weeks to get my ‘real life’ work organised so that I can take a break from it, but after that I intend to get through Yessenia.

Next week I’ll give a basic summary of the game content and main lady, including explaining her name.

6 thoughts to “June 28th update”

  1. The lasr name sound kinda Romanian to me, but I might be wrong.

    Anyway, I’m saying yes to Yess, so you can take your time with Besty ^^

  2. she is from romania and likes to turn us into a vampire too or she is from greece and an anchient goddess.

    1. I would have never though of that in a month of Sundays, you have a great imagination my guy

      1. Honestly I am not really a creative guy, I just did some research where the name has it´s origin.

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