December 6th Update

Progress on ‘epilogues’ has advanced!

Everything for Leanna is nearly done. I just have animations to finish.

After Leanna is finished, I’ll only have the Maddison side of things remaining.

I already have the set, lighting and outfit set up. I just need to get through the main images of the game.

I order to actually get these 2 epilogue mini games done, I have cut down of the plot side of things a little. Everything removed is just the non sex based build up, so I can’t image too many people complaining.

Hopefully, ‘epilogues’ will be finished and released next week just in time for Christmas.

And finally for today, here’s the title card images I will be using…

See you all next week!

23 thoughts to “December 6th Update”

  1. The academy series are not made by me, so no. Though even if they were, adding the female player option would be very time consuming.

  2. Will Kristen be appearing?
    (Or more specifically, will she be invole in another lesbian sex and threesome?)

      1. Christmas gallery request/idea:
        12 images (ie 12 days of Christmas)
        12 girls (one per image – mostly?)
        all girls not named Sukiko, Maddison, or Leanna (meaning the girls not in the upcoming game)

        Just thinking outloud. 🙂

  3. Since everyone is asking random questions, I feel left out. So here we go: Do you have an OnlyFans?

    1. Lol. I thought about it (for my ladies, of course, not myself), but I’m not a fan of the commitment to frequent updates.

      Here I can go a full month with only one blog post, but on OF you’re expected to do stuff at least a few times a week. I don’t know if I have time for that.

  4. Just wondering if DSP3000 or Mr Stomper comes back will they still be able to upload to this site

  5. I hope that you can play as female in both of them, because those are my favorite games. I just like lesbian.

  6. Would you ever consider making the models of your most popular characters publicly available? If you truly plan on “retiring” then it might be cool if other creators could use characters like Maddison (with permission, of course) in their works. Might be a nice way to continue the VDG legacy.

    1. Sadly, I might be willing to do this, but the assets I use for my characters are mainly based on protected licenses.

      I am not legally permitted to redistribute them.

      1. Not sure how this stuff all works, but… if they had the same license wouldn’t it be possible to do that?

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