April 2nd Update

Free game

Molly and Marianna is now free to play for everyone. Click here to go straight to it!

This’ll be my first members only IRAY rendered game released for free. I hope all those who haven’t played it yet enjoy it.


Last week, we had a bunch of polls discussing what could be a potential game for the future.

I did say that I would give some final scores for the polls, but I’ve decided against it. Mainly because I don’t think I explained the second scenario very well, and the third one was a little too vague. I’ll consider the setups more thoroughly, and maybe do a new set of polls in a few weeks time.

20 thoughts to “April 2nd Update”

  1. Will the walkthrough for Molly and Marianna be made available for all players as well? Because as of now it is only accessible via the members section.

  2. The link in the note won’t work for me for some reason. And when I try to go click on Molly and Mariana, it takes me to the vdg offsite. plz help

  3. was just wondering … are we ever get to see Ellie from “Photographer” in a solo game ?

    1. If you get Ellie to your room, after giving it to her, she says “Well, this is going to make our days at work more interesting…”
      I would love to see the continuation of that storyline, especially since she was “checking out some of the girls” at the party.

        1. or maybe she is on a concert where Daisy and her band(including Lissette on guitar) performs .

  4. Just had the chance of playing Molly and Marianna’s story, and damn was it good. Game looks perfect, story was entertaining too, but I really expected it to be longer. Beach house could have more action and at least an epilogue would do better. Hoping we see a sequel at least doubled the length lol. Congrats on the IRAY, visuals were solid.

    1. I think he’s only about 50% done with it, he said so earlier this year. It’ll probably only be released by next year.

      Hope this helps.

  5. I didn’t know The Academy 5 was being worked on, I have a feeling that it’s going to be massive to tie all loose ends and multiple endings. The wait has been long, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

  6. ok i have to ask…what happened ? only one post in the beginning of April and then nothing . so what happened ?

    1. This always happens and i hate it i feel like no one really gets a say in what can be done to make this site better.

      1. Except that you don’t really want to make it better, you just want it to suit your taste. This was never a collaborative site, where Chaotic takes “orders” from us. He has a style, that you may like or not, but don’t expect him to bend to everyone’s wishes.

          1. One post a month has been standard for while now for more than a year now. I’m not sure why you’re expecting something different.

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