August 23rd Update

New game?

I’m still throwing around ideas in my head (and some on paper), for what a new game could be.

I certainly like the idea of using new Maddison, but I’m not fully set on it.

I’ve got 2 variations on a similar idea that I like that I think could work well.

Violet has a new competition on her podcast that both you and Maddison have entered.

  • Version 1 : You must submit to Violet 4 of the most daring public nudity phots you can take this evening. Although you only need a minimum of 4, there can be 12 to ‘collect’ in total for completionists. If your photos are better than the other contestants, you win.
  • Version 2 : I’m referring to this one as ’30 minutes nude’. Violet has given you a camcorder. By midnight, you must bring her 30 minutes of footage of Maddison naked in at least 5 public places.

Both setups have their pros and cons. I feel like version 1 is maybe a little too boring compared to version 2, but there’s some logistical issues with version 2, such as why not do 26 minutes somewhere public but safe, then do a 1 minute flash everywhere else. I could add additional rules to the competition to restrict it, but I also don’t want to overcomplicate it.

Whatever I decide, I seems that I’m set on doing at least 1 game before Christmas.

Random Polls

And here’s some random polls that could help me decide on a few options.

  1. Which is hotter ; sex in front of a consensual crowd where everyone can see you, or sex where you’re hidden and not supposed to be there, but people could see you at any moment?


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2. For the next game, would you prefer controlling/playing as the woman, or playing as the male who’s ‘dating’ her (like normal)?

Decide :

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3. Since there’s a possibility this could be my final game, I thought it might be interesting to do a dating game which is a homage to my older ones, including basically the same scenarios.  ie the bikini party from Crystal Part 1, the nude painting from Maddison, the strip clubs setups etc.

Is this appealing, or should it all be new setups and locations?

Decide :

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I may add more polls later, so check back and refresh the blog later if you can.

28 thoughts to “August 23rd Update”

  1. I do love both ideas. A possible 3rd option I would like to suggest is make it a 2 stage context. the first part is the 4 pics and is open to anyone. So in the back ground you might see other people taking pictures and or run in to someone who might be willing to do a nude pic with Maddison. The second part is the video and is a battel between the top 4 “or how many you feel like” people chosen by Violet. There could be a scene where Violet show some random pics of other girls who made the top. So whoever makes the most daring/hottest video wins. As a story beat to why Violet is running this contest. Other then why not. I could see it as her way to help get a legalize public nudity bill pasted. I know this suggest would mean a ton of more work, but maybe there is some here you like. Also it could in to parts as well.

    1. that is what i thought of (the both option part) but you made it more of i like (the other people taking part in the contest could be all the girls from Latricia and Evana to Sukiko with the final 4 being Crystal , Zoe , Naria and Maddison)

  2. I mean I guess I have some questions for you first @Chaotic. Is this game a replacement for/ instead of the Leanna epilogue game you had planned for late August/September or is this like the last game you have after that before you retire? Follow up: If this is your last game/last hurrah, why constrict it to being a particular girl’s (in the case above: Maddison) game? You should make it an open game like the photographer series or poolparty but you could keep the concepts you suggested above. I should say as well that I agree with @Red that a sort of two part game that combines both versions you suggested would work best. I also think that a top 3/ top 4 format works well: Rachel could represent the “older gen models”; Maddison would be the mid-gen; and Leanna would rep the new-gen; (the fourth would be yourself/the PC if they are included which would work for a male or female character). Having a Rachel, Maddison, Leanna finals would also honour the popularity poll that you held several months ago as they were 1-2-3.

  3. Hi chaotic! If this is intented to be your final game, a game with maddison seems fitting, and of course it should be this new model. Fot the scenarios, reusing some of the old ones would be a cool nod to the previous games, and if you feel like it, You could add some new scenarios (Not a lot, but 2 maybe?). It would also be great to have some female characters to appear in a segment of the game (It would be a shame to never see in a game the updated debbie You made, and Leanna could be there too since the epilogues game isn’t happening). You could have them, for example, located in a certain path of the game which leads to one particular ending (One with Debbie, one with maddison alone, and so).
    As for the ideas, final dating game is the one I like the most, but if there’s a way to do the public nudity pics o ir videos in one part of the date, I think there’s a chance more people will be happy. Anyways, really long text, but I didn’t want to leave anything out. Stay safe!

  4. If this could be the last game I think version 1 could be good with 4 most daring photos with other people in public, with each willing flasher/exhibitionist being a cameo appearance from previous feature girls from the site. A collector’s achievement bonus scene with everyone would be a nice way to bow out.

    A take on version 2 where Violet leaves Maddison and the player naked somewhere with only a camcorder to record their journey to the main event could be fun. Rather than just trying to capture 30 minutes of video, it could involve the player having to manage making an exciting reel for Violet whilst making their way to the event on time.

  5. Not gonna lie, this feels a bit underwhelming. An exhibitionist game with Maddison that might be in the old format? You’re checking all the “safe bet” marks. But hey, you said that you’ll retire, so if you feel that this is the best way to do it, go for it.

    1. Nothing. It just takes a lot more work to double-render all the scenes and update all the dialogue, so there needs to be something to justify the work.

  6. Not gonna lie, I somewhat miss the times when you would use Hotman Blood Money for your locations. It was kinda my favorite game at the time and it was actually what first hooked me onto your games.

  7. After reading the comments and thinking about the initial post too, what about:

    Violet is having a photography contest (in support of legalizing public nudity). The magazine company (Mia’s) run by you and Maddison is sponsoring the contest and of course, they brought you in to get the photos. You and Maddison are going to go out and get 12 daring photos of Maddison WITH 12 different people in public nudity situations. It could have a minimum of 4 or it could be a *must be 12* (because Violet wants to make a calendar?).
    And the reveal could be at a party where all 12 photos are unveiled.

    Then, depending how intrigued you are to go out with a bang, you could put more than 12 “other” people to photograph, making the game replayable to get other people, possibly including everyone you’ve ever done? I suppose it depends how much in depth you want to make it. Maybe outsource some of the ‘scenes’ designs to the fans and then build the images/web pages from their ideas? I guess it really depends how in-depth you want to get on the final game. Photographer 4: Final chapter ?? 🙂

  8. Last game? Say it ain’t so.
    Always wanted to see a ‘Maddison in the land of the MILFs’ game.
    Could have some fun with unexplored kinks (pregnancy…) and be a game centred around some older characters (notably Cassandra) as well as revisiting Lysette and Maria.

    Hope it isn’t your last game, but if it is good luck with whatever you do in the future.

  9. Playing as man dating the woman only means that you have to look at dicks(but maybe most visitors to the site likes that) .

  10. I would like if we could have also Rachel which, in my opinion, is the best character of this games. Good body and a pervy personality.

  11. Regarding the who to play as poll the most crucial thing is to be dating a woman. Playing as a woman makes that better.

  12. Don’t know why I wanted to see a threesome with Lola from The Academy and her mother like the other threesome we had between Rachel and her mother in the Photographer 2.

    1. Cassandra is one of my fave characters and it would be a travesty if she doesn’t come back.

  13. Anyone know what happened to dsp3000? Is he still making the Academy Part 5 or did he retire/quit?

  14. Dear Chaotic,

    It is so good to hear from you and also knowing that you would be launching your final and last New Virtual Date game. Well I wonder what the new game title would be this time?

    Is it possible to include these few female characters in the up coming new game such as : –
    1. Principle Valentine (The Academy)
    2. Bridgette (The Academy)
    3. Marianna
    4. Sukiko
    5. Leanna
    6. Erica
    7. Leilani
    8. Latricia
    9. Rachel
    15.Grace – A Day At The Office

    Where by also include a few options into the new game as the player could have sex at a place where by it is : –
    1. Hidden away, not supposed to be there and could be spotted
    2. In front of the crowd with everyone watching
    3. The choices made by the player would have its different ending once the game is finish
    4. The Player can either Play as man dating the woman (Has it’s own ending)
    5. Play as woman (Has it’s own ending)
    6. Every different ending from the choices the player make would be shown in html
    graphics and text.

    By changing this up coming new game into a different type of methods and system would definitely be very awesome, creative, innovative, and exciting where by it would pave way to a new type of Virtual Date Game.

    Making your final last game be the best creation by adopting to all of the new changes as mention and suggested above.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Wishing you all the best of luck in every choices and decision you make after your retirement from creating Virtual Date games.

    Thank you so much Chaotic for creating so many Virtual Date games in all of these years.

    Every single game made by you truly inspired me very much.

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