December 15th Update

Today, I am happy to confirm that Epilogues will be released this Friday, December 17th.

To recap, this is the first of potentially a few volumes I can make, showcasing a short story set sometime after a main game. In this case, we get to see what happens when Leanna and Maddison go on vacation after their respective games.

Both stories are fairly short and linear. Each features sex with multiple positions and animations.

All the images are rendered. I just need to finish the html work.

See you all on Friday!

7 thoughts to “December 15th Update”

  1. Oh boy!

    Tomorrow is going to be a good day. I know it’s a cliché here, but Maddison is my favorite VDG girl.

  2. I wust wondering. Since you announced plans to retire, do you actually still have fun creating those?

  3. How can people download this game when literally there is a SSL Certificate error on your end or mine?! I don’t know what SSL certificate it is! I tried both Internet Explorer and Chrome.

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