November 8th Update

Just another ‘proof of life’ post today.

This month’s mini gallery shows us Sukiko visiting a private Onsen.

Hopefully I’ll have something more substantial next time I post. For now, enjoy the pics!

23 thoughts to “November 8th Update”

  1. Easily one of my top 5 favorite characters you’ve ever made. Glad she’s getting some love here at the end.

  2. You know, after you retire from making games, you should consider doing some short comics/visual novels. Your renders and story telling are better than most of the stuff for sale at Renderotica. And I would think telling a linear story would be far less time consuming than planning out a full game. Just a suggestion.

    1. I would totally be up for doing some linear comics/stories, but I always got the impression that people only wanted games from me.

      Or am I wrong? Is there an interest in this?

      1. Please do! I would love to see a mix of old/new characters in different stories, maybe something canonical and also spin-off.

      2. Definately do some. Might really allow your creativity to run wild and that would be a good thing!

  3. Ever thought if selling some games on steam I dint trust epoch which us why I’ve never bought membership which sucks since alot if the best games are member only

    1. That’s a good idea steam does allow for NSFW games on there platform I think there are already some NSFW games that used to be patreon only on there.

    2. Thought about this before, but the problem is my game engine is incompatible. I would have to convert an entire game to Ren’py first.

      Not an impossible task, but quite a bit of work on my part.

        1. Never.

          That was reworked into the ‘epilogues series’ which was announced in September. The first volume of epilogues should be released before the end of the year.

    1. I last heard from dsp3000 in July after I gave him a poke to check he was OK. Haven’t heard anything since.

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