October 31st Update

Although Melyssa and Nikki are the main new characters in Photographer Part 2, there will be many returning ones as well.

Lisette, Daisy and Tammy will all be possible models for your photoshoots, and will also be present at the party later if your photography skills impress them. Although Tammy started out in one of my Sci-fi games, I’ve already had her established as the guitarist in Daisy’s band, and that’ll be how she knows everyone here.

Choose the right actions at the party, and it will be possible to end up in a foursome with all three of them.

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12 thoughts to “October 31st Update”

  1. Tammy and Daisy are my favorite girls in all the games, and Lisette is right up there as well. I’m thrilled to hear they’re all going to be in this game! Great news!

  2. Besides the redheaded girls I always liked Katie. I can see her in a “Indiana Jones” like role but it would be nice to have maybe a proper follow up date.

    Just curious do you plan on doing anymore sci-fi themed games or has that run its course for the moment?

  3. I wish I could see Lisette doing a threesome with Maddison (or perhaps more lesbian interaction) like in your “lisette” game. 🙂 That was my all-time fav game because of that.

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