March 23rd update


First of all, thank you to everyone who voted for something in the last blog post. I think I have a better idea now for what I could be doing later in the year.

Although the idea of using ren’py is popular, I’m a little concerned that that it may cut too many people off from playing the game. Making a game that not as many people are into is one thing, but they they can still try it. Ren’py sounds like it would be problematic for people on iOS, and those with slower internet connections.

I’m still willing to use Ren’py, but currently, I’m preferring the idea of upgrading the current engine I use. I’m guessing that people like Ren’py because of the save feature? Or is it the sound? Those are both things which I could implement.

No poll for this one. Just let me know what you like about Ren’py in the comments below and I may do a poll regarding it in the future.


I’m working on a character I’d quite like to use.

This is actually a repurposed model from a while ago when I was considering re-rendering Leanna. I still like Leanna as she is, but she was my first Genesis3/IRAY character and some of the morphs are a little extreme. So, this was my attempt at creating a slightly more realistic version of her.


I guess, she could be Leanna’s cousin or something like that. I still have work to do on her until I’m fully happy.


Sukiko was fun to make, but it was kinda just a collection of leftover ideas from some of my previous games. Whatever my next game is, I feel it needs to be significantly different to the last few.

One thing that has got me thinking is the idea of a ‘corruption’ game as I mention last time. It might be fun to do at least once, even if it does get a bit ‘hard’ at times. I still don’t want to do anything too psycho. No slaves or rape or anything like that.

Keeping that in mind, what kind of setups would you be interested in seeing the above character in? Rate the ones below.

This isn’t a competition, the one with the highest vote won’t ‘win’, I just want to gauge some views. I’ll add the scores together like I did for the character playoffs last year (ie, one 5 rating equals 5 points etc, then add all point together).

Setup 1

The woman is running for mayor in a medium sized town. She’s run an honest campaign so far, but is loosing in the polls. However, she discovers that she may be able to gain votes in exchange for sexual favors.

You can stick to your honest campaign, or do whatever it takes to win. How far will she go?

How do you rate this idea out of 5?

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Setup 2

The same medium sized rural town again, but this time she is a rich business owner. 3 years ago, she came to town declaring that she would soon ‘own it’. Now she controls nearly every business there and is forcing the town into poverty in order to make herself richer. Everyone hates her.

One day, the citizens rebel and force her out of her own business. Her phone is taken away. Every business refuses to serve her. She needs to escape the town and make it back to the big city. What kind of things is she willing to do to escape? How far will she go for money, transport, a place to sleep, or even just a few dollars for a meal?

How do you rate this idea out of 5?

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Setup 3

Those of you who have followed this blog for enough years might remember that the quiz segment of Leanna was inspired by an episode of American Dad. Well, I’ve found some inspiration from another episode – The Missing Kink. In this episode, Stan discovers that he has a repressed kinky side and goes wild exploring every kink he can now find.

This could work as a game premise too. The woman has repressed her sexual nature since a disastrous sexual encounter when she was 18. Now in her mid-30s, a seemingly chance moment reawakens the naughty side of her and slowly begins to consume her every action.  

How do you rate this idea out of 5?

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And a mini face-off.

Out of the 3 setups, which do you like the most?

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That’s all for today (unless I think of another scenario). 

Next post will be Friday, April 2nd, when I will post the scores from these polls, and I will be releasing the next game for free, which will be me Molly and Marianna.

See you then!

23 thoughts to “March 23rd update”

  1. For Ren’py, I like the multiple saves, to explore more routes, without re-reading the whole thing. The skip the already read text is quite cool, and the possibility to rollback if you miss-clicked.

    As for the games, I have to say that I’m not hot for these setups. The first two remind me of Japanese hentai, where the female, in the final scene, i left bukkaked by 20 fat guys…
    And for the third, it might work, depending on how far you will go. I imagine the setup, where the girl is your recent girlfriend, and you explore sexually with her. I’m just dreading mmf and/or swapping…

    1. To be blunt, It’s pretty much guaranteed that if I do any of these setups, they’ll all include mmf somewhere.

  2. Ren’py’s save feature is the biggest draw for me. It’s reliable and easy to use. Also, Ren’py doesn’t have the browser compatibility issues that html games sometimes have. I really couldn’t care about adding sound.

    As for the corruption choices, one thing I noticed is that #2 isn’t really corruption. It’s degradation, which is a slightly different genre (though the two can overlap). I love corruption. I’m not a fan at all of degradation. Just an observation.

    1. Interesting. I felt that scenarios 1 and 2 were so similar that I almost didn’t post them as separate ideas.

      What’s so unappealing about #2, but OK about #1?

      1. It’s mainly a matter of agency. In scenario #1, she doesn’t have to do anything sexual. She can run an honest campaign if she wants. She can lose the election and still, most likely, continue to live a normal life. She has complete freedom to not turn into a slut. The fact that she chooses to go down that path demonstrates that she truly enjoys it and has been corrupted by her lust.

        In scenario #2, however, she has no such freedom. The things she does, she does out of survival. She’s being humiliated and degraded by the experience, but not necessarily corrupted by it. In real life, a woman who went through a situation like that could very easily be traumatized by it and never want have sex again. Obviously, you as the author wouldn’t go down that road and would emphasize that she in some way enjoyed the experience after the fact. But even forcing her into it feels like an assault on the character.

        1. Interesting.

          If you’re seeing it like that, I feel like I haven’t explained the premise of idea 2 very well. Maybe I should redo these polls with a better explanation to the setup.

  3. Ren’Py having saves and the ability to scroll back are the biggest points for me. I usually turn off sound, so that’s not a draw for me.

    I went with #1 as my top idea. Of the 3, that’s the most promise to me in terms of something different from what you normally do. #3 is almost kind of a Kelly-ish plot (not that I mind because Kelly is one of my favorite Chaotic characters).

  4. Using sex to gain power is an excellent idea! Even more if the protagonist is a woman !!

    1. Both Leanna and her cousin were raised by gay male partners.

      Meaning that there is absolutely no chance of all girl incest scenes with them and their mothers.

      1. in that case they are NOT cousins at all .

        but there is no need for any incest scenes despite real cousin relationship , they can go on a date with the player on different days(day 1 – Leanna , Day 2 – the cousin) . at the end of the game the player has to chose one of them for a second date .

        1. Two of the male gay partners (from the other relationship, obviously), are brothers.

          1. and they are the Spermdoners …got it (Spermdoners are the main argument of Manhaters(Feminists) that claimes men is not needed anymore . there are even researchlabs that try to created Artificial Sperm .

  5. As others have said, RenPy save functions and skip/scroll are really nice, but it also takes time to learn i assume which will obviously slow things down. Also no remote play can limit some people from playing.

    As for the ideas, personally, #3 sounds the most appealing. Not really a big fan of #2

  6. really would like to know what Chaotic thinks about this :

    Leanna’s cousin are not just the cousin of Leanna(thrue their mothers as sisters) but also to Rachel and Betsy(thrue her father and Cassandra as brother and sister) or to Maddison and Lisette(thrue their fathers as brothers)

  7. For your core audience you current engine/framework might be enough, and a update to them would be welcome, however for all potential new player it just look and feel outdated, Renpy became a expectation and industry standard, I have noticed the general notion that a game, in this genre, has to “justify” to it’s audience the reason for not using it.

  8. About Ren’py: I think its great advantage is the possibility to save the player’s progress, but you should create (and test) various versions of the same games, so I suggest to don’t change engine and add the save feature.
    About the corruption games, I think all the three setups have a good potential to become three series of games and you could also use the characters you already created, in order to make the games easier to develop. For example you could tell us the story of Sophie’s career across the years, showing to us all the compromises she had to accept when she was at the begin of her career and game after game how now she have learned to use her sexuality to achieve her goals; it is the concept of the prey turned into predator.
    In a similar way you could use Betsy, showing us the evolution of her political career, from the start to the decision to became Mayor of her city.
    I have also other ideas, but I don’t want bother you with a too long post.

  9. I like the current engine because it is easier to play on than Renpy games. On top of that, the current engine lets me change the last part of the url to find parts of the story I couldnt get to. Ex: .com/hotel1 and change to .com/hotel 3 to progress.

  10. I have an idea for a game. Here, you play as a musician (male or female) who came across a flyer for a band who are looking for a new lead guitarist. You immediately dialed the number and asked the person on the phone a time and place to meet. The next day, you arrived at the scheduled meeting place where you meet the person on the phone, who was Daisy. Soon, you meet the rest of Daisy’s band who are curious and skeptical of your talent. After a quick demonstration, they decided to let you join the band temporarily until the next gig.

    The next few days is you getting to know Daisy and her bandmates until your eventual performance, maybe even a threesome with Daisy and one of her bandmates, or another character like Lisette who’s a groupie here.

    1. a great idea that i also had(i think i mentioned it once) but in my idea it was this :

      Lisette who wanted to join the band and therefore need guitar lessons . first Tammy takes Lisette to meet the player while explaining that the player will teach her everything she needs . then Tammy , Lisette and the player go buys Lisette a guitar and then the game starts at the end Lisette has learned enough to be welcomed into the band .

      now i have come to realize that my idea works as part 2

  11. by the way …what is the name of the Drummer in Daisy’s band . she has never been given one i think . maybe it is time for it now

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