November 20th Update

Good news everyone!

As regular visitors to the blog will be aware, I’ve been taking some time away from the site to focus on something else in my life for 12-18 months.

Well, after reorganizing my schedule for the next year, I’ve decided to push the end of my hiatus back, and open up a gap right now for me to come back to the site. So, for the next 6-8 weeks, I’m making a game!

It won’t be the small spring break stories game I’ve mentioned a couple of times (I’ll save that for mid year 2020 when I’ll need something small to do). Instead, this is pretty much my regular, full game size.


So, here we go. I wanted to use a main character who was visually different to my other IRAY characters so far, so we’re going Asian. Japanese, specifically.

 Meet Sukiko!

I also wanted to explore a body type I hadn’t really done before, so I’ve gone shorter and curvier. For the JAV connoisseurs among you, I think I’ve gone for a Shibuya Kaho look, with a little Anri Okita for the body. 

(Also, yeah, I just reused some existing promo sets for the above images :))

Obviously, I won’t explain the entire plot today. There’s plenty more blog posts until release to do that.

I will say that it involves yourself and her going on an all expenses paid world tour after winning it in a competition. The more you travel, the closer you become, and of course naughty things begin to happen.

Here’s a final list of straight facts about the game :

  • I’m probably aiming for something about 80-90% the size of Molly and Marianna. Probably a little bigger than Crystal Part 3.
  • There will be lots of exhibitionism.
  • There will be a big emphasis on replayability.
  • I have an assumed release date of January 1st, obviously subject to change. I need to get back to my main project early next year.
  • There will just be one, Male player character option to save time.
  • There is a threesome option I can go with, but it may not be included if there is not enough production time left.

More details next week. All the sets and characters are setup, so full production begins on Monday.

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Other stuff

MrStomper has provided a full walkthough for Anna 2. You can find it here.

There was also a small patch with some minor fixes. You can download the fix only here.

That’s all for today. See you all next week!

34 thoughts to “November 20th Update”

  1. as far as saving time goes …i think that i am not the only one that can wait if it means that a full body female player option are in the game(you could release some games as free while we wait) .

    1. The time limit is because I need to get back to my other project in January.

      Waiting for the female player character would mean delaying the game release until about August for something only 15% of players will use.

      1. Some days after the release, jim acep (I think) sent you a bug fix. So he said, if I remember right.

        1. I assume therefore I would have just forwarded them to dsp3000, though I can’t remember.

          What kind of bugs are there? Are they game breaking?

            1. My emails don’t go back that far, so I can’t verify what happened exactly.

              If you’re not experiencing any game breaking bugs, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The bugs were probably very minor things.

              If dsp3000 want’s to release a patch, that’s his prerogative.

              1. Yes, there were a few minor issues that needed fixing and Jim Acep did indeed put forward a few suggestions regarding continuity. Nothing would prevent the game from being played through as far as I remember. I have fixed them but haven’t released a patch as there didn’t seem like much point given how much more I’ve done since then.
                The same is true for any walkthroughs.

                I have gone back over the whole of Date with Bridgette and changed a few things. Some technical, some aesthetic and some based on how Academy Day Five will pan out.
                When I say a few things, I actually mean hundreds of flawed images have been remade better and I’ve expanded the game significantly from about 11,200 images at the point of releasing stage four to about 15,200 as it stands now.

                I’m also currently about 1500 images into production on Academy Day Five with a long way to go still. It’ll probably end up being 8-10k images based on what I have planned.
                There are also few mostly aesthetic issues I have already or want to go back and resolve in the first four Academy episodes.

                I’m in no rush to release anything at the moment though. I’ve learned that episodic game releases can be problematic if you release each part as soon as it’s done. There can be mistakes and issues with continuity unless you have already worked out exactly what happens next.
                And everyone’s a critic but none is as harsh as I am.

                Part of me wants to finish absolutely everything before releasing it.
                Academy Day Five is chronologically the ninth episode in the Academy series.
                The story paths you take in each episode will effect the next. That makes the narrative exponentially more and more complicated.
                I want to get it right without it breaking me.

                I’ll pull together a proper update in the new year.

      2. Wow she loves great. Definitely like the curvy Asian archetype. Only hope we can get a nice paizuri (tittyfuck) scene with her!

  2. Well, she’s… gorgeous. My god, she actually might be my favorite so far (please make her story a good one ><)

    As for the Ann fixes, I wanna ask: are the fixes for the very first realse (titled 2.0.0) or the newer one (full)?

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      The fixes are for the newest version of Anna 2. It’s things that weren’t covered in the patch on Monday.

  3. Well, you certainly have my attention. Love the character model.

    And, I’ll take the slightest bit of satisfaction that I called you’d be “back” earlier rather than later. lol I think with all the work you’ve done over the years, it’d be really, really hard to spend that much time away from it. But, I’m glad you’re back this early because you want to, not because you feel obligated to.

  4. Really great choice to go with something asian. She seems a bit too busty for the typical asian in the first pic, but I’ll wait for more renders to make my judgement.

    1. If you want to see real life Asian women with a similar body I highly recommend google imaging the 2 JAV stars mentioned in the blog post. 🙂

  5. Whoa she is hot, yeah I fall for asians lol. Also, will there be another free game this year? I’d love to play Academy Part 3.

    1. Probably no new free game this year since it’s not too long since Anna 1 became free.

      Should be a new free one early next year however.

  6. Any chance there will be an option to finish inside the girls instead of pulling out in this game?

  7. Asian (especialy japanese) girls, usually don’t have big tits.
    Smaller tits would make her look like more realistic.

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