December 17th Update

Epilogues has been released, and is now available for all members.

This is a pack of 2 short stories showing what happened with both Leanna and Maddison after their respective games. Each story is about 50 images + animations.

As always, if you don’t see anything , remember to refresh the page.

5 thoughts to “December 17th Update”

  1. Bet the guy working security on the cruise ship had fun watching Maddison wander around naked. Wonder if he struggled between doing something about it and just watching…. LOL

    1. Please stop posting this comment over and over again. I deleted the last one because I’m sick of seeing it.

      Nearly every one of your comments when you post here are saying the same thing. WE GET IT! If I feel like adding a FPC option, I will, but every time you comment like this makes me LESS likely to every do it again.

  2. Having played the game, I can say that Leanna and Maddison look excellent, and having genesis maddison finally in a game feels earned. Leana’s epilogue seems like one of their typical adventures, the sex segment is not too long but also not too short, it’s the right amount and the different views of the scenes are great. Maddison on the other hand, feels really short. There’s only one variation of view during the sex part, while Leanna has more. It kinda feels rushed, which would obe okay if there was another scene in a large game, but here it just feels off. Maybe it is the lack of the “switch view” option during the blowjob or the first sex position. Anyways, happy to have these girls at least one more time in a game. Thanks for the hard work chaotic!

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