November 13th Update

Some final words from MrStomper on his new game…

EDIT : An update was added today (Monday) that fixes some issues.


The day has come! The Part2 of Anna 2 is released! I will keep it short, but while you are downloading it, here are some final words and technicalities:
If you have previously played Part1, you want to download the Patch and copy it over the folder  (EDIT : I’ll be adding the patch tomorrow – Chaotic). Your saved games should work just fine and you can continue where you left off (no guarantees).

For those who haven’t played Part1, just download the whole thing.

Everyone: For the love of everything you hold dear, DO NOT USE Firefox! And always remember, Tab key is your friend. I am not trying to hide anything from you.

And finally, the numbers!

Number of images in Part2: 1,241
Number of animations in Part2: 35
Total number of images (including animations) in Part2: 3,927
Total number of images (including animations) in Anna 2: 4,884

I hope you all enjoy it.

Have fun and stay safe.

The full version of Anna 2 is now available in the members section, both an online and downloadable version.

Remember to refresh the game’s page if you can’t see the update, and if you’ve played part 1 recently, I advise clearing your browser’s cache before playing.

26 thoughts to “November 13th Update”

  1. Hooray!

    Curious, why is Firefox not a good idea? I am a dyed-in-the-wool Firefox user. Anna 2 Part I worked fine for me on Firefox.

  2. It’s probably a recent thing, because I am pretty sure for Part1 it was fine, but when I was testing it in Firefox now, it was showing inconsistent behavior when handling localStorage (variables).
    It may work fine at your computer, but you were warned 🙂

    1. Well, I’ll let ya know how it turns out. Going to download tonight and try to start work on another guide tomorrow.

      It’s possible things did not work properly with part I, either. I did have some issues where I could’ve sworn I’d done the right things to trigger the Anna BJ ending, but it didn’t pan out (there’s even a note in my guide about it). But, when you released that 1.1 update (I think) it worked fine.

      1. Eh… I think I see what you mean. Are you still supposed to be able to see the stats to the left of the screen for the characters? I can’t see it anymore in Firefox. Or Edge. So I guess not?

          1. Ah, okay.

            Man, this one is TOUGH. I can get Anna alone on the island and get the sex scene. But, I cannot get the sex scene with River alone on the island or the threesome on the island. Both times we just end up going back to the ship. Driving me absolutely nuts. With the ending hint about the 3rd flashback, I kept going in circles for a while; figured that one out by eventually locating the check file not realizing it wasn’t actually part of the 3rd flashback files. So got past that, I think (it actually continues to say I haven’t done the ideal on that, but I am pretty sure I have). But now I’m completely at a loss on how to get it on with River when alone or get it on with both girls. Unless I am missing something really dumb, this one is way harder.

            Grrrr… Damn you’re a good puzzle maker, Mr. Stomper!

  3. Congrats! Anna was not looking that ripped in previous teases iirc, kind of a turnoff for me. Whereas River, she just has that perfect ratio!

  4. Kind of a stupid (and maybe pointless) question, but if we are the same player from the two Anna games, then why the first one is white and the other one black oO ?

    1. Because you are not the same person;) They are talking a little about it in the third flashpoint.

      1. Oh I see! Makes sense, since I didn’t play part 1 (I was waiting for the whole thing).

        Oh, and any reason in particular to make this mc black? Just wondering.

  5. Hi I downloaded Anna 2 and the game messes up when Anna needs to lay down and River invites you off the boat I keep getting a 404 error.

      1. Yeah, found that, too. It’s a series of them starting with ship5_086 going to ship5_087. Also happens going to ship5_090, ship5_091, and ship5_093.

  6. Okay, at least figured out that you can come back to the ship after depositing Anna on the island… but cannot for the life of me figure out the combination of foreplay to use to get to have sex with her. Tried a ton of combinations, and my review of some of the .html files doesn’t net me any good insight into what’s necessary. Complex nesting of checks…

    On a side note, Cassandra is ridiculously hot. I wish she’d appeared more in the game. I gather she’s part of the epilogue; but it’d have been nice to see her in the main game more. That bar scene opening her outfit was insanely hot.

    1. Also, haha…. I just keep talking here, don’t I?

      I could’ve sworn that in Part I that the Extras section had stuff “unlocked” as you accomplished things, like the ideal Intro execution. But since upgrading to Part II, it seems like nothing ever unlocks. Unless criteria has changed, I am doing things in the intro and flashbacks the same way I did before Part II came out, yet nothing ever unlocks in Extras.

  7. Yes, Cass is hot, but there was nowhere else she could appear, so no luck here 🙁 But she managed to show herself in the epilog if it is of any consolidation.

    Also, the extras page is broken, another victim of the fix that caused the counters to disappear.
    It is a small thing as the Epilog is accessible and is the main attraction there. I will be sending the fixed page to Chaotic alongside of a full walkthrough sometime in the week.

    1. Just a suggestion, but can you put a “fix only” zip? Redownloading the whole thing with my crappy internet isn’t ideal ><

    2. I would love a full walkthrough. lol I’m still working on my guide, but I’m sure my guesses on some things aren’t anywhere near as good as your actual knowledge. 🙂

      Good to know about the fixes. Was hoping it wasn’t something wrong on my end.

      And, yeah, understandable about Cass. I saw she showed up in Part I of the epilogue, which is all I’d been able to unlock so far. Very hot. Maybe a future episode or DLC? 🙂

  8. If Mr. Stomper is still checking the post…

    Going through the walkthrough, found what I think may be a few issues with the River and Threesome sex scene parts.

    For trying to trigger River’s BDSM sex scene, I think step 12 isn’t possible; I don’t think you can slap her a second time immediately after slapping her in step 11. Also, is step 13 her right or the player’s right? I think just skipping step 12 and selecting your right makes it still work, but ultimately there needs to be a step beyond step 24; I didn’t try multiple options, but I think maybe doing *anything* after step 24 may trigger the scene? I chose to finger her, and that worked.

    On the threesome in the “minigame,” step 4 (River, work your way up here) doesn’t seem to be an available choice after Step 3. I think maybe skipping step 4 may work still.

    Whatever the case, thanks for the great work again, Mr. Stomper!

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