January 15th Update

Last week, I wrote that today I would be doing a big list of what’s happening on the site this year. I think I will wait until next week however because ;

a – There’s a lot to go through

b – We only just had a game release last week, so it’s nice to have a pause before diving into the next batch of stuff.

c – It’s freezing here and I slept poorly last night, so I really don’t have the energy.

So, what do we have? First, there is an updated version of Sukiko. No big changes, just some minor bug corrects (thank you again to Nazim10 for the report).

If you don’t want to download the whole thing again, you can download the patch by clicking here.

Finally, I’ll just leave you all with this render of Sukiko that I was hoping would make me feel warmer. It didn’t work, but the image is still cool. Enjoy!

5 thoughts to “January 15th Update”

  1. The cold months are my favorite time of year to sleep. I can actually wrap myself in quilts and not feel like I’m about to burst into flames or drench my covers in sweat.

    But, yes, that image of Sukiko does make at least one part of my body warmer. 😉

  2. Great game! I enjoyed playing it. Nicely built up and interesting story line. I also like the idea of getting kicked into friends mode if your score is not high enough in the spa, could be something nice to explore further in a possibly larger game. But after you got past that point in the spa, I am wondering if your choices even matter at all? At least I couldn’t find any difference during my playthroughs.

    Also, one bug I found: spa33 choice 1 increases the romance stat but the game doesn’t continue so you can keep increasing the stat.

  3. This was a really good game bud. Congratulations! Despite it’s small size, I enjoyed playing it a number of times through. Great start to the New Year!

    1. Sorry to tell you mate but many pages you can go back and increase your stats, that is how alot of people play these games

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