April 29th Update

Time for a small update…

I was hoping to have both a sooner and larger post this month. However, there was one one thing holding me back : Violet.

Betsy wasn’t too hard to get transferred to G3, but for some reason Violet has been more difficult. A lot of the work has been to reconstruct her manually rather than just transferring morphs.

But, I think I’m beginning to come to a point where I’m happy.

Old Violet on the left, new one on the right. Not finished, but I’m almost there.

Hopefully it won’t be too much linger until my next post, and it’ll be more substantial.

5 thoughts to “April 29th Update”

  1. You aged Betsy a bit (which I loved), but Violet seems like she’s eternally 18. Not that I mind.

    1. You know when sometimes it looks like Violet acts like she’s out of this world? Maybe she’s an alian that won’t age XD

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