October 30th Update

Happy Halloween everyone!

Time for my yearly ‘spooky’ images, typically involving ladies encountering a scary monster and somehow loosing all their clothes along the way.

This year, a mysterious headless horseman is looking for victims around the local cemetery.

10 thoughts to “October 30th Update”

  1. Love the Headless Horseman pictures with Leanna Maddison and Rachel also out of curiosity Chaotic who is your favorite girl that you crated

        1. Right, you can unlock it if you take her to the bar instead of your apartment in the beginning. You need to click the TV when a goal is scored and then talk about activities.

  2. Not entirely sure Rachel looks like she wants to get away… Conversely, Leanna is Usain Bolt-ing away.

    1. Maybe Rachel has figure out the way to stop the horseman is to satisfy a need that gone unfulfilled for way to long. As for Leanna, no head means no eyes, so its not really looking at her and seeing her in in all her glory. So that is a Nope for an exhibitionist. so just 1 more reason not stay around.

  3. Ok I want is as a game now. But I not sure If I want to play as the Headless horseman “or whatever Monster is appropriate of to chase down the sexy lady”. Or play as the Damsel in Distress losing there dress along the way. In either case The monster is misunderstood and just needs some lovin.

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