September 13th Update

Not a super in depth blog post today, but I did want to (I guess), ‘announce’ what I will be working on next.

Recently I toyed with the idea of doing a few small games together, starting with a Leanna follow-up. I’ve also floated the idea of doing something with the updated Maddison model.

I think I’ve finally settled on an idea that fills all the requirements, whilst also not being too much work at once for me.


Expanding on what I started with Leanna recently, I really like the idea of making an ‘Epilogues series’. That is, a series of smaller games chronicling an event sometime after the end of the main game.

Each epilogue will be it’s own game, focusing on the players ongoing relationship with one of my female characters. I also like the idea of spreading the releases out so I don’t have to deal with too much workload at once.

The plan is something like :

Volume 1

  • Leanna
  • Maddison

Volume 2

  • Rachel
  • Molly and Marianna

Volume 3

  • Betsy : Reconciliation
  • Crystal : The Wedding

So, six episodes in total, released in pairs over three volumes. Each episode will probably be about the size of ‘Leanna’s big streak’.

It seems like a solid idea. I get to finish what I started recently with Leanna, I get to use the new Maddison model, and the most popular ladies all get an appearance.

If this does end up as the last set of games I make, these epilogues seem like a good call.

24 thoughts to “September 13th Update”

  1. Damn bro, you really stopping after this? It’ll be a shame, you seemed to be on a good streak of games so far!

  2. Tying up loose ends sounds like a good plan.

    I don’t recall, how big was Leanna’s Big Streak relative to the mainline game?

      1. Thanks. So, about 10% the size. If we get three of those, 30% of a full game. Hopefully a bit more than that for a bow-out performance.

  3. In my last comment I had talked about how I actually kinda liked the Hitman backgrounds. Now I’m not trying to come off as demanding as they are your games but I just think it would be a great way to pay homage to where you started if you used them for a couple scenes, or maybe referenced them in some way. Absolutely love your games and everything you do!!

  4. I think it’s a great idea! With each episode focusing on one the ladies, the scenarios can change and the stories too. If there’s a way to put the updated debbie in some capacity on one of the epilogues it would be awesome, since she’s the only updated model you don’t have plans for. These volumes have potential, can’t wait to see them!

  5. Oh thank god, we’re getting a Betsy “good” end. Sure, I would’ve liked a bigger game, but hey, at the end of the day, I’m satisfied!

  6. Pictures of Leanna that you shared on your blog were perfect! Glad to know that you’re making an epilogue for her. A sequel game would be better though. 🙂

  7. I always wanted a Sophie Game, was one of my favorites Girls, now I know I’ll die waiting lol. So sad you’ll stop to do this. Seems dsp3000 stopped too. So this is really sad.
    At least, I Hope the site and games stay active.
    Best Wishes

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