July 30th Update

Just a quick update today to showcase my finished Genesis 3 Maddison.

Morphs and shapes have been fine tuned, textures upgraded and things like fingernails replaced.

No real progress to report on the Leanna side of things. To be honest I’ve kinda lost the momentum and right now I’m considering switching to just a Maddison game. I need to have a think about it.

19 thoughts to “July 30th Update”

  1. Haven’t heard from dsp for quite some time. Does he still plan to release Academy Part 5?

  2. Loving this maddison, and the setting looks cool too!ยด
    Maybe You should continue with Maddison and try to finish up her part of the “epilogues game” and by the time You are done see if You are interested in doing Leanna and Crystal as other parts of the game or not. Best not to push yourself to a breaking point.

  3. Would be a shame to loose the Leanna part but I’m sure it would still be a great game with Maddison

  4. I would be better with a Maddison game, as well. Leanna is hot, but admittedly never really got “into” her.

    Plus, if you’re on the road to retirement, why not go out with one of your classics?

      1. Well, if we’re talking Early Chaotic, I’d vote for Kelly, but I know that ain’t happening.

  5. Slightly disappointed because the first Leanna game is probably my favorite but that Maddison model looks great and I’d rather creatives work on something they want to work on than force themselves to do something any day.

  6. A Maddison game would be excellent! You’ve been teasing us with her updated model for years and I think it would be a shame to retire without using it in a full game.

  7. Gotta be honest, I would find this pretty disappointing. Not including bonus material, Maddison is already in 6 games and Leanna is only in 2. Maddison is my favourite character on the site but you should give some of the other gals more chance to shine. Have you considered uniting their storylines? In Leanna’s game she wants to pose for Mr. Hughes magazine but he says no and as of “The Photographer 3” he has died and the PC and Maddison have to save the magazine at Mia’s island resort. You could have Maddison recruiting for models on the island where Mia’s resort is/ where Leanna and the PC are vacationing!

  8. it is a petty that you decided to retire before giving Ellie her own game and that you did not use her more . i know that there is two girls with the name Ellie(different looks , different jobs) , one in Lucy’s game and one in Photographer .

  9. Would definitely love a Maddison game…the original scratches the itch but I would love to see the new model be in use.

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