March 9th Update

I’ve a little free time this week, so I’m beginning to plan what could be a larger game for me to make later in the year. I feel it’s also a good time to perhaps do that thing I do every 2 years or so, where I have a bunch of questions to see what everyone thinks about certain ideas.

I’ve spend some time recently investigating the general state of erotic games these days. There’s :

  • Plenty of stuff I’m not keen on. Am I the only one who releases full games instead of episodes these days? Why do so many people render in IRAY, but just stick with the default lighting?
  • Plenty of stuff I’m like WTF with. Are, like 90% of erotic games now either MILF or incest? Can you really get away with have a fuckable female character clearly look about 10 because you add the whole ‘all characters portrayed are 18+’ at the start? And why would you want to?
  • Some stuff I like! There’s actually some setups and scenarios which are quite clever. And, while there’s many game creators you just do the bare minimum or work possible, there’s also a small handful of artists who are genuinely, very talented! It’s great to see.

Some things seem popular and I can be into. So, keeping these games in mind, lets ask some questions and see what you all think. There’s a massive pile of stuff I’m simply not willing to have in my games, but there is a list of stuff I can get behind.

Game Engine/Ren’py/Something else

My games have always been catered towards online play. There was time when that meant the whole game has to be browser based.

But, nowadays the games using Ren’py can work on things like phones too. You could download a version of the game designed to work on Android or iOS, with sound, music and everything. I’ve had a little experience with the Ren’py engine, and I’m pretty confident that I could make a full game using it.

So, how does everyone feel? Would you like future games to be Ren’py, or should I just stick to the current system I have?

Try Ren'py or just stick to current game engine?

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Playing as the woman

Not to be confused as playing as a female, I mean how does everyone feel about playing as the actually ‘date’?

You control someone like Crystal, you can explore the city and get into plenty of naughty shenanigans. You can still name and maybe customize ‘you’ in the game, but you won’t be there for every scene.

The advantage of this is that it allows me plenty of scenarios and camera angles I don’t normally do. Part of the reasons photoshoot have become a little stale in my games is that there’s only so much you can do when you’re a photographer in a first person view speaking to the model. Controlling the model instead could open some new an interesting possibilities.

Game where you control the woman in third person?

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Corruption games

OK. Now, before half of you get super excited and the other half wince in fear, I’m not talking about the type of corruption game you might be thinking of.

There is a genre of erotic games focused of breaking down a womans will, eventually turning her into an obedient sex slave willing to do anything. Yeah, that is not what I’m talking about here.

I think it’s possible to ‘corrupt’ a female character without feeling like a sociopath in the process.

Betsy is a good example. She starts off as a nice wholesome young lady, and by the end of the game is willing to do way more naughty things with you. Dreaming with Elsa is debatably one too, if you take the naughty path with her. I can go a little more naughty and nasty than these games without going crazy. Corruption doesn’t have to be super nasty. Let’s call it ‘soft corruption’.

This tone of ‘corruption’ mixed with playing as the woman could be interesting, but even if you’re not playing as her, what do you think?

How do you feel about a 'soft corruption' game?

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Dirty, naughty sex

Absolutely nothing in a rape or ‘blackmailed for sex’ category, but I can get behind certain behind setups. Sex with an old man? A homeless guy? A very small guy (yeah, ‘little person’ sound pretentious, but ‘midget’ still sound offensive. You know the type of guy I’m talking about)? An orgy? ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ style sex party? Sex in front of a big crowd? Gokkum? Bukkake?

You don’t have to want all of these, but if any one of them sound appealing let me know. I can have future posts about which specific ones people want.

Do any of these appeal to you?

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That’s it for today unless I think of anymore questions. Here’s a random images of Leanna since I don’t like doing a post without at least one new render.

Next post, I will be announcing which members game will become free, and probably have a rambling discussion about something video game industry related.

13 thoughts to “March 9th Update”

  1. I think Ren’Py is a good move to take. It’s super easy to use and your style of game can be recreated without any issues. The IOS build won’t be an option since you can only use the Apple store officially and they ban sexual content unless the person trying to download it has a jailbroken device. However, the PC, Mac, Linux and Android builds should be better than downloading HTML files, in my opinion. Plus, you can now use Web builds so you can play Ren’Py games in any browser, meaning you can still use your site to play them without downloading. I know Playforce One uses that feature for Being a DIK. You also have the advantage of built-in features, like saving, easy to implement gallery, text skip, the ability to hide UI, history etc.

    If the female protagonist game is similar to a game where you are a guy, going around a town meeting different women, then sure! If it’s a game where you are pursuing one guy then that’s fine, just a bit dull. It would be nice to see a female-led game with multiple male options that don’t resort to them blackmailing you and that shite.

    Corruption games can be fun. But like I mentioned above, a lot of them lately is blackmail heavy which I don’t mind once and a while and depending on how the story is set up, but it’s overdone to death! Playing a guy who wants to spice up his and his partners love life by trying to persuade her to try different kinks sounds great! You build up trust with the girl and the more she likes you, the more she’s willing to try new things. The Betsy idea is perfect! She is her usual self but you grow closer, persuade her into being more dominant which leads to her wanting to try more things, like stuff her Mom and sister have done. The corruption is more like awaking something within which they enjoy, not something that they are heavily forced into. Maybe a bit reluctant to try at first, but the end is them not regretting it.

    The dirty, naughty sex I would love! Not the homeless, small guy stuff. The old man thing might be alright if he’s not the generic old ugly guy model that you see everywhere. Orgies, partner swapping, MMF, crowd sex, bukkakes is a yes from me. Mostly because it’s something different. You’ve made so many games for over a decade and it would be nice to see more kinks and types of sex added. I know many people don’t like games where there is more than one male character sexual involved with a woman but it would be nice to see something new. If it’s not added because of complaints or you don’t want to, I’d still play your stuff. But if there’s an option for new things, I’m down for it!

  2. I gotta admit, I’d be good if every game had a pursuable MILF character… I mean, next to Kelly, Cassandra has been my favorite character of yours for years. Molly is a close 3rd, though.

    I like Ren’Py games because of the greater flexibility of play (especially not having to do things in 1 sitting and being able to save at branches), but I know your work is high quality so I’m good with you sticking with your traditional method.

    I went pretty middle of the road with each choice.

  3. when it comes to MILFs i think that is why people have asked about Mrs. Lindell (the mother of Maddison and Lisette) . i think it is a good idea to introduce her even if non of her daughters join up for a threesome or foursome . and Cassandra is still my favorite character so i would like more games with her .

  4. on the matter of male player characters .

    i have played some games out there and allways got disappointed on the characters looks . it is allways a boy band type with V-neck T-shirts(grey or white) and hair as if they spend more at the hairsalong than home .

    where are the characters with hair down to the belt(like me) in Iron Maiden T-shirts with a Flying-V guitar that are not down for the count in one punch ? just asking .

  5. I voted for you to get an idea, but honestly, I don’t have any preferences. If the setting is appeling, I will play the game, and that’s it.

    However, concerning the POV, a mixed one might be good. Let me explain: you play as the guy (or girl, if you add a female player), and your choices determin what happens in the game. And between scenes, you can switch to the girl you’re dating, and get a glimpse of her life “without you”, a bit like Leanna’s streaking game.

    One thing that might bother me with the date POV is the sex scene. Speaking for myself, as a straight guy, I always name the MC after me, in order to “impersonate” him. So reading about how someone penetrating me feels good… yeah, not my cup of tea.

  6. I think you should at least try Ren’Py for one game, see how it goes. If it works out well, then all games going forward could use it.

    As for the playable character, I really don’t mind what you do. I have played a lot of adult visual novels, some of which stick to first person and some are full on third person. Some have a literal blank slate playable character, some have a concrete backstory. All can be good. I think it’d be fine if we had a set appearance and just picked a name. It let’s you use whatever camera angle you want without trying to obscure the male’s face.

    Having a female PC is also something that would help vary the games. When you had game with both genders playable I did play as male for most games, but would sometimes play again as a female. So I’m perfectly happy to play as a female.

    As for corruption and naughty sex, I’m open to whatever. It’s hot to see women in these games approach the limits of what they’re comfortable with and experiment where the line is for what they will do. So just put in whatever you want. As long as you’re comfortable making it, I’ll play it.

  7. An orgy? would have loved that in Photographer .

    sex party? see above

    Sex in front of a big crowd? that sound like the next step for Betsy(maybe she has gone out of control after the first game) or maybe her older sister that is always up for things.

  8. i have a idea … how bout control games , games where the player can switch between all characters and steer their actions such as clicking on “talk to Jessica” or “go to pool” then clicking on the picture of Maddison and clicking on “go to pool” .

    maybe decide what they say to each other and try to guide them to a level of liking each other enough to end up in bed .

    1. As a long time fan, I can see a design issue with letting the player switch between people.
      The way the games are designed, you have a storyline from a single point of view, with interactive decisions to influence the story. To allow other perspectives to interact on influencing the story, you would have to weave in alternate storylines.
      So instead of a game path designed in a tree-like design, it would be more like a spiderweb design. This would increase game development time drastically. And honestly, gives me a headache thinking about the design of it. (for reference, I’ve made some sample games the way Chaotic designs the games, but I don’t have the graphics-side skills or ability to do the rendering, so have never made anything public.)

      As for some of the other stuff. I don’t like Ren’Py, but that’s because I’m an old coder, and appreciate the web design as much as the game itself. I don’t get that joy from the Ren’Py games. I’m also paranoid and don’t like apps/plug-ins running things on my device that don’t need to be running.

      As for content, I prefer the MILFs. But it is because some of the younger looking girls look TOO young for me. The less than 25 group, for the most part, are too young for my taste. Cassandra is definitely more my age preference.

  9. Sorry for asking and bothering is there any news that Dps3000 is going to work on Academy project or not for this year?

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