13 thoughts to “March 23rd Udpate – Coronavirus!”

  1. Ah yes, finally a guide that I can follow strictly.

    Joking, I have been very careful with the situation even before the goverment announced the first case in my country. That aside, I would have never expected to see health & safety advice from vdategames, much less from Violet. Not that I´m complaining.

  2. Stay safe, everyone. Crazy world out there nowadays.

    Seriously, if Violet was the WHO’s spokewoman we’d have this beat in no time.

  3. Hey. I was wondering during this period of self isolation if you would consider making a few more of your games free to play. Would love to be occupied by your games for the next few months

  4. Catching up on these games, really good way to spend the day! Great work all and much appreicated, can somebody give me a walkthrough to SCIFISTORY though? Can never get to the orgy.

    Thanks, hope your all ok

          1. Would love to see more of the red headed mistress. She’s one of the hottest vdate-babes on this site

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