July 16th Update

Today, it’s a small update on my upcoming work for the site.

A recap…

First, a quick recap of everything that’s happening as I know not everyone checks the blog super frequently.

I’m not working too much on the site right now, instead working on something else in my life. This is in preparation for what will ultimately be my retirement from these games, but we’re not there yet.

In order to have something of at least a little substance added to the site this year, I’ve decided to make a game which be a collection of ‘extra scenes’ from previous games, normally in the form of a new epilogue. The plan is for one with Leanna, one with Crystal, and one with Maddison.


Leanna is up first. Following the end of her game, the player and Leanna have an exotic island vacation together. Unknowingly, they have ended up on a beach where clothing is very much optional and everyone there doesn’t seem to mind if it gets even naughtier.

The original plan was to release the full set of 3 stories together in August, but we’ll have to see. Right now, I’m just doing what I can when I can.

25 thoughts to “July 16th Update”

    1. dsp has his owns plans (I did speak to him recently), but it’s not my place to say what they are.

  1. When you say you’re retiring… do you mean it’s over for these games? or you are just going to stop participating and let someone else be in charge?

    1. It pretty much means my games will end (though I’ll still keep the site running). All my trilogies have been wrapped up recently and all of the long term story arcs have been finished with this purpose.

      There won’t be someone else taking over and making new games with my characters.

      1. Except for Betsy. Counting her game, plus April & Violet, there’s still some space for one more. And since it might be the last, why not making like a movie finish: a wedding. An occasion to put all of your characters in for a cameo as guests.

        1. Maybe.

          Maybe your assumption is very close to one of my plans for what could be a final send off for my time on this site.

          Only time will tell. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Jesus. First my mom tells me her friend wants her to speak with the friend’s retirement advisor, then one of my best friends (who’s stationed in the military literally on the other side of the world from where I live) texts me to ask me what my retirement plans are because he’s wondering about his, and now I read you’re contemplating your retirement from making these games. What’s up with people today?


    But, seriously, it’s been a long time. I can’t imagine creating content on your own like this for so long.

  3. Interesting that people are surprised by the retirement thing.

    I did mention it at the start of the last year. Guess it was a good idea to do the recap bit. 🙂

  4. Wait Chaotic, what about the last game of the Academy? All the clues gamewise allude to a final game

    1. Yes, but I don’t make the academy games, dsp3000 does. And, as far as I know, he will still be continuing to make his own games.

      1. i understand your decision to retire since everyone(except me) are only interested in dsps games anyway

        1. In terms of players, my games are still more popular than dsp3000.

          It just might not seem that way since the blog keeps getting spammed with people asking about the academy all the time. I think it’s because dsp has been willing to go down certain fetish paths that I haven’t. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed when doing these types of games, it’s that when someone spots their fetish, that’s all they’ll care about.

          Hell, the last post here had me asking what everyone’s favorite sex scenes were, and it pretty much immediately became a list of everyone’s fetishes, either in existing sex scenes or pitches for new ones.

          I guess that’s a good statement my growing need to move on. There’s only so much content a vanilla man like me can produce in such a fetish dominated industry.

          1. The blog gets spammed with questions about DSP because there are very rarely updates on progress of his game and people have been waiting a long time just for information let alone the game. I understand this is side work for the 2 of you but people enjoy both of your games and a regular update as to the progress of the games or the need for time away is not out of the question. How hard is it to drop a comment once a month and say sorry I was sick, busy at work or got some good work done with a guess as to when the release may be.

            1. “because there are very rarely updates on progress of his game”

              well this site is Chaotic’s site and NOT dsp3000’s plus Chaotic is better at pictures

              1. Kenta, 1 I said nothing about who’s site it is or the quality of the games. I was simply giving my opinion about 1 of the reasons I believe people spam comments about DSP and The Academy series (his game) . Unless there is another site that DSP3000 releases his work on that I don’t know about I will continue to post and ask questions about DSP here.

  5. Ok so, this game would be released late summer, more or less. One question I have: Is the spring break stories game still in the cards or was it replaced by this one? I don’t remember the discussion. Anyways, stay safe!

  6. My favourite scenes?
    The one in which Betsy share her fiancé with Violet and April (I love the cuckquean theme) and the one in which Rachel is used like a bet in the Madison game: I think it’s a situation in which Rachel would really love to be.

  7. How about something like this? April and Violet decide they want a baby and Betsy allows her boyfriend to donate the sperm for it? And since they’ve all had fun together before, they allow him to make a “direct deposit”. Maybe even see a pregnant Violet, April or Betsy?

  8. Dear DPS

    Is possible to find another partner helping you continue vdate games? There is creators which offer games around that is similiar like vdategames but lacking funds and reputation.

  9. Dear Chaotic

    My previous post was a question for you not for DPS3000. Sorry for the mistake in names.

  10. What about my ideas for games like another Leanna game where the player plays as a journalist turned news anchor and Leanna sees that as competition for her position as main anchor. A Molly game where the player is a cop who’s partnered up with Molly and the two of you take on a drug and prostitution sting. A Lisette and Maddison game where the player weirdly ends up dating both of them, and the rest of the game has the player trying please either girl, or both if they’re good enough.

  11. Dear Chaotic,

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