May 7th Update

Just a small post today.

Public nudity!

Last year I posted some alternative images from Leanna where she seemed to have forgotten her clothes in key scenes. It seemed quite popular.

So, since Molly and Marianna was just released for free, why not do the same for that game? Enjoy!

Next game

Next week, or perhaps the week after, I’ll be discussing what I’m planning for my next game,

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  1. Hope to see a game with a lot of public nudity with Leanna with hairy pussy

    1. I’m pretty sure there is one. I can’t remember if it’s one I wrote or someone else did, but I definitely have one.

      This walkthrough should get you successfully to the end of the game.

      – Approach the Bar
      – Order a Bourbon
      – “Jean-Jaques Rousseau?”
      – “Absolutely. The company helps too.”
      – “I’d love to.”
      – “I normally go by…”
      – “Too many things that get me into trouble.”
      – “If I told you that, I’d have to kill you.”
      – “What’s your perfect date?”
      – “You like the erotic side of life, don’t you?”
      – Follow to her room
      – “You sure know a lot of random, useful trivia.”
      – Continue to end of scene
      – “And what was your name again?”
      – “Molly it is then. Is Marianna really dangerous?”
      – “Surely she isn’t that bad.”
      – “I still don’t really understand why she’s so dangerous.”
      – “I would love to get a coffee with you.”
      – “Not normally a coffee drinker, but I’ll make an exception for you.”
      – “You were right. She does sound dangerous.”
      – “What happened?”
      – “I’m sorry to hear that.”
      – “Maybe. She doesn’t seem to be a master of disguise though.
      – “Thanks. It does seem like very exciting work.”
      – “Interesting conversation?”
      – “We should still probably give her the benefit of the doubt. There must be a good side of her.”
      – “She thinks I’m a police officer?”
      – “If it matters, I’m willing. I’d love to help you with this, Molly.”
      – “I agree. It seems worth the risk though.”
      – “I understand completely.”
      – “I think both are a little extreme when you can just talk to the bug instead.”
      – “There may be an element of truth to what she’s saying.”
      – Go to the auction
      – “You two need to focus on the operation.”
      – “Yeah, looks like you were right.”
      – “I think you guys can buzz off now.”
      – “Wait? What?”
      – “Molly, is she talking sense?”
      – “What do you want to do?”
      – “Focus Molly. You’re a cop. What should you do?”
      – “Marianna?”
      – “It’s OK. It’s still the right thing to do.”
      – “Sounds perfect.”
      – Go to the safehouse
      – “I love it.”
      – “I think she genuinely wants to help us.”
      – “Sounds like you’re thinking like her already.”
      – “It seems very ‘you’.”
      – “I think what Molly is trying to say is that, you seem in touch with your sexuality.”
      – “You really don’t have anyone else in your life?”
      – “Is this really necessary?”
      – “OK, that was kinda cool.”
      – Go to bed then get up and find Molly
      – “It’s not all bad. The view’s good.”
      – “Actually, I meant the site of you in that bikini, but the mountains are nice too.”
      – “I think she need something serious from you here, Marianna.”
      – “So, there we are. All in this together.”
      – “Do you have experience doing that, Molly?”
      – “I guess Molly and myself can do that then.”
      – “Will the two of you be OK working together?”
      – “She’s clearly just teasing you, Molly. Just play along.”
      – “And then kiss?”
      – “Don’t let him get to you. You’re better than that.”
      – “Sounds like a good plan.”
      – “Stakeout in a pole dancing studio. I love it.”
      – “Cool. What do you have for me, Santa?”
      – “Mine’s bigger.”
      – “Maybe he’s just giving some private training to new cadets.”
      – “Ever thought about modelling?”
      – “How about your love life? Anything of note happening?”
      – “Only relationship I seem to have right now is the one with you. And Marianna.”
      – “Listen to me, Molly. You will win. Schultz will loose. His type always does in the long run.”
      – Kiss her
      – “You don’t have to say anything. You just have to kiss me again.”
      – Pick any responses
      – “I can’t wait to see this.”
      – Enjoy sex with Molly
      – Go meet Marianna at the pool
      – “Total success. We got Schultz on camera.”
      – “I’d love to break into the police station with you.”
      – “I’m surprised you don’t have a wardrobe of black just in case.”
      – Finish at the pool
      – “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”
      – “You’re the pro. Whatever you suggest.”
      – “I’m dying to see what you do.”
      – Pick any responses
      – get back to safehouse
      – “A basic, emotion driven killer, maybe. Not you.”
      – “Why are you asking me this?”
      – “It would have to be a very bad consequence.”
      – “This sounds like a conversation that’s deliberately leading somewhere else.”
      – “I see your problem. Retiring would be ‘healthy’, but would it be ‘true’?”
      – “I feel like there’s a few government branches that would appreciate your skills.”
      – “It’s wonderful.”
      – “I can’t see it.”
      – “What happened to talking about your future?”
      – “It seemed important to you.”
      – “We’ve got no rush.”
      – “That’s good enough for me.”
      – Have sex with Marianna
      – go inside for drinks
      – “No more drunk than when you were pole dancing naked for me.”
      – “Marianna’s guns can make any noise she wants them to.”
      – “Sweet dreams.”
      – “I think she’s just going through some introspective stuff.”
      – “Goodnight, Molly.”
      – “I think I have an idea. We need to find Senator Smith.”
      – “We need a better view.”
      – “Molly is right. This might be who you were, but it isn’t who you have to be.”
      – Everything should be obvious an linear from here

    1. There’s no naked version of the games. These are just some images from the game, but naked.

  2. I have an idea for another game, and I might’ve posted this one too. You play as a cop who had just graduated academy, and they’re being partnered with Molly, another cop. Your routine with Molly has involved the two of you monitoring for speeders and drives around the block, until the both of you took on an assignment that involves an underground prostitution ring, prompting the two of you to go undercover. Along the way, you bond with Molly, and getting more intimate with her.

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