June 13th Update


So…I think I’m getting ready to call it. I’m not sure the planned Betsy game is going to work.

The problem is all down to the models.

First, Betsy herself.

She looks…OK. There’s definitely a bunch of stuff about her that looks off though. Her cheeks look like she has Rosacea or some other skin problem. There’s something weird about her mouth that I could never resolve either.

The even bigger problem though is April. I really, really cannot get her looking right with the G3 base figure. This is about the best I can do.

She actually looks OK as a character, but she barely looks anything like April should.

So, what do you all think? Do you really want me to continue, or should I work on another game?

Betsy or something else?

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Pitch me!

Right now I’m thinking I need to admit defeat and move onto something else. It’s been months now just trying to get these characters to work and I just need to create something substantial instead.

So, I’m open to suggestions. What does anyone want to see?

Is there an established character you’d like to see more of? No Maddison or Leanna, I’ve think I’ve done enough with them, but most of the other characters are an option.

I have a bunch of notes of potential scenarios. Do any of these appeal to anyone?

  • I’ve been a little inspired by the release of Date Ariane Remastered recently. Are players interested in one big date? Think Maddison’s main game, but with a different woman.
  • I floated the idea of making a game with Debbie a while ago.
  • Courtroom drama. Something involving the trial of Schultz from Molly and Marianna. You work with the hot female lawyer prosecuting him.
  • Sport. You play as the manager of and all female team of something. Help them to win the championship, whilst also getting naughty with them. But which sport though?

Anything else? Pitch something to me. Maybe it’ll happen.

39 thoughts to “June 13th Update”

  1. I really like the third idea with the courtroom, but only because you would need testimony from Molly and Marianna and I am sure some kinkiness would ensue (trying to convince Marianna to take the stand or something)

    The sport idea is cool too, but I think creating a whole team would be a lot of work, so perhaps just use some of your current characters to form the team and offer some replayability with various possible scenarios (or/and endings) like you did with the pool party.

    1. For the sports team, I was thinking something with a small team Maybe 5v5 or 3v3 soccer.

      Alternatively, maybe you’re coaching a few different women doing solo stuff.

      1. What about a Kristen game? She could headline the sport or date game, and her model is already current isn’t it?

  2. Sport idea is the best. Soccer or Volleyball? Or something new could be “Photographer 4”

      1. Actually, If I’m not wrong, I believe the Playboy Magazine did a photoshoot by the theme of American Football.
        Obviously it never reach the magazine, I think.

  3. What about the sci-fi game was a tv show and they are doing a sci-fi convention while you are a fan

    1. In principle, yes, but I’d still have to convert the characters from the old base model like I was trying to with Betsy.

      Maybe that idea with a whole group of new women though.

    2. that idea was proposed five or six years ago and Chaotic seemed very against the idea

      1. I think this was one of the possible scenarios for Crystal Part 3. She would be a fan of the show and want to meet them.

  4. I am also between the idea of Molly and Miranda’s trial. Mostly because of the lewds thing that could happen between the three of them: Molly, Miranda and the female Lawyer.
    If you’re making an idea of an all female team manager and help them to win the championship, are you going to make a hole group of new female characters? Or like the pool party, you are going to remodel some of the other characters you have and to lewd things with them with possibility of an orgy?
    And about the established character I’d like to see more of… I have three options (not including the ones of The Academy):
    It’s been a while since we saw ”our” favorite naughty character: Rachel.
    We only saw them on the trilogy of the photographer part 2 but, how about Tara and Natalia or Tara or Natalia.
    I also would like to see a little bit more of Grace, Sophie or Nikki.
    Sorry about the long letter, but these are my choices, hope this inspire you to create something new or re-create something and make it greater, I’m kind of a fan of your games.
    Hope to make a stroy for you someday. XD

    1. Sorry for this but… who was Debbie again?
      Could you remind me in which game was her?
      ‘Cause I can’t find her name in the Girl list.

        1. Yeah, I remember, she was very beautiful and remind me of Rachel. Hope you continue with her game soon.
          By the way, what about the idea I gave you of the sleepover?

  5. How about an story about a Sleepover? But this time something different.
    I understand that you started with the idea of a man having sex with woman (the normal stuff) and later you decide to introduce the idea of being a woman in lesbian sex.
    How about if, now we could only play as a woman, but not like in Erica & Crystal, but like a lesbian girl who, like in ”pool party”, want to reunite a whole group of another girls to have fun for the night, first games, later, lewd stuff.
    And also, a girl who is taking the chance that her fathers are travelling elsewhere for the day or a weekend?

    1. Yeah I was thinking for Debbie it could be like a new version of Pool Party and you get to do a lot more things with the ladies.

      The Female lawyer prosecution is interesting too I would say you are with the lawyer and through trying to get her lust high enough to have sex with her and have like a foursome idea with Molly and Mariana as an epilogue.

      For the Sports team idea I was thinking with Volleyball as a 3v3 team situation and you could use some old characters like grace and Ashley and a little bit of new ones but hey that’s just me whatever you like to go with it’s up to you Chaotic. Hope you are doing well also I know it must be a pain to get your upgraded version of Betsy and April going but I will say that the G3 version of Violet looks pretty good as for April I would say stick with her old model because I think she still looks great but hey that’s up to you I’m just here to give feedback. That’s all I gotta say sorry I made this long tried not to brag alot but nonetheless hope you are doing good and I hope I gave some good ideas.

  6. Personally, I’d like to see the Debbie’s sex party game that’s been long teased, though there should probably be poll to see whether people like her old model or new one better. Barring that, a game about managing a women’s soccer team “whilst also getting naughty with them” sounds like fun. Though what I liked most of all are the nude HD versions of preexisting game renders that would be posted on this blog from time to time. One could pop them into their respective games like a mod and it would be like playing them with nudists or something, at least for those scenes.

  7. I’m torn; I really like the Betsy model, but I think you’re right about the April model.

    A sand volleyball (2v2 sport) game seems like it’d be interesting. Maybe that’s too small?

    1. I checked, and apparently volleyball teams are 5 members each, though 2 only play at a time.

      1. Sand (otherwise known as beach) is 2v2, at least in typical competitive circles.

        Indoor is 6v6 pretty much as a standard globally.

  8. In spite of everything You said, I think April and Betsy look phenomenal! I don’t believe They look like different characters, but older versions, which is a nice touch for the story. You shouldn’t just throw away this game, to leave it like that with no conclusion to the story of Betsy would feel like a gut punch. I don’t mind a game with debbie in the meantime, but please, don’t call it on this game!

    1. Well, in my head cannon we already have a positive ending for Betsy. At the end of April and Violet Her ex boyfriend/girlfriend decides to call them,

      As far as I’m concerned, they got back together and lived happily ever after.

  9. Sometimes these things don’t work out and I understand. I do think you need to try something that is not as time crunching. It would make things go faster and your not stuck in a rut. This game your trying to mod is my favorite.

  10. I’ve always thought Sophie deserved her own game, It could be an option please???

  11. Maybe the last idea but with Debbie as you proposed. She’s a player on the sports team and you get to do some ‘stuff’ in the changing room after she wins the championship. Defo wanna see a Debbie game

  12. One big date with Nikki! It feels too long since the last ‘big date’ Chaotic game, but maybe it hasn’t actually being that long. Covid has messed up my time perception

  13. I’m torn between another Molly and Marianna game and wanting you to finish Betsy’s story.

  14. Not sure on the plot, but I’d love to see either an Erica 2 game or maybe something with Grace? Haven’t seen her in games for years

  15. Sport options:
    Volleyball (as previously mentioned)

    All could be any number of “players”. Could be a Bowling or Golf pro giving lessons maybe, rather than being a team thing? Could even go on more a premise like the photographer games where you have to “go find people” to have for the lessons, while assembling a tournament or something?

    1. Also. April looks like she matured, nothing wrong with the new one, actually like her better than the old one.
      Betsy’s lips (or maybe it is the mouth) is slightly too large, I think. And she appears to like putting on extra blush, but not a deal breaker on her either.

      Just my two cents.

      Would also love to see Cassandra make another game, she’s always been one of my favorites with not-enough-screen-time.

      1. I think Chaotic has said that Cassandra would definitely not get another game because he’s not big on MILFs.

        1. I’m not entirely against Cassandra in another game, but, yeah, I’m not a MILF guy. 🙂

          1. Which if that’s your only fault, Chaotic, that’s a pretty big one. 😛 lol

  16. I think you should work on an Ellie solo game, ever since I’ve seen her tab on the site you’ve said you’ve wanted to make a solo game for her and if you’re really gonna be quitting soon then you should at least give her some more content.

  17. I was a long time advocate of a final Betsy game, and I still am. So I’m hoping on a miracle here.

    As for the other ideas? Let’s break it down, shall we:
    – A “back to the roots” game sounds good on paper, but that’s it. You’ve evolved in story-telling, so going back to a generic setting is a bit of a let down tbh.
    – Debbie, while she sounds fun, a game with her will sound just like a game with a redhead Rachel.
    – The lawyer thing is a very good idea. You go from a well established story, and you continue from there, but the MC must b a new one. like a freshly graduate lawyer that joins the DA office and assists the prosecutor.
    – The sport one might give you a possibility: different routes. You can romance the girls on your team, maybe the rivals, other teams coaches, and so on.

  18. I think you should work from the idea of an older Betsy. And the other girls matured too.

    Just an outline of what I would love to see: 10 years have passed. Betsy, April, Violet and the MC (Betsy’s first boyfriend) meet for an anniversary of their High School-graduation.

    Betsy has finished college with an Master of Arts in English Literature. She played theatre, but did not become a star actress. Or not yet. She’s thorn between trying to push her career as an actress, or settle down and become a teacher. All the time of study have changed her back to her old nerdy self. She’s been single for long.

    April and Violet have married. They live together in a small house. April works at their old High School as a sports instructor. Violet does temp jobs, not really getting settled with one. April is upset because of this. They are planning to start a family. But both have diffrent ideas about that. April wants to adopt a child, while Violet argues they should find someone nice who would get them pregnant (=> the MC can have sex with Violet, or even a threesome with April and Violet if he plays his cards right. But this ends his relationship with Betsy.).

    April pushes Betsy towards becoming a teacher at her old High School and organized an internship for her, while Violet and the MC push her towards the career as an actress.

    The MC is Betsy’s old boyfriend form the first game. He became the boss of a local advertising agency. As he reunites with Betsy at the anniversary, he starts to push her towards a career as an actress. He puts up Social Media-accounts for her, forming a public image. He also negotiates to get her roles and modeling-jobs. Depending on how good he does the job, Betsy will become a popular actress and VIP-girl (good ending) or finally turn into a goody-two-shoes teacher at High School (bad ending).

  19. Katie has always been my favorite, followed pretty closely by Sarah and Kelly. I’d love to see something more with them. I’ve been playing some of NLT’s stuff and while I quite like it for the most part, I’m so over the MILF with oversized breasts trope.

    I do like the idea above with the sport team where you have to recruit, sort of like photographer. Maybe something like a recruiter/scout going to colleges to recruit upcoming graduates. Doesn’t even need to be sport per se, could be job recruiting or something too.

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